If you guys are new, my name is lindsay johnson. I love beauty so much and if youre not new, hey besties, i love you guys and i hope everyone is having a great day. One thing i want to say before we do jump in is, if you guys mind someone that talks a lot. This is not the video for you. Sometimes i just do that thats, just how i am ive gotten a few comments and critiques about how i talk too much sometimes, and i just wanted to say if that bothers you in the most kind way possible. You might not want to watch this video, but if youre talkative, just like me or you just dont, mind that this is the video for you, because sometimes i can i can run my gums. I tell you guys that, though, and im super open and honest thats, just who i am so yeah you guys. I just wanted to say that, but i love you guys so much those of you that love me for me lets jump in because the intro is going to be super long see now. I am really like chat chatting, but i just wanted to say that um in todays video, though we are gon na, be doing one of my favorite topics to do on the channel in general. If not, my favorite, which is a swatch party today, were gon na, be swatching cream blushes. These are so cute from kylie cosmetics im not into every single kylie release.

You guys ill. Keep that real honest, but with this i really needed to get my hands on it. You guys she came out with glow bombs and also kylie cosmetics came out with gloss strips, so we got glow bombs and gloss strips if youre, not a glow, bump kind of girl. We have glosses for you as well. I only picked up one glass strip because i felt like i dont know you guys sometimes with the lip products its hit or miss, whereas i feel like with the blushes, i have tried, theyve looked pretty promising so yeah you guys. I got four shades and lets quickly talk about what these are supposed to do and also the price points before we do jump in so its actually really interesting, because the glow bomb is 17 and then the gloss strip is actually 16 buckaroonies, so theres only a Dollar difference between these two products, which i thought was really interesting personally, i am so excited about the blush, even if it was like a few more dollars, i might have still picked it up, but like dont tell kylie and then that, because they will up charge, It so yeah you guys im really excited to try this out. I also want you to know there are bundles online. For example. For me, i bought the gloss bomb bundle. Oh my god, i keep saying gloss, balm bundle, glow bomb bundle which was sixty dollars. Instead of being sixty eight dollars, so i saved eight dollars there.

This is what it says on the website. This silky weightless cream instantly melts into the skin while providing buildable color without cakiness or streaks. Wear it on your cheeks for a second skin glow or on your lips for a hint of color and sheen. I think the biggest question with this i have is: is it going to feel super sticky on the skin? Is it going to dry down or not thats, always my main concern with cream blushes like this, so this is what the outer packaging looks like once again, so freaking cute. I love this aesthetic. If you also look at the component inside its just really cute and honestly a whole vibe, i i really enjoy that. One thing i think people arent going to like about the packaging, though, is that you can tell right here it is a little bit flawed. Its a little bit like rigid, its, not a perfect circle, okay, but me personally, im not that nitpicky im just like showing you guys that, because i know some people are. I also really love it because, when you do go to close it like it does like clasp, like, i think, thats really nice too, that it does that, like it just its just the little things that kind of make me happy. So i just wanted to bring that up as well nice packaging a little bit flawed, but honestly for the price point. I think its really nice and neat – and i just love the look of this so lets – move on to the actual quality quality of the product.

So the first shade that were going to try is called off the clock. I was like hesitant to get this one because its literally just clear, however, i feel like its gon na, come in handy on those days where i dont want to wear makeup, but i just want that beautiful glow from within so im just gon na pat my Beauty blender in there a few times and apply it so as you can see its just giving a beautiful amount of dew and radiance, it looks really healthy, especially because its not even a bunch of pigmented blush on your cheek thats, also just shiny its literally looking Like its coming from within, like from within you, which i think is going to be great – and i understand the name of off the clock, because when you dont have a bunch of makeup on and youre just chilling, but you want to put it in those strategic Areas and just radiate, oh its, going to look so beautiful, so i love that the first thing i noticed when i did apply it to the cheek and even now, is that this is hydrating like i thought it would be very like thick and kind of sticky. It feels super smooth super, like i said, like very hydrating kind of silky and thin its thin, but it gives such a beautiful shine kind of like you would think you put a bunch of layers or something, but you really didnt and its super thin and lightweight.

So something tells me i am going to love this lets go on to the next shade. This one is called feelings neutral and it is described as a brownish rose, and this is going to be interesting because were going to see if it actually gives a good amount of pigment, even though it is pretty thin, and that does look pigmented, at least on The whoa yeah monitor yep yep, its colorful yep. I was kind of nervous at first because, like i said it is pretty thin on the other cheek, but its giving it really is. Giving and again it doesnt feel too heavy or thick or sticky on the skin. So that shade, i kind of went a little bit ham with, but you can see it has a really gorgeous glow. Oh, my goodness, this is the perfect blush drop for summer. You guys. I think this is gorgeous. Of course, i would fix a few things because, like i said, i kind of went a little bit ham in this area with the blush, but this is the shade feelings neutral. Next shade is a coral, and this is called doin the most and were just gon na plop that one right here a little bit more just to see how these build up, and i got a little messy. I tried to clean it up. I ended up using the wrong freaking blender, but that is okay, so it got a little wonky, but you guys doing the most is really pretty, and i would say this.

Coral shade is probably my number one favorite so far, really pretty right and the last shade is a medium pink. This is called pink me up, which i think is really cute im a little scared of this blush. I am not even going to lie to you, but we are going to test it out im going to go really light handed with this one, and hopefully everything will be okay, im just going to cross. My fingers lets go. Oh oh yeah see sometimes like id. Be looking like im sick when i use these kind of shades well, wait. I dont know you guys. What do you think if youre into this kind of shade it does the same effect? It gives you a really beautiful do to the skin, but it just gives you this shade that a lot of people like you know a lot of i know – kylie loves this shade, but for me i dont know i dont know obviously im putting it like way. Right here, which im just like trying to lather it on and see what we can do with it see how pigmented it can get. So i want to put it on like a bigger mass of my makeup, but i dont know you guys, because i feel like the more that i do blend it out, the more im really liking the look of it im conflicted because, like why do i now Think its really freaking pretty.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments down below because personally me im kind of starting to like it. Obviously i know like all the swatches ive done have been a little bit messy thats, just usually how it is when i do these swatch videos, but i just want you to see the color and the formula i love the formula. I love the dew. I love that its not too sticky or thicky, or anything like that, but comment down below, if you guys like this shade or just in general, what your favorite shade has been now were going to go ahead and try out the glosses but to wrap up. My final opinions on the blushes – i really freaking like them. If you can find a shade that works for you, i think these are going to make a really great staple in your collection. Of course, only if you like that glow from within type of product so yeah i like them a lot. Oh, i havent even opened the gloss drip, but its just one of those squeezy tube kind of packagings kind of reminds me of like my childhood. So it says for a juicy and reflective mirror shine, finish featuring a cushy texture, its comfortable to wear softens lips and provides a wet look without the stickiness, oh okay. So this one specifically is the shade basitos. So i was reading on kylies tick tock and i saw im just gon na go ahead and apply this.

That people had an issue because oh thats, hot its, very pretty its like very, very toned. Anyway. People had an issue because she named this uh lip gloss. Besitos, but she obviously is not latina, so people had an issue with that, but i guess the reason that she named it besitos is because her daughter is always saying that word. So, do you guys think that theres, a problem with that? I dont know like what are your opinions and thoughts. It was like all people were talking about on her post, though talking about the specific gloss. So let me know what you guys think about that, but i really enjoy how it looks. But i got ta tell you its kind of heavy, its very heavy and thick on the lips. It feels weighted on my lips, which its like a weird, odd heavy, not like the nyx milkshake glosses. Those ones are thick, but it doesnt make my lips feel weird like sometimes like. When i talk or anything like that, this one feels odd on the lips and i do not think im a fan of the gloss, so definite win for the blushes. But i do not really like the gloss strip. I dont think just off a first impression ill. Keep playing with it. I know i probably put like a good amount of gloss on, but thats just what i would usually do with my glosses and i just feel like. Even after, like i put the first coat, it felt kind of heavy, so i dont know if ill be like repurchasing this.

I seriously doubt it ill try to use up as much as i can, because i did pay for it and it was 16. But i dont think this is like my favorite thing, um, which is kind of unfortunate. But at least i only got one shade of that huh i i knew like. I just know myself usually, and i knew i would like the blushes, but i really was not sure about the gloss. So a lot of times that happens, and i kind of like save myself but yeah bestie, that was my review of the kylie glow bomb and the gloss strip. I hope this was helpful even a little bit if it was dont forget to like comment subscribe.