What are we talking about today were talking about some of our favorite sunscreens, but then were going to help, tailor it towards your skin and were going to do this by talking about sunscreens by skin tight. So we always break things down by skin type, because you dont have my skin type. You dont have his skin type and youre going to want to look for whats going to suit you best, and then we also highlight some of our favorite ones that i personally love that are cosmetically elegant and hell talk about some of the ones that he really Likes for sport and active wear so the best of dr lee sunscreens. Here we go here, we go all right briefly. Lets talk a little bit about sunscreen without going too crazy. The goal is just to be wearing one every single day. So if you dont, like any of our recommendations, thats fine just choose the one that you like and wear it every single day. Our goal is spf 30 or greater. So all of our recommendations will fall into that if youre out in the sun and out in the water, water resistance is very helpful and if you have hyperpigmentation, i think a tinted sunscreen gives you a little added bonus beyond that. We kind of let things be tailored to your skin and your individual goals, which is always very important to us. Now, when we talk about the different types of sunscreen, we have chemical or the organic versus physical or the inorganic, and the assumption here is actually that they all have about a similar efficacy or theyre equally effective, and that tends to be true.

Its highly regulated in the united states, the fda, governs this and, although some things do happen, every year, theres a sunscreen controversy in general. The assumption is that these are going to be equally efficacious, so thats going to be based off of your preference, your goals as long as you were wearing it consistently. That is the most important thing, so we dont have a preference between your chemical or mineral sunscreens. Do whatever suits you best, however, there is one ingredient that i do avoid in my chemical sunscreens and thats oxybenzone. For many many reasons, one of them includes photo allergy, so thats the one that i avoid the rest of them right now. We dont have a preference so now on to the best sunscreens for dry skin. So weve talked about this before we both actually love the idea of sunscreens as your moisturizer or picking a moisturizer with a sunscreen, its effective. It simplifies your routine and it also makes reapplying actually just feel natural. I think inherently people are in a habit of reapplying moisturizers throughout the day. So, if you think about sunscreen in that way, reapplying just tends to happen. First up moisturizing sunscreens they usually have a lot of moisturizing ingredients. One step easy to apply one of the issues. Ive noticed with moisturizing sunscreens is that they tend to pill a little bit more and i think thats because its hard to get the physical filters in there without having it, because it i mean one of the things is that it creates a film, and so in That process it can pill if you rub it on too vigorously so a lot of times patting these things in can be very, very helpful.

So one of my favorite sunscreens for dry skin is the la roche. Posay talarian double repair, moisturizing uv, whatever that one is so. This is spf 30.. It is very moisturizing again, i would pad in to avoid any pilling with it. It does have niacinamide and your prebiotic thermal waters. A lot of the products from la roche. Posay are very good for the skin, but youre going to find it to be moisturizing and, at the same time protect you from the sun. Now one of the ones that ive used regularly and my wife uses. All of the time is the dermatology universal moisturizer with spf. I think thats the order there there. It is universal tinted, moisturizer, spf, 46, very lightweight, moisturizer ill, say its more of a lotion than a cream inconsistency, lightweight moisturizer, its also tinted so great for hyperpigmentation and is actually pretty near and visible. I would say, even though its a mix between zinc oxide and octanoxy yeah, great moisturizer, overall easy to apply foundation dupe, really can do a lot in a routine to help simplify things. So those are just two recommendations for dry skin. A lot of the ones were going to be talking about later on, are also going to work for dry skin, because theyre going to have some moisturizing ingredients. So i wouldnt overthink it with this one. Just look for a moisturizer that can double as a sunscreen, and there are a lot of options out there for this.

The next category is for oily skin, which i think is something that comes up a lot more commonly is like. How do i get a sunscreen thats not going to feel like heavy and clog? My pores make my skin feel oilier and potentially make my acne work, so one of our favorite ones from way back, elta, md, uv, clear. This is just kind of a foundational og for niacinamide based lightweight sunscreens. It just sits very well on kind of like oily acne prone skin, plus it has niacinamide in it, like. I said, for a little bit of oil control, so this is lightweight og its. Like a dermatologist favorite its really, what introduced delta md into the world, they both tinted and untinted forms of this great for oily blemish, acne prone skin, even for rosacea, because of that niacinamide, this is one thats kind of lightweight is going to be good for oily Skin, i do have a preference now for a different alpha. Md product well talk a little bit about at the end and our best overall products, all right so another one that came up on my radar. This one was recommended by our medical assistants, which is whats cool about sunscreen, because i mean ill take recommendations from anybody about sunscreens, because theres so many options out there and as long as they meet these minimum requirements of spf 30. im willing to try it and Check it out and see if it blends well with my skin.

This is the cetaphil pro oil absorbing moisturizer spf 30. So this one it has oil absorbing properties so thats, why its great for oily skin and its also a moisturizer in the sense that it really blends well with the skin. It hydrates the skin. It has ceramide in it and at the same time, leaves absolutely no white cast. So this one is going to be great for all skin tones, see thats a great one like for someone whose skin leans a little bit oily like im, always looking for a mattifying lightweight product. So another one ive actually been loving a ton and its kind of been an alternative for me for the ltm to uv, clear this ones. Actually, a korean based sunscreen, which ive been delving a lot deeper into over the last year. Well, talk about the nuances of korean skin care and kind of the filters they use in a whole nother video. This one is the isnt tree like watery watery like like water, sun, gel watery, sun gel watery central theres, no like in there theres, no light. Okay, the only thing i dont like about this is the name its just, not truly a gel, its definitely more like a light lotion. This is broad spectrum, although the sunscreen filters are not fda approved because they havent approved a lot of these korean sunscreens ingredients, but it does block uva uvb its lightweight its hydrating. It has niacinamide for oil control and it has cental asiatica, which can be soothing and has some other benefits as well, so its just a great combination of ingredients plus its hydrating great one specifically for oily skin, in the sense that it is super lightweight it is.

I agree more like a lotion, but when youre thinking about oily skin oil, oil gel based moisturizers lotions tend to do a little bit better because they tend to be a little bit more lightweight and have a higher water content so that they dont feel like theyre. Clogging your pores for those people korean sunscreens super interesting. There was some controversy in regards to some of the korean sunscreen manufacturers regarding the purito scandal. This was, you know, not necessarily a fault of the company, but more of a fault of the testing agencies and the manufacturers. They were creating these, but it created a lot of skepticism around the korean sunscreens, which i dont really think is fair, because the u.s has faced a lot of their controversies and sunscreens as well. No one is without fault in the sunscreen world, so i wouldnt completely write them off. The only caveat there is that, because these are sold through a third party theres, no like recourse right. If something goes wrong with a sunscreen that is approved by the fda, you can go to the us. Actually, you know get some recourse from the company, whereas if its an overseas company theres, just no recourse like who youre gon na go to right, so thats the only thing there, but these are lovely sunscreens. They are cosmetically elegant and everyone loves them. Korean sunscreens actually tend to be pretty affordable as well. I wish we had better filters in the us like these ones, because these are awesome.

It would be better if they were fda approved, because we would have at least some type of organization in the u.s. So next up were going to be talking about the best active sunscreens. These are for people that are outside theyre running around theyre surfing theyre, climbing mountains, not me so im like an indoor person. So you know, even if i do exercise, because i actually went to orange theory yesterday, so you know im getting fit, but at the same time these are for more people that are like outside in the sun. Doing sun type hobbies not me thats him yeah. I asked him so just before he started rolling this i was like. Do you have a favorite uh active sunscreen? He says no way so ill. Tell you my favorite too, though right so, if youre new here you dont, know me, i do actually do a lot outdoors, whether its exercise running surfing whatever im outside a lot or just hanging out with family and friends like its just a part of my life. Im standing outside your window so but im also all about protecting your skin right. I think its about engaging your life, your hobbies, your occupation, but doing it smartly and trying to protect your skin as best you can. While you live your life thats, just my take now, i have two here and theyre like very polar opposites, so the first sunscreen is for that person who just doesnt like give a flying poop about a white cast.

It is the thickest sunscreen i have. This is just if you dont care, if youre white cast this ones for you. This is neutrogena. Sheer zinc, im, never going to get a free sample of them for this theyre. Never going to send me theyre, never going to sponsor me because they probably hate every time i talk about it, super thick ultra effective. If you look at my videos, i wear it. Multiple layers, like a white cast the reason i love it. I find it to be a lot less irritating on my eyes than a lot of other active sunscreens so like when youre outside and youre doing active things youre going to sweat and its going to run if youre in the water, its going to run it doesnt Irritate my eyes, like a lot of other active sunscreens, if you wear it thick, actually opaque non tinted. Sunscreens can protect from visible light too, but you have to wear it thick. Like me, so thats, your thick white cast ultra effective. You dont care what anyone else says or thinks thats yours, the alternative for someone who doesnt want to look like a goober in the sun is actually the thinksport spf, 50. um, also broad spectrum. I believe this one comes in tinted and untended ill have to double check that i dont wear the tinted version because it actually blends pretty well, but this one similarly is just a pure zinc one. It has multiple moisturizing ingredients has antioxidants in it, pairing all of that, together, its just a very well rounded, active, sunscreen and, of course, with that, its also water resistant.

So those are my two spectrums water resistant up to 80 minutes, thats, the maximum so thats. What youre really looking for, when youre out playing water sports youre out when youre out doing sports when youre playing youre playing sports indoor person yeah? But these are also for your occupational people. You know, i think, in the skincare world we forget that people actually like work outside. They live outside construction, um fishermen. We see a lot of people here who actually do that for their living. You know and ive actually been talking to some professional athletes and sun avoidance is just not feasible for them right. So we have to find things that work with active skin occupational skin. That wont be irritating and you can use so we do have a huge farming population where we live and take care of these patients who a lot of times and construction workers who dont want to wear sunscreen because they feel, like you know it leaves a white Cast potentially as well or they cant just get into a skincare routine or it burns their eyes, and so having active sunscreen is really important. You cant be always an indoor person. Like me, in 20 years, dr shaw is gon na look a lot younger than me. Like no question all right so now lets talk about the best sunscreens overall, which to me are the ones that are cosmetically elegant. This is what i look for in my sunscreen, so i want my minimum requirements of sun protection, at least, and then how does it look on my skin? Am i willing to wear this every day because thats the critical thing you need to wear it? So i look for products that i really enjoy wearing lets start it off with the elta md uv, restore tinted sunscreen, which is what im wearing right now beautiful sunscreen is a little bit of a heavier sunscreen.

It has that squalling base. It is a pure mineral sunscreen doesnt leave me with the white cast. I say that with the caveat because it may leave you with the white cast, but ive noticed no white cast and nobody ive tried. This on has noticed a white cast with. It leaves you with that very dewy finish. I absolutely love it. I think a lot of you will love it if you tried as well if you hadnt taken it that might have actually been on my list too thats definitely been a go to for me. Its weird i dont know how these just showed up in my pocket. The first one ill talk about here is, i object. I object. Okay, weve not done this before im, actually cutting myself off now, ive fallen in love with someone new, so im, sorry to my old choices, theyve been replaced. We actually talked about this before we shot this video and i was like. I think this is my go to and back and forth, and it is now my go to. This is actually called isden arie fatona ageless, and this is my best uh overall best overall, okay, now ill tell you why so in my mind, i have this checklist of sunscreens im like okay. Is it effective? We talked about this? Yes, it is effective. Does it have complementing ingredients for sun protection? It does it has ascorbic acid, it has vitamin e theres very potent antioxidants.

Then it has a little bit extra and im becoming a fan of things that are extra because they stand out, but it has photolyze. So this is like a plankton derived ingredient and this actually might help repair some of the sun damage thats already existing and thats pretty unique to a sunscreen that kind of elevated it. In my mind, from some of the other choices i had. Additionally, you know has moisturizing ingredients, it does require a little bit of extra work, so you have to shake it its an emulsion every time you use it, but it is tinted, so it also protects against visible light now. The thing that makes this extremely functional is one its tinted, which we said can be a plus for many people, but im going to show you something here for pure mineral sunscreen, and this one is zinc oxide watch this blendability just it is amazing. Okay – and this was real time right – yeah no cast crazy. I actually went out and i spent a decent amount of money on a lot of pyramidal sunscreens to see which ones blended nothing. Compared to this now i will say this is a good sunscreen, very popular sunscreen amongst dermatologists. So you kind of hear about this one quite frequently. If you go to visit dermatologists, however, it does have fragrance in it. So if you do have sensitive skin just be aware of that, i personally am not like a huge fan of putting fragrance in my skin care products, especially when im recommending them to all of you, because i know many of you who watch us do have sensitive Skin, but if youre looking for a very blendable sunscreen, that is a zinc oxide based sunscreen.

This is an amazing sunscreen completely with dr shaw, i think, being aware of fragrance as potential allergen irritant is very important. Dont think i dont think that i do completely buy into that sentiment, but if you have to be deliberate or gon na pick, one fragranced item like consider this, not because it smells good but because the rest of the ingredients are worth it its rewind time. So next up, you cant mention cosmetically elegant without mentioning super goop super goop, its like youre, almost like skeptical. These are so good youre like how are you so good one uh, the super goop unseen sunscreen. This thing is, i can say, with one thousand percent confidence that no one will have a white cast from this product. It is completely clear even out of the bottle, which is amazing um. It does leave a little bit of like a primer. Finish like it feels like primer when youre using it and people dont like the texture of it. But this thing is completely invisible. I mean its its really really an amazing sunscreen super group, unseen sunscreen, and they also have the super goop glow screen, which has a little bit of that. Glowy has a tint in it and it leaves you with a little bit of a shimmer happens. To be my wifes favorite sunscreen, so super goo glow screen has a little bit of a tint a little bit of a shimmer that you may not like for everybody.

Also again invisible super group has a reputation and its deserved and earned every bit of it uh. My next one was actually a sneaky one to me again: ive been trying out korean sunscreens a lot over about the past five months. Actually, this one is beauty of joseon. This one has multiple things going for me: super lightweight its refreshing in a way uh. It blends on quickly just like a very smooth quick fast finish has niacinamide, so it helps with oil control for those who lean a little oily thats nice, it has antioxidants. Once again, i love that partnership of antioxidant sunscreen sunscreens block the sun damage from happening. Antioxidants help prevent and repair the damage after the sun has actually hit the skin, so theyre kind of like additive, complementing ingredients that really do a great job here. So for me, this is just another product. Multiple positives, ive just been loving. This korean sunscreens are hard to compete with ill, be honest because they just they do so much with these filters and are still near invisible, no white cast with these and a very cosmetically elegant product. So next up a mineral sunscreen that ive been really loving. I dont know: if you have you tried, i dont know if youve tried this or not, but its the bioscience, sheer mineral sunscreen. This one is pure zinc, sunscreen. It has that squalling finish that you always get with the biosons products. You may have to work this one in a little bit.

I would say its near invisible, not invisible likes. You know these korean sunscreens or super goop. Anything with the zinc oxide base youre going to get a little bit of a white with it. Unless you kind of smooth it in, but for a mineral sunscreen, this is about as close to invisible as you can get with them. Just absolutely love the way it looks on my skin, like all biosans products, i feel like they just they nail that component of it they nail texture, feel and look with products. I mean really just crush it love this one. Anyone whos tried. It will tell you the same thing: its really a killer in that mineral sunscreen category, all right so last up in our best overall is black girl sunscreen. This one is one of the first that i just saw nail the blendability with dark skin tones. This is just an excellent excellent finish for people who struggle with any sort of cast plus the ingredients are also on point fragrance free. It has jojoba oil, which i really like in skincare products and just the blendability i mean thats the main thing im emphasizing because your skincare routine, otherwise its going to do a lot of stuff. You know its going to have nine cinnamon its going to have vitamin c youre going to have retinol youre going to have all these other ingredients in it. But for me the most important thing is: are you getting the sun protection that you need? How are you going to get it youre going to get it because youre going to wear a sunscreen that you actually like and so to get people of all skin tones to wear sunscreen is really important.

Black girl sunscreen nails it with that, so its their spf 31. I really like it blends it very well and its actually very affordable as well, and you can pretty much find it anywhere all right, so that kind of rounds out our list of some of our favorite sunscreens for different skin tones. We have a lot i mean like yeah. This is a very truncated list like to be honest, like we could have gone on a very long time about sunscreens, because there are hundreds and theres going to be more and more so. This is a dynamic list for sure exactly we try to give you like a limited menu as possible here, but there are so many good sunscreens out there and if you already have a sunscreen, you love theres, no reason to switch it up. Just stick with the one that youre already wearing but thats it sun protection is the foundation for healthy skin. So youve got to incorporate something on our list on your list, something from this into your skincare routine. Before you do anything else, especially for photo aging or skin cancer prevention, super important, nothing else is more important than protection and 90. They say of aging is caused by the sun. Skin cancer super important, just wear sunscreen anyone wear it every single day, your life and skin will be so much better as a result of it. So please, like comment and subscribe, we appreciate you as always well see you in the next video.