I kind of been trying it out. I did like a first impression on tik tok and i wanted to come on here and share with my youtube fam and also tell you as ive, been wearing it. What i think of it, let you see it in action and also show you guys a few other products. I have been loving as well, so its gon na be more of like an easier natural look. I might throw on a lash, though, because i kind of want to you know have a lash well see were just going to kind of chit chat, put on some makeup and im going to show you this awesome matte cc cream lets get into it. I hope you guys enjoy it. Dont forget to subscribe and also hit that like button. If you like the video, it really helps me out, and i appreciate it so much so. Anywho lets just go ahead and get started with this video, so my thought process, as i was doing, the intro was like. Oh what if i did a comparison in my tic talk. My first impression was this reminds me so much of the it cosmetics cc cream. So the drugstore cc cream i wanted to share with you – is the neutrogena flawless matte cc cream and im starting to think i dont have a cc cream here. Actually i do hold on. I know what i think of the neutrogena one, and i want to try this nude glow with it.

This does have more of a glow to it, which ill talk about here in a second, so im gon na put my hair back and just dive into it. Now i have two colors of the neutrogena. I cannot find my other color, which is the color ive, been using its in the shade fawn. This ones in vanilla so ill probably have to adjust what color and this i have medium tan and light medium, so well kind of see which one will work better for me and to help match the neutrogena one like color wise. So its not like. I have two completely different colors on my face, dont mind my hands. I need to exfoliate and resell tan. I just have my head tied. I should be on a t shirt because its my slogan, anywho, i do have a primer on. I just used the gucci mattifying primer. I have just been liking, this primer, the hourglass primer and laura mercier, one theyre, just my favorite right now, and i kind of toggle between all three of them im going to go ahead and show you the neutrogena flawless matte cc cream. Like i said this color i usually use fawn. I havent tried vanilla on my face, but im just gon na give it a go today, but im gon na put like a dollop on there. Well, just bronze, if we have to which we might have to but im gon na, put it on there and then im gon na show you guys one half of my face with this on.

This is definitely definitely a thicker cc cream. This is definitely too light, for me, too, am i sure its not down here somewhere. What, if i used it in my makeup, bag hold a hold, please ill be right back. This is a mess. Okay, i found it. I found it in my makeup bag from when i did my makeup over the weekend: heres fun. Okay, so i am going to put a little bit of fawn on because it is quite light, but you can see already just the coverage that this has is like a foundation, basically a full coverage foundation which thats why it reminded me of the it cosmetics, because The it cosmetics cc creams are so full coverage and theyre. Like really intense. Look at that look at that. Yes, the shade is wrong. I just had to show you the insane coverage, so this is obviously before this is after, even though it is lighter, the coverage is still there. I mean ive used fawn all over my face and it worked out really well okay, so i ended up having to take off vanilla. It was just too light like i went to go with my sponge and i looked in the mirror and i was like thats not gon na work. So i do have vanilla, though, just in case im like more fair, not as self tanned, but i am gon na go in with fawn. I just reapplied the gucci primer on this side of my face, but i am going to go in with fawn and show you guys how good it looks.

So this is what it looks like so im going to apply it with a real techniques. Sponge today i have been applying it with a brush and really liking it. I did thats what i did on my tic tock for my first impression and i dont think it looks bad at all, but i havent applied it with a sponge and im curious. If this looks better, i mean thats, looking pretty very good. This is the real techniques face and body sponge and its like taking five seconds. To put this on my face, wait, i think i like a sponge better wait. I really like this with a sponge. I mean ive been liking it with the brush, but i did do a follow up on my tic tock, where it was like. You have to be careful to not apply too much because it can look heavy, but i feel like if you use a sponge thats, probably the way to do it, because it is a thicker cc cream and its going to be heavy. If you dont blend it really well so like when i was using my morphe m6, it did look good. It has great coverage, but it did feel a little bit heavy, but this looks and feels better in my opinion like look at that before after before i love a good before and after, and i also love face products. So whenever i get a good face product its like woohoo, thank the lord im into it.

I kind of like the sponge better, and i wish i was just going to do my full face with this. But i do want to see what the it cosmetics one looks like so im going to go in. Let me look at the shades next too. I have light medium and medium tan. Youll see what light medium looks like. I havent really tried the nude glow, but i have tried the regular cc cream that one looks better. Okay, medium tan looks a little bit better, but i am going to mix it with just a touch of light medium for the it cosmetics im going to use this side. I use this side for this on my face im going to use this side for the side of my face and, like i said, im going to do just a little bit of light medium mixed with medium tan. Oh good thing: we got medium tan in there now this one is nude glow. So keep that in mind when youre thinking like this is supposed to be matte. This is supposed to be glow, okay and so far. I do like it, but but listen if you want coverage im the one for you. Okay, if you want full coverage and to know if its actually super full coverage, i will give you my honest opinion on stuff like that. Okay, its very important to me. I like pride myself and having good full coverage recommendations and, if im going to be honest, i feel like the neutrogena.

One definitely has a little bit better coverage and i think it just looks a little bit better. I dont know if its just because the glow from the it cosmetics one i dont, love because you guys know i dont love a glowy face. The neutrogena one does have a subtle glow. It has more of a glow, though with the morphe m6. So if you want less glow going with a sponge with the neutrogena one based off like first impressions, i, like the neutrogena one – more glow, not glow. Now i do like the the oil free, bye, bye foundation. This is the full coverage moisturizer. I do love this. Like this is a classic product for it, cosmetics and its always worked really well for me, and i love it, but i have to say im really enjoying this one with a sponge with a sponge im surprised, i havent tried it with a sponge until today. Look at this thats amazing thats, so good. Let me double check how much it costs too. Oh this says medium coverage, skin tint. What does this one say? Full coverage haha something to know because i was gon na say this one has less covers than this, but this is medium coverage, so you cant hate on this one. This still has great coverage for, if you like, a glowy cc cream. You might really like this honestly. I prefer this one for sure and thats exactly why, because this ones medium this ones full, i told you guys i pride myself on full coverage products, so this is ranging in prices.

You have at 12.99 at target 11.50 on amazon ill leave a link down below for the cheapest one. I can find dont get it at friday, because thats most expensive 15 thats, like a good three four dollars more right. Eight dont do that come on ill leave. The most affordable one down below in the comments – or you could go pick it up at your local grocery store. I am going to go ahead and just do a little bit on my other side to kind of match it, because i want to use this. As my full face product today, this also has niacinamide in it as well. I dont know if i mentioned that and its designed to mask skin imperfections and even skin toe for a flawless looking complexion free of oil, fragrance parabens and pletholenes. It is definitely free of fragrance because i dont smell anything. The only thing i smell is the sunscreen from this guy like it is bomb and it does have a glow to it, like it says, matte, but its not a flat. Matte. Keep that in mind when youre looking into it, youre gon na have to set it. But honestly, if youre like me and you blot and stuff throughout the day and apply powder throughout the day, youre, not gon na notice the biggest difference, then you know what youre already doing. Okay, so one thing i want to try which im a little nervous about.

I have so much i want to film today and im like. I need my makeup to look good, so i got this charlotte tilbury contour wand, love, it love it. It is so good the easiest thing to blend, but i did get this revlon colorstay. Skin awakening 501 concealer and i figured what if we saw if we could get a dupe for the charlotte tilbury. I understand why this ones hyped im, not saying this is a bad product or at all or if its not worth the money. I definitely think its worth the money. I just want to see if the revlon one can compare so im gon na go ahead and just apply this on this side of my face, so you guys can really see how it applies. I also love the applicator of it. I just think its fantastic like its such a good product, and then i also got the blush too. The beauty light wand high blush in pinkgasm, so good, because i found this on in stock, which ill leave it down below. If its still in stock – but i found this in stock – and i think i got like a bundle deal so you can either do a bundle deal or you can buy the medium dark. I know the medium dark is in stock, currently as im filming this video, but so im going to take my brush and im just going to blend this out.

Now i like to do this before concealer, i feel like youre gon na look crazy at first, when you do this, but concealer will really mesh everything together, like everything will look a little bit better once you go in now. If you were to do this after concealer youre gon na kind of have like those harsh lines and stuff, whereas concealer will help melt everything and make it look a little bit more, even if that makes sense so thats what this ones looking like on this side, Its really truly effortless to blend – and i love the color. I love how easy it is to work with and it doesnt sit like heavy on the skin or anything. But i do have the color stay from revlon, so this is a concealer, its a completely different product, its not advertised as a bronzer, its just something i wanted to see and try if we could use it because it does have the little applicator too. So this is in the color zero. Seven five looks like about about dang near the same: color have to work a little bit harder because its a concealer huh. Well, would you look at that? Would you look at that? I mean that just that is a dupe. Oh, my gosh truly dont get me wrong. The charlotte tilbury is good, but holy cannoli, im gon na have to pull back with this ugly clip. Do not get these clips.

They are painful its pretty much the same. Let me do color swatches. On the back of my hand, i mean they look. The revlon one looks more natural, the charlotte tilburys, a little more red toned. You guys im actually like very shocked, guys. That is a dupe for sure, and i, like the way it looks on the skin too. I guess because its a concealer, its just very it just melts into the skin. I dont really know how to describe it. Wow all right. So if you cant get your hands on the charlotte tilbury or you just dont want to spend the money on the charlotte tilbury, the revlon colorstay skin, awaken five and one for zero, seven, five and im pretty sure they have more darker colors too. So if youre, even darker, that would be great too, because theres only medium dark in this and im more of a tan, medium tan, skin tone, i would say – and this works pretty well for me so now i want to show you guys this new concealer, that I got i actually really like it. This is the item – beauty, air, hug concealer. This is addison rays line. I tried this the other day and i really do like it. I think when i went in store a lot of her stuff was sold out and i couldnt really get my hands on it. So ive been trying like here and there to grab some things and like see, whats really popping, and you know i like to see her videos too on tick tock and see what she applies.

But this is actually a really good concealer, and even though i just applied a lot, a little does go a long way. This spreads out really well, it covers beautifully. It just looks really good on the skin. Dont worry well make everything look good, but im just gon na press this out with a sponge. This also works with a brush as well, and i dont know just been really enjoying it every time i use it. I just think it looks really nice it covers, but its not heavy and then im going to take the brush that i used for my contour and im just going to dab it over the lines and it just helps bring kind of everything together again now the Item beauty done, one does have like a bit of a glow. I dont know if you guys can tell, but when you set it its not intense at all, like in my opinion, i think it looks really good im actually going to take the revlon one and finish off the contouring on my face and see how it does. I am just so impressed i kind of want to do like right here. You know people like keep contouring this part of their head. I feel like im not going to notice the difference, because i, like contour, this area anyway, were going to try it do. I look lifted as someone who has downturned eyes. I would always love to look lifted.

This will just help make your bottom lip look a little bit bigger. You can kind of follow your a little bit of the top of your chin and then round it out around here when you do lip liner and all of that, it all comes together and then im just going to blend out my nose, contour and then add A little bit of concealer okay now were going to set our face im just going to use peach perfect, because i have it out. A lot of people ask me where it is and peach perfect powder got discontinued its like one of the worst decisions. Toothpaste ever did im just kidding, but really you cant come out with a good powder in a collection and then just discontinue it, but its one of my favorites. I just forgot to apply the blush. My bad im trying out some different powders and im going to come back to you guys with like some good alternatives to too faced peach perfect, because you guys know how passionate i am about this powder. Like can i do a collab with them just to bring this back out again, nobodys doing collabs and im like? Can i please just clap with you for one thing, i would like to be the face of your powder. Now. Normally i wouldnt put contour or anything like that on, but i am doing quite a lot for socials today and i kind of want my makeup to like stand out.

So i am going to do just a little bit more im going to take this charlotte tilbury. Bronzer in number two number two is a really great color. Even if you are medium skin tone, it does work really well its not too dark. Number three is pretty dark, so im just going to lightly. Take my morphe m581 tap off the excess and im going to hit my face just the parts of my face where i applied all that kind of contour now im going to go in with this is makeup by mario desert rose. This is a really great color. I get by mario either him or his team. Oh no, im gon na im, just gon na say it with him because its cooler that way no offense to his team, but, like i did this real, i loved this look. If you didnt check it out, go check it out. Is i love? This look. Ive been going to it a lot recently, but he said stunning with the heart thing and i was like wait, but i love you, love your products, love your work, say: love your products, so im gon na take desert, rose im gon na apply that to my Cheeks, i also love poppy pink, and this color is just like a staple i feel like if you dont know what blush color to get. This is a good blush to go with, because it goes with everything like its one of those like you gravitate towards for every day or if youre doing a makeup look and youre like what the heck do.

I even pair with this desert rose desert rose its just so easy to work with for highlight im just going to go in with this lys aim. High pressed highlighter im just going to apply that to my cheeks, just like that, oh its, so pretty like! Truly so gorgeous for my eyes, i kind of want to dabble into this patrick tall palette, but do something a little bit, not natural, but lets see what i can kind of come up with real quick. I kind of just want something in the crease taking the lightest matte shade and putting that on im going to take this color toss that in my crease i really like this brush too. I think this is the morphe yeah. This is the more morphe jaclyn hill collab and honestly, i think im going to stop there because i swear to you. If i keep going im going to do a whole look im going to do winged, eyeliner, dramatic lashes – and i im trying not to do that today. So i am going to do my brows really quickly and then ill highlight with the color in this. But im just going to use brow blade well speed through this one: Music, Music, Music, but beauty their makeup, theyre going out of business! Ah im so sad about it, its my favorite mascara! So now, im going to have to get like 10 of them for real. Like i love this mascara, i like their eyeliner, i love their bullet lipsticks.

I love these, so i think everythings on sale go get it. While you can before its gone. I think theyre still doing the lip lab and stuff that they have in new york. Now, im to go in with the lightest shade in this palette, this one right here and im going to highlight my brow bone with that, oh its! So pretty! I really like this volume 2 palette more than i liked the first one now im going in with my jaclyn cosmetics, sweetheart lip liner, you can kind of fill it in her liners are really really creamy. Youre gon na want to take mix lingerie xxl in the shade expose me, and these two are pretty much the same color watch i mean basically the same color. Let that dry for a second then go in with the maybelline lip lifter gloss and shade ice. So pretty love it love, it love it that is it for this makeup. Look its super easy! I really just wanted to showcase that matte cc cream with you guys and share with you how freaking good it is, and now that ive tried it with a sponge. Like i like it even more, i will use it even more now, because i love the way it looks with a sponge. I think it looks fantastic again. This is the product right here. Flawless matte cc cream from neutrogena, so good, like im very impressed by it ill leave a link for it below.

If you guys want to try it out, but if you have already tried it, let me know your thoughts. Thank you guys so much for watching.