I already received both of my boxycharm boxes for the month. It was the boxy luxe month and got my box of charm premium. My ipsy glenn bag plus, so those unboxings are all up here on my youtube channel already and ive also started doing the full dedicated review videos on all the makeup products that ive gotten in those. So, just a heads up im not going to be trying out the makeup products that i get in this bag in this video, because i have a series here on youtube, where i try out a new makeup product every day and thats where ill be trying out. All the makeup products that i get, but so this ipsy glam bag is a monthly beauty subscription which is supposed to be customized to each person based off of your preferences that you put in a quiz, the feedback that you give on your reviews each month on The products that you get and so im just hoping for some good personalization products that actually you know fit what ive told ipsy i am looking for. Okay, first thing i see is the glam bag its cute, i now, whenever i get a glam bag im like, is this actually the bag that they advertise for the month because ive gotten some glam bags that were not the actual theme of the month? But since this has the little fruit detail, i think this is part of the theme and there is one product left here in the mailer, which is actually from what i can remember the product that i chose its from milk makeup and its the hydro grip primer.

So just a little sample of it, i mean its a decent sized sample ill, be able to get a few uses out of it, see if its product that i would want to purchase in the full size. But i think i should have some product information in here which i like to see like retail value of the items. Yes, so the milk makeup, hydro, grip primer – this is a deluxe sample, the full size retails for 36 dollars, which is definitely a pricey product. But ive heard such great things about the milk makeup, hydro, grip primer and i love gripping primers. I love trying out new primers, so im excited about this one. Next up, oh pretty packaging here – and this is from the brand ace beauty blushed up in the shade peachy. I like the brand ace beauty and i, like blushes, lets see what shade this is. Oh, this is such adorable packaging. I love the pink, and this is a nice shade, not too red like through the packaging. I was like oh no, its going to be too red of a blush for me, but no, it actually is more like an actual peach shade, which hopefully will flatter my skin tone, but holding it up to my cheeks like it matches my cheeks right now, pretty Nicely seems like its going to go with my skin tone, pretty nicely im actually getting a spray tan tomorrow, so my skin will hopefully have a little bit more like sun kissed glow going on, and maybe i can use more of these.

I guess i wouldnt say like brighter, but more like the blushes that i dont usually pull off very nicely with my super fair skin. When i have a tan, i might be able to pull these off better and wow. That is a great sample size, because this is considered a deluxe sample. The ace beauty, blushed up blush in the shade peachy and the full size retails for 30 dollars, another pricey product and next ive got oh. This looks like cool packaging too, and i love the pink bubble wrap. This is oh from the brand half caked, which is a brand that im also now familiar with through ipsy. This is mirror mirror. Oh a highlighter. I love trying out new highlighters. This looks like a pretty champagne shade its called fortune faded wow. So far, i am getting like everything i need for the face. Primer got, the blush got the highlighter another great size sample its always such a bummer. When i get the teeniest tiniest little samples, but these actually are great, like the half caked mirror mirror highlighter in the shade fortune. Faded is a deluxe sample of the full size which retails for fourteen dollars. Next up, yes, more makeup, i just really prefer to get makeup in my beauty subscriptions so when its more makeup heavy thats when im the happiest so im feeling pretty happy with this bag. So far – and this is from the brand nomad – which i kind of recommend – probably through ipsy, nomad cosmetics – and this is iceland fire and ice intense eye shadow eyeshadows are another type of product that i really love to try out, theyre, just so fun to play around With lets see what this shade looks like and once again really beautiful packaging, oh its so cute and tiny, but i mean for an eyeshadow thats, fine, a beautiful purple shade.

So i actually have tried out the nomad cosmetics, iceland and fire full palette. So i can have that review video linked in the description down below, but i am still excited to just play around with this single purple. Eyeshadow create like a completely purple look, but nomad cosmetics makes really beautiful, eyeshadows and eyeshadow palettes, and this nomad cosmetics, nomad x, iceland, fire and ice intense eye shadow in alpha, fine, the full size palette retails for ‘, and then my fifth and final product in here Is also a brand that i recognize through ipsy k, vos ooh lip potion overnight lip mask now. This is right up my alley. I love lip masks because i get such dry lips. This sounds like its going to be so: nice, sweet almond, olive oil, pomegranate and pineapple yay, so this one also seems like a sample a decent sized sample, though oh it says full size, but not for resale is what it says on it, which makes me think Its like a sample but theyre counting this as full size retail value of 28. Oh my gosh thats expensive for a lip mask, so it says your five new products are supposed to be valued at 50, plus dollars and thats. Where im like. Is that true, its? So hard to know with these samples, but aside from the fact that i feel like this is probably not fifty dollars worth im really excited about the products that i actually got, because this truly is so well curated.

To me, its brands that i am familiar with and ive enjoyed from other products and theyre all types of products that i love to get so i will do a quick recap. I got the milk makeup: hydro, grip, primer, the ace beauty, blushed up the half, caked mirror mirror highlighter the nomad cosmetics eye shadow and the k vos lip potion. Lip mask, ah im so excited to try all of these out in upcoming dedicated videos here on youtube. But if youve tried any of these, i would love to hear in the comments down below your thoughts on them. Any tips for when i go to use them and what did you get in your june 2022 ipsy glam bag, but thank you so much for watching this. Video today be sure to like comment and subscribe to my channel.