Look at that! Bling hello! My loves hi youtube and i hope you guys are doing oh wow, its myself. Welcome back to my channel. If youre new here welcome, do not forget to subscribe down below ring the bell so youre notified. Whenever i upload a new video and subscribe to the other channels have a beauty, blogs. Okay, um were going to do my makeup again now. Maybe im not sure. Look at this look at these pimples one and two pimple. These are the scars, but i got two new pimples like right over there. I think its from that last video with that perfume um perfume body powder. It got me three pimples, one, two and one here somewhere. I dont know where but anyhoo its fine, its pimples theyll come and theyll go okay, so i hope you guys enjoyed this video dont forget to like comment and subscribe and ill see you guys next time. No. Why did i say that dont leave stay with me? Watch the video Applause Music is Applause; Applause, Applause, hello, Applause, oh Applause; Applause; Music. Applause is Music Applause, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music, Applause, Music. I mean i got ta say this: okay, the only thing i got ta say is: why do my brows have to get so much bigger before they go back down? Okay, thats just a question. Sometimes this happens. You guys know it. If youve been watching my videos, why does that have to happen? I dont know, but thats whats happening right here.

She is gon na cover them out to make them actually very thin. Do you like them, you let me know um they were okay. They were not bad at all. They weve had so much worse. Okay, so i actually like them because comparing them to many theyre good, okay, um yeah. What was she saying? Shes, just adding some primer? The primer butter looked really scary, thats why i was asking like double taking double asking. What is that? What is that? Because it just looked, really bad. I hope it was just dirty from the outside, but it just didnt look new okay, it didnt look clean, but it didnt smell bad, so thats good, sometimes the primers just stink. I dont remember the smelling bad, so maybe it was just okay. You know i love yall ill, miss yall, how yall doing Music Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, easy Applause, Music, Applause, foreign Applause. So basically, what im saying is that, as soon as i was here, she started doing the brows. She did. The brows she did, the brows, she did, the brows okay, she did the brow, she did the brows for like half an hour, shes just doing the brows, so everything else eyeshadow youll see eyeshadow is like we dont. What is that? Even this is just an extra extra bonus to you. Okay, the brows is where its at all right. Some people do this. I dont know why the brows are important.

I think so too, when the brows look good, everything looks good, but you know you got ta work on everything else too. You know you cant just leave eyeshadow for just last second last minute, so if you guys want to see what she did with the eye with the eyeshadow, just wait and youll see, youll see and youll love it Applause. I know some of you guys are going to be like safa. Why didnt you tell you dont like it. First of all, i dont think these hours are bad, but even if i did okay guys, even if i did, i will not tell her that i dont love it because shes going to start over shes going to start fixing it. If you are coming here to do your makeup for something special for something, you actually came here to do your makeup, because you want to look good and you want to go out. You want to do something then of course tell them when its wrong, but you guys know why im recording these videos right. Do you guys know that right? I hope you guys do im not doing anything with the makeup im not going out. I just want to come see what the makeup artist does different makeup. Artists have different styles were trying to look for. The worst were trying to look for. The best makeup were trying to see how it looks. Okay, so im not here to say, make me look perfect.

I cant leave this alone without looking perfect, because i need this makeup. You know im not here for that. I hope you guys understand that so im not gon na stop her im, not gon na tell her. I know it looks bad because shes gon na start over and let me tell yall, i dont even have the time. Okay, i dont have the time to sit here for three hours. While she tries to fix the makeup she already took 30 minutes to do it. Im not gon na give her any more minutes to do that. More okay lets continue the foundation she used. The concealer, actually, if im, not mistaken, it looks too light. It is, but it is going to oxidate, i think, by the end of the video it will oxidate or something. But i know when i got into the car i just didnt think it looked that white youll. Tell me what you guys think when you see me in the cab, i dont think it looks bad, so i think it oxidized okay and then i got confused even more because now no eyeshadow, no nothing and we went straight into eyeliner. Okay, i was like okay. I need the eyeshadow, though okay, the look has to be a little bit interesting. I want to show it to people. Give me some eyeshadow. I didnt look bad, but i just wanted the eyeshadow, so dont worry she is going to give it to me shes.

Just doing things backwards, so eyeshadow mascara and then the last step is the eye eyeshadow. I yeah. We dont need eyeshadow. Okay, we dont need eyeshadow whats eyeshadow. Even now is Music Applause, Music Applause, um, Music Applause; again, this baby right here: Applause, Music, Music Applause. So, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, foreign, oh my god guys. I just realized that ive been talking like this without offering the fans, so i hope you guys didnt hear it. Weve already done so many voiceovers, with the fan on so im just going to continue and im. So sorry, okay, its really hot, okay uh. The mascara is very lengthening, its really nice. It lengthens your eyebrow eyelashes. So well it doesnt thicken as much. What do you guys think i still like it, it kind of opens up my eyes makes them a little bit bigger. It looks nice, i like it, and i like it with the liner, underneath i like that liner. She did because she added it in my waterline and also underneath so it doesnt look weird theres, no like gap there, so i like it now the eyeshadow. She did not ask me what color i wanted. She did not ask. She did not care. Okay, she just kind of blended this i dont know what color this is. It looks just like shine, uh taupe shine, maybe and yeah were done with the eye shadow theres. No blending theres; no, nothing! Nothing! You dont need to do anything with the eye shadow, okay, yeah lets just continue on.

What do you guys think of the eyeshadow? My look, my look. What do you guys think guys? I dont look bad okay and i really like the makeup artist. I really like the owner theyre all very sweet, theyre, very nice people, so im just talking to you guys. Okay, just messing with you guys, okay! Well, let me know your thoughts and always dont forget to give me your rating okay powder time and then and then what im gon na give her a lipstick and then thats kind of it. I think maybe no. We still have a lot more Music, Music, Music, hello, Music. You know: Music, okay, Music, thank you, Music Applause, um Applause, foreign, Music Applause! Thank you! Applause, Music, Applause, hello, guys, okay! This is the end of the video. What do you guys think um im already very messy like under my eyes, you can tell this – is just gon na be a hot mess very soon, because its already like its already like coming down from my eyes, my eyebrows, she tried man. These eyebrows are the ones that took like 30 minutes. Maybe she was slow with the eyebrows, so they took most of the time. She was very cautious. You know trying to blend the eyeshadow is like the last result. You guys see it um. She did the brows, then she did the foundation, she did the eyeliner. She did the mascara together with her the owner of the shop and then she just again went through the eye like nothing like didnt.

Ask me what i wanted and then the last resort was done by the owner of the shop. I think it was the highlight so we have highlight here here here here a lot there, a lot there on my forehead im, looking very shiny. On top of me looking oily, i, the sun is bright guys its a bright, so you can hardly see me lets go to the dark. You can see a bit okay, so i have to remove this makeup like right now. I hope you guys saw it enough at the salon, because i cant show you more. The lipstick is my own. This is from my cosmetics and yeah. The highlight is very yellow you guys very, very yellow and blingy. So if thats your thing, youll love it. Okay, so uh, what do i rate this? I dont. Look that horrible guys i dont look that horrible um she didnt put blush or bronzer or anything. This was ten thousand t shirting, so four dollars, so not bad for the price. Oh look at that bling. Look at that bling im actually going to film another video right now, im going to be doing two two videos a day, im gon na be trying my best to do two two videos a day, because i need to refilm them in bulk and stuff. So if you see the same outfit, that is why im gon na wash my face right now with some micellar water and just go to the next salon.

Hoping theyll have like a wet wipe to clean me more, maybe and yeah ill see you guys right now.