Lip glosses. Welcome to everybody watching today. Thank you so very much for joining me. Yesterday. We are going to be doing a full review, including all of the swatches, on the back of my hand as well as on my lips of the catrice volumizing lip boosters. Now i am a newly converted lover of lip gloss, which means that i never really gave these a try. This line has been around for a while, and i just never dip my toes into these, and i thought it was high time because i love trying out essence and good trees lip lines, and so this is quite new to me. Its a full range of nudie shades, so i think i can show you what these look like on and in case youre unfamiliar with my channel hi. My name is micah. I live in the netherlands. I love coming on here to review eyeshadow palettes for you as a zinka trees, products and also to get the use out of my makeup. So i know that once i find a couple of favorite shades in this line, theyre gon na make its way into my makeup collection and i would like to get more use of it for sure so. Yeah catrice lip glosses, theyre new, better than fake lip. Lip glosses that were released earlier in the year. I ended up, loving and theres a shade that i kept from it and this line. I have one two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight nine ten, eleven twelve thirteen fourteen different shades here, as well as one of the extreme lip boosters.

This is the one that im wearing on my lips today, and this line comes in these extreme lip boosters that have that very strong sort of tinglingly lip boosting kind of quality to it. Um i believe, theres, one with like ginger and theres, a chili pepper one. I have the one that i believe has like a pepperminty kind of smell thats. I believe what its called um – and this is supposed to have like teeth, whitening properties, whatever that means, and then this line also comes with shades, and this is a line. Thats been around for a while, so when i start calling out shade names, there will be jumps as they wont be following numerically, because some of the shades have been discontinued. I bought the 14 shades. I could still get my hands on im, not sure what the availability is like in old territories, because they discontinue a few shades and then they bring new ones back. This is just what i was able to find on cosmetic for less because thats, where i bought these and yeah. We have everything from like a clear sparkly number to like pretty berry shades, but nothing here is very bright or, in your face, its all like very safe nudie shades, which is why i think it will be interesting to see what these look like against my fair Snow angel like skin, that is cool to neutral in its undertone and also quite pigmented lips.

This is my natural lip color im not wearing anything safe for that lip plumper at the moment um. So we can also see what these shades look like and if they do actually anything on my lips. One of the reasons why i didnt love lip gloss at first was because it never really made much of a difference, and i could really see my natural lip color coming through, but i have found especially the shades like this. This is called moving. The berry like these, my lips, but better kind of shades. I prefer those in a gloss now than i do a lipstick. So this i have already worn just to test it out and the formula is incredibly comfortable and i really like it all of these. Have that initial tingling sensation, but the shades are less intense than these extreme lip boosters. These stay feeling tingly for a much longer time than the shades do the shades just have this like peppermint, tingly kind of feeling for like the first minute you put it on and then it disappears, and it just feels like this really nice creamy, rich comfortable gloss That lasts a few hours, but as with any lip gloss, you do need to reapply these throughout the day since weve got 14 shades to chat about. Let me just get straight to these shades, so just for completion sake, so that you know before we move on this. Lip booster is just its clear, so its not going to really show up very well, but just so that we also have that swatch its right.

There im sure if you can see that but thats whats on my lips right now, and then we are going to be moving on to the next shade here. This is some bear over the rainbow, which looks like a very soft pinky shade, which i dont think is going to show up very well on my lips, and this is what zero ten sun bear over the rainbow looks like. As you can see, we have a very milky, peachy, pink shade and on me it just drains me im already pretty pale and it definitely leaves this milky white film, its not as intense as i was thinking. It would be, as i was swatching it on the back of my hand, thankfully, but these kind of shades are never my favorites, but if you dont have a very pigmented lip color and you really like these milky shades, then this may definitely be a good one. For you, the next shade is 0 30 pink up the volume, and it looks like a little bit more peach like if you see the two side by side. This is more like a milky pink, and this is more like a corally, peachy, pink and thats. What pink up the volume looks like its right here as you can see its got a very light hint of pink, but i might as well just put on a clear lip gloss, because the shade doesnt do anything for my lips.

It definitely sort of just is a clear lip gloss on me. In fact, do i still have it here? It reminds me a lot of this lip oil from catrice its from their powerful glossy lip oil line, and this is in the shade cherry blossom glow and its like a similar effect, but i would prefer this pro product over this one for sure. Next, up is 0 40 nuts about mary and thats. What 0 40 nuts about mary looks like this is, as you can see, compared to everything else. This has a bit more color to it and thats what i prefer. I can still see my natural lips coming through its perhaps a little warmer than what i would normally wear in a lip gloss formula. I prefer something thats a little bit more cool toned and we actually have coming up more brown toned pinks. Even more brown toned pinks and more brown tone pinks, so how different these are all going to be im not entirely sure, but for now this out of these first four, i think this is the one that does the most for me, but it is a bit Warm toned for my complexion next up is a clear, sparkly, one number 070. So what if im crazy – and this is number 070 – so what if im crazy, as you can see its clear it doesnt do much of anything else. It has like a holographic sort of pinky gold sort of sparkle, but i dont see that really on my lips also not really in the swatch.

It doesnt really show up so whether youre using one of the lip boosters. If you truly want that lip plumping effect, then that may be better than going for something like this. However, those sparkles do make your lips look extra juicy. I do find that this makes my lips look the most hydrating from all of the options ive shown you so far. Next up is a shade that i think i love this is 080 lost in the rose, woods and indeed lost in the rose woods, which is 080 its right here. It looks very brown in the tube, but then, when i swatch it, you can see that has a like a grayish, lavender sort of vibe to it. So its more like a mauvy shade and its very cool toned. I really like this one. This is one that im going to definitely keep separately here off to the side, because i dont want to lose that one that one definitely needs to go into my collection, because someone like this with a more smoky look is exactly what i want and then we Have another brown tone: nude 090, the power of nude? So this is, i think, what they classify as a true nude, which looks a bit warm toned, well see and thats 090 power of nude and how dark this looks in the tube. I find it looks a lot more milky once you swatch it and also when it goes onto my lips.

I feel it just has a bit of a lighter base, its sort of like you know, if you add a bit of milk to your coffee. I find it looks a bit like that and thats. Never my favorite kind of lipstick shade to begin with. If you have a warm undertone, this looks really stunning and also if your lips are a little less pigmented. This is going to be great for you. Shade 100 meet me at coral bay and thats meet me at coral bay and i think, were now getting into the shades of it. The first couple ones were definitely much more sheer uh. Compared to this. As you can see, it has a lot more of a base color to it its a really pretty sort of like popsicle kind of shade for the summer time. It definitely does something more for my lips than some of the other shades did. It definitely complements it. Quite well for the summer time, and if you love a gloss, this may be very pretty its not a shade that i would go to all the time, though, because i feel for me this only goes with certain looks 110 moving. The berry is another one that i have pegged as one of my favorites, so if i put it next to lost in the rosewood which you can just see that this is far more brown toned than this is – and i have already worn it so i know I like it, this is truly my lips, but better like this is my actual lip color, but then its just going to look a little bit more plumped and hydrated, and a little bit more evened out, which i love and thats.

What 110 move in the berry looks like you can see here that it has quite a strong plummy undertone, which is what i have naturally going on in my lips, and this just goes to show that a nude is different for everyone. It doesnt just depend on your skin tone and undertone of your skin, but also what your lips are giving you naturally, because i have quite pigmented lips. I just found that i need to wear more, like darker nude shades, for it to look like a new dummy. So thats why i do really love the shade, so this is another one that im going to leave off to the side and its going to be added to the collection for sure 120 is coffee shot. This is what coffee shop looks like on me. Its very sort of like milky again its a bit like again coffee with a lot of milk running through it, its like a milky, brownish pink its far too light for me its concealer lips in a gloss, because you can see that now my lips have pretty Much gone the shade of my skin color and it looks like ive got no lips at all, which is why this is not a good look for me. This very much reminds me of like 2009, when everybody was doing this so yeah. If you do like that, look or if you like, a gloss for like a lighter accent in the middle of your lip, then this may be nice.

It just doesnt really go with my aesthetic. 130 is sucker for rose, and this is what sucker for rose looks like on me, its like a rosy pink, as you can see from how these apply like the higher the number the later they were released, and they are turning more into like lip lacquers. These have much more pigment to them. They are still glossy because they still have that high shine, but these definitely have more of a shade to them than some of the other shades. So i do think that, depending on what you prefer, this shade, like this line of lip gloss, can cater to a lot of people. Because, if, like me – and you like a gloss to be more full on color, they have that. But they also have the sheerer more like whimsical ethereal kind of things that are definitely not going to do too. Anything too offensive in your makeup. Look so yeah, but yeah sucker for rose is definitely more of a lip lacquer, i feel than a lip gloss. 140 rose, wood, hills, i have a type. I know this is another one that i have pegged as one that i might like not sure, though, because its sort of falls into that dusty rose category so im not sure if im gon na, like it and thats 0 40 rosewood hills its right here, you Can see its a little bit more brown toned a bit bit more peachy warm also also than sucker for rose.

It works, but i dont know like my natural lip color is coming through quite strongly. I feel if i look at it in my mirror right here. Cant really see that in a viewfinder, so i thought this was going to be more in the line of the other two shades and it would be a bit more mauve tone, a bit more cool toned. So, for me this is a bit too peachy a bit too warm toned, not perfect, so this is not going to be held separately for adding to my collection. Next up is 150 everyones nude, and this is what 150 everyone nudes look looks like on me again. Quite warm toned, it is lighter than my lips and its too peachy. So for me, this isnt perfect. But again, if you like, a good like nude gloss, i can see why theyve dubbed this everyones nude, but this because this is the kind of nude lip gloss that you see. A lot of people apply if you do like a nude lip and then play gloss on top. This is definitely the cut that kind of color that you see everybody using not my shade, but i think this can be very flattering on a lot of different people. 0, 90 ice eyes, baby and im very curious to see what this will do. This is what i size baby looks like its clear um, but its very sort of like milky pink in the uh bottle.

So i thought it was going to be like very stark of a contrast to get my against my lips. Luckily its not i like this a lot better than i thought it would like in terms of like a sheer gloss that just you can top over everything. I think this may be pretty, and this formula feels different. It feels much creamier than the previous ones that ive swatched. This feels much more bomby and like rich and almost like its got a butter to it like a buttery sort of sensation, which maybe because this is 190 and its one of the last ones that they did. They may have dabbled a little bit with the formula. Actually here this feels very comfortable on the lips. I do have to say, though, that now that ive put so many of these on back to back, i can no longer even feel my lips anymore because of that tingling sensation. I think im going to need like a full day to recover and feel my lips again, but yeah all everything for the channel right. Lastly, we have 200 every berrys darling. This is what 200 every berrys darling looks like, but i hadnt expected it to be. So sheer compared to everything else like you, can just see that some of these have a lot of pigmentation to them, whereas others have barely any pigment to them. So, depending on what you like, there are different things here, and this is also a bit more sticky.

Like i can really sort of feel my lips sort of sticking together and for a shade thats called every berrys darling. I dont find it that berry. It just looks peachy on me, like it pulls very peachy, which i have not expected so yeah. There are two shades here that i love the uh love in the rose, woods and moving the berry, those two shades. I am definitely going to get more use out of the other ones. I just wanted to show you for the sake of this video, so i really hope you enjoyed watching todays video that this was helpful for you, that you got something out of it, so please give it a thumbs up if you liked it subscribe to my channel. If youd like to see more by me, i will have a blog post going live the same day. This video goes up where you can see all of the swatches in close up over on the blog, so ill make sure to put that link in the description box as well forgot to say that in my intro um but yeah, then without further ado. Thank you. So very much for being here today subscribe to the channel. If youd like to see more by me, i make several videos a week.