I have something really exciting to be playing with. Today i picked up a few lip products from the rim. Beauty, chapter 3 collection im really excited about it. I cannot wait to dive into it. Lets get started so i picked up a couple of lip products in this collection. The only lip product i didnt pick up is the liquid lipstick. I dont usually reach for liquid lipsticks a lot i dont. I only like literally just reach for my jaclyn liquid lipsticks or like my makeup by mario liquid lipsticks, but these other products. This is just what im into right. Now i am definitely into lip oils lip liners. I got into all of that good stuff im, so so so excited about it. So lets start off. I dont know where to start lets start off with the lip oils, so i picked up two of the lip oils. I was kind of wanted to pick up. All four, but i was like no, i dont really know how the formula is so what i did was i picked up two that i thought i would like the scent of so the first one i picked up is the shade mint condition and then the other Shade i picked up is raspberry drips, so one is blue. One is pink, really interesting colors. So these are the essential drip lip oils, these retail for 16, a piece which honestly is probably one of the most inexpensive lip oils weve.

Seen from like a middle to high end brand, usually we see 20 or 24 for a lip oil, but this one is 16, so a little bit cheaper than the 20 and four dollar price range that we usually see. But this is a glossy ultra nourishing lip soother infused with menthol and a minty scent. You can wear it alone or lay it over your favorite lip shades. So that is what the blue one is like. What is so interesting about these lip oils is the applicator. I think that is honestly. The first thing that caught my eye was the applicator, because i was like what the heck is that so the applicator is so interesting because it kind of has like a metal ball in the applicator, its so weird, but its so unique, and i literally have never Seen anything like this, this definitely does have a minty, menthol kind of smell. I do want to apply this to the lips and the packaging is very rem. Beauty, esque and the lip oil looks pretty thick in here, but were going to see how it is on the lips. Oh my gosh, this is so weird thats. So weird i feel like my lips are low key, getting a massage like low key and its cooling. I feel like its like meant to cool okay. It definitely does feel like a lip. Oil like a lot of lip oils, will either feel kind of thick like comparing it to my jaclyn lip oil.

The jaclyn one is a little bit thicker. This one is definitely definitely a thinner formula, but it does give a really nice shine to the lips. It definitely is moisturizing because its a really thin lip oil im, not too sure how this would wear, whereas if this is one that you have to reapply, but if you love minty kind of smells and like that, like minty situation, then you might really like this One there is no plumping sensation to the slip oil, i will say it does just feel kind of cool, like my lips feel kind of moist, like kind of massaged and cooled because of the little ball thats in there, but i think thats so cool like popping. This in the fridge and then having this cool, when you put it on, i think, would be so cool lets. Try the other one. I see i feel like theyre. All just gon na show up clear. This one is raspberry drip which i think is the one im, probably the most excited for, because i love the smell of raspberries. Lets lets get into this one because, oh it does smell like raspberries yeah, so it pretty much just looks clear on the lips. If you are eyeing olive oils or the one that you want is sold out, they all honestly transfer clear. It really is just up to you if you want a specific scent or not, but if you really dont care, theyre, all gon na look clear, but once again this is raspberry.

I think i like the raspberry one more because i like the smell and this i like the smell of the raspberry, but they both feel the same nothings different, its just literally the scent. But i like these lip oils, theyre, just a lot thinner than the ones. I have in my collection already, but i feel like this is what a lip oil is supposed to feel like those other foils theyre comfortable. I love them, but, like theyre not thin like this, i didnt realize how like high my like bang is so lets get into this. This right here is the at the borderline lip liner pencil. I picked up the shade reverb this retails for 18, which is pretty typical for lip liners. I would say this is what the packaging looks like its really nice. This is one that you can just twist up and down to get more. You dont sharpen this one. The color that i have im really excited about this, because this is like the deepest shade. I think it was like a brown yall know. I love my brown lip liner, so that is what it looks like. I do want to do a little Music swatch test. This says this is a rich creamy color that glides luxuriously over lips, so you can line and fill with ease, wear alone or with your favorite lippies. All right then we are going to. We are definitely going to test this out im just going to rub my finger over this just to see how its going to be okay, im rubbing, really hard and then sorry, i dont want to flick yall off, but just a little bit just tiny, tiny bit, But honestly, i think this is going to wear so good because of that so lets just go ahead and line the lips with this.

So creamy, oh, my gosh, and look at how deep this is deep and i like it, i like how deep this is. This was so easy that was a very easy application did not skip. It was creamy, but its not too creamy which, after that little swatch test, i feel like this is going to last a really long time on the lip. So im really excited about it. Now that we have the lips line, lets get into the only lipstick that i did pick up, which is the on your collar classic lipstick, so this retails for 19.. This is so interesting because its like this really cute packaging, its very thin, but it has a lot of weight to it. A lot of these rem beauty products have weight to them, which i love, so it feels really heavy, which is nice um, and then it just pops off like that. And then you have a really skinny small slim lipstick. I just love how customized the packaging is on ram beauty. This isnt the first lipstick that rim beauty has come out with they did come out with lipsticks previously now theyre not the same. I did see aris video and she did say that these new lipsticks come in a matte finish as well as a satin finish, and these are still available. Theyre not discontinuing these. This is just another lipstick in their line. I love this lipstick, its so pretty kind of just like the same thing except skinnier.

I love that because you can distinguish what it is in your collection when youre reaching for it. So the shade that i picked up is cuddly, so i am going to apply this. I think this might be a matte finish. Im, not sure. Oh, this is not the color i was expecting. I was not expecting this color, it smells so good, but i was not expecting this color. I can make this color work with the lip liner, okay, thats better. I feel like its a little better. What do we think about the color? The color is interesting. It kind of feels like a satin finish, not really a matte finish if it is matte its a really comfortable, comfortable matte, but its a really pretty lipstick, and it smells really good. I just wasnt expecting this color like looking at it in here. I just kind of wasnt expecting it, but i like the color. It also has a magnetic closure as well, so its very its really on there tight same thing with their first lipstick its on there tight the only thing that i would say about these rem beauty. Lipsticks is that the product doesnt go all the way down in the packaging, so you have to be really careful when you put the cap back on. Otherwise, you will ruin your lipstick. I have hit my lipstick so many times just trying to get it back in the camp i feel like.

Should we put a little bit of the lip oil on maybe for a little bit of a glossy moment. Lets like add the lip oil onto this. Just to see oh thats, pretty, i dont like to just put it back in there. I do like to wipe off my applicator because it does get a little messy, so lets get into my final thoughts on these new rem beauty products. I personally really really like them im so excited, because i have been loving just about everything that rim beauty has come out with at least the things that ive tried. The lip oils are really great. I think theyre super affordable. I feel, like you, get a lot of product for your money as well compared to other lip oils compared to the new fenty skin lip oil. You only get 0.19 fluid ounces of product in here, and this is 24. and the new rem beauty lip oil. You get 0.23 fluid ounces, so you get quite a little bit more of more product in these for a cheaper price which is really nice and they also have a really nice scent. I really think that, if your shade that you want is kind of sold out, i really wouldnt go by that because they all will end up looking clear on the lips. But if you really really have a preference on the scent, then thats really what you know. Thats really the difference between all of these lip oils from red beauty.

The lip liner is great. I feel like this. Lip liner is going to last a very long time, especially from this swatch that i did so im really really happy about this. I think its really deep, it shows up beautifully on the skin. I love it. It was super smooth, super creamy, but not too creamy to where its like gon na get all over the place. No, this is going to stay in place and i can definitely tell just from my little swatch test that i did and then the lipstick is also really nice. I like the shade. It did surprise me. I wasnt expecting it, but this like lip combo. I have going on here im loving, im, very much loving this lip combo, its so pretty like im loving this lip combo like this is so pretty like. I cannot get over it. Just just everything is great im really happy with the products that i chose to pick up. I will say this is only available on rem, beautys website. It is not available at ulta. This is like a rim, beauty exclusive. I really do wish that it was coming to ulta, though, because its like, i want to see the shades in person. I want to swatch them. I want to know exactly what im picking up but im, really happy with the products that i chose. These are definitely really great lip products and if you are the kind of person that loves lip products, you might really love this collection of all lips and, like i said, i didnt pick up any of the liquid lipsticks and she also came out with a lip Balm, i just wasnt a fan of how the lip balm looked.

So i didnt pick that up, but i hope you guys enjoyed todays video. Let me know your thoughts down below.