Theres a tabby that says this. Video contains a sponsorship and it does – and you guys know i always have to disclose that. But whats more exciting are the items im gon na show you today now this makeup look was created for todays video youre gon na see that in action, but i want to show you guys the products this video is sponsored by my friends over at floresis. I do want to preface this by letting you guys know that ive seen a full races, all over social media and ive been teased with the intricacy of their artistry, the engravements in all of their products, and i finally own some and i could not be happier Floresis combines the ancient cosmetic recipes and the modern technologies to create natural and safe makeup products which promotes both inner and outer beauty. This is the eastern beast sculpting makeup palette. It is a 401 palette for a natural defined contour. The design inspiration are the four eastern beasts which have been engraved into this palette. The flawless jade breathable pressed powder, a lightweight pressed powder that keeps makeup flawless all day. It is a talk, free, natural and delicate silk protein powder for a silky smooth, look to the skin, the floral engraving all day, makeup palette, the encounter the palette reproduces, the eastern relief carving crafts and the exquisite and three dimensional patterns are inspired by the nymph of The luo river, the floral dewy, linked lipstick, the lipstick design, is inspired by ancient chinese locks in china.

A love lock is a token of affection given to your partner. The lipstick is delicately engraved with a love story. This lipstick is a beautiful gift idea. This balm blush has a soft and flexible texture that is lightweight and easy to blend. With this cream to powder transformation technique, the blush becomes a powder, the second it touches your skin. There are nine shades available on the site, blooming rouge long, lasting liquid lipstick impressions of dye. It is inspired by the unique silk watered gauze of china, a textile that undergoes a traditional dyeing technique that uses plant derived dyes to create lush colors lulza dye, floral, eyebrow defined powder pencil. It is a two in one eyebrow pencil that will provide both streamlined brow, hairs and misty effect and the ginseng care lip balm. This lip mask is formulated to be ultra moisturizing on the lips. You guys now that ive showed you close ups and have given you details on the products that floresce has sent over my way. I am gon na move on in to the try on part, but before i do that, i wan na make sure to remind you guys, if youre new to my channel, make sure you hit that subscribe button which is down below right here and right. Next to it, youre gon na see the notification bell when you click that notification bell. Do me a favor, make sure that it says all notifications, if you dont do that youtube will not send out notifications, letting you know that a a giveaway has been announced b.

A new video has gone, live or c ive, given you guys an update over on my community page and unfortunately, when ive announced to give away winners, because you havent clicked that bell saying all notifications. Sometimes my winners dont get a notification. Then i have to move on and choose another winner, which is unfortunate, so you really want to make sure that you hit the subscribe button and the notification bell saying or notifications and while youre there please hit the like button. Okay, i cant wait any longer. I really want to show you guys these products in action now that youve seen it up close youve seen the detail work. I want to show you guys how amazing the formulas are my base and concealer are on so were going to dive on in and play around with these products. I want you guys to see them in action. The first item im gon na use, is the brow pencil were gon na go ahead, were gon na fill in these browns were gon na, make them nice and sculpted, but fluffy and pretty this formula is really nice. It glides so well. If the packaging doesnt feel cheap, its very sturdy, its kind of its a metal now were going to diffuse this inner portion of the brow. Again, we want natural. Now that is an effortless brow and i didnt have to apply a lot of pressure. I really really like this so im happy to have backups of it and what i like the most is that its a two in one, so you receive it already filled with your products like you get your little pencil in there, but once its over you have A refill im gon na dive on in to their powder, which im really excited about and look it comes with a cute little powder puff its green guys.

Their packaging is everything. Is this not beautiful, so well made and sturdy and has such beautiful intricate detail? It is insane to me im going to grab this ive already applied. My concealer im going to go in with the para la dis, and you guys know i dont necessarily set my entire face. So, im only going to set the areas where i need some setting, which would be this little area here of the nose and then the so like the v area here, thats, nice and light it sets it kind of adds some luminosity, but at the same time, Its not super bright and in your face and this powder is so finely milled you feel like you – have nothing at all on your skin gon na blur your pores and diffuse texture, which is beautiful, too see heres the thing their packaging is so amazing. You guys saw this close up right, look the detail, the carving in every single shade and the thing about it is i if i touch it, im going to like mess it up, and this is like a collectors piece, its so beautiful, but i want to touch It because i want to do my makeup with this, so i am going to use an angled brush. This is a bk, an angie, hot and flashy collab. Im going to i love you youre, so pretty im going to dip in to the bronzing shade now im going to do one side.

That way, you can see what it looks like on my skin. It has a satin finish so its not this weird flat matte. So it adds that shading to your skin, allowing you to contour without being too heavy or muddy this side, as you guys can see, i have the three going on has been sculpted and then this one has not. So, of course, you see that this side of my face is way more lifted were going to go ahead and balance it out im going to return to the palette, but i definitely want to try this blush because its like a cream to powder it sets beautifully On the skin, i am going to do it one side with my finger, the other side im going to do it with the brush, so you guys can see – and you guys know, ive been into the cream blush lately. But i dont like that tacky feeling, in the end very very pigmented, and it already has a wash of some gold in it. So if you want to skip highlighter, you can okay, on the other side, were gon na use the finger. This is a beautiful blush to own. Now. What i loved about this palette is you have a little bit of a setting powder, you have your bronzer, you have a blush and you have a highlight. I use the blush already and ive already set my skin with the other powder, but were going to dip into the highlight.

This is definitely going to give you that glass. Like effect, i am so excited to show you guys the eyeshadow palette, okay. So before i dive on into the eyeshadow palette, lets hydrate my lips because im between whether i want to use the actual bullet, lipstick or if i want to dive in with the um liquid, lipstick theyre, both so pretty so i still cant decide which shade i Want to use here is the lip balm. I showed you guys. A close up very very nice smells a little minty, but nothing too heavy or too strong, and i love that it comes with a little like uh applicating spoon. Clearly, im gon na do one of these and then ill blend it in with my finger when im telling you they did not cheap out on packaging their packaging, even for the lip balm is beautiful. Now were gon na go into the palette. Is she not pretty? Oh, my god, i gave you guys a close up already so now i can dive on grabbing a fluffy brush. I am going to dip into wow. All these shades are so freaking, pretty okay, im going to dip into this shade here. My lids are already primed. Were just going to apply the eyeshadow all over the crease i dont know what should i create? What should i create guys? You guys im gon na feature this again in maybe one or two more videos, because i want to do a look with the lavender.

I want to do a look with the blue. I want to do a few looks with this: its beautiful with the very same brush im going to dip in to the deep brown in the palette im going to concentrate that on the outer corner. Most of the pigment and then once most of the pigment is kind of like sitting in this outer area. Im going to drag forward now keep in mind ive only dipped into the brown once i feel like. I want to take some of that brown and kind of drag that on the bottom, outer portion of the eye a little bit and then with an eyeshadow brush. Im going to dip into this beautiful champagne, which would work so nicely as a highlight too, we are going to apply that on the inner corner, all right, guys, ive, moved on and removed the lip balm which im really liking. Now i have to choose a lippy. The thing is they sent me three different lippies here is color number one heres the thing, though they sent over another shade its a little more in the nudie, like a brown nudie im going to show it to you guys now, and it does also come with A little tassel, it came with a little tassel. I havent attached it to this product. Quite yet, this one is a little more unlikely brownie nude, but youre still getting beautiful intricate detail within the lipstick itself.

I dont know which one i want to apply were going to go red. Why? Because we have two, i love the mechanism. It has like a little like key thing, which is really cute its a keyhole right, its different, like you have to press, and then it just comes up. I feel so bad. I dont want to like mess with any of the detail, because its definitely going to smudge once it goes on, but you already know i just need to do this, so were gon na apply her that feels so comfortable its matte, but not in a drying way. Its just comfortable and i think, having applied the lip balm earlier, it just really helps the situation because you guys know i have like some of the worst dry lips, but this is not emphasizing it at all. The look is turned out so pretty i dont even know what else to say. I am literally at a loss for words. Not only the packaging is everything the detail, the artistry behind it, the work that you can tell they put into not only their formulas but their packaging as well. I am so happy and grateful to flourishes for not only sponsoring the video but also sending these goodies to me for me to actually own as part of my collection. Every single item is going to be displayed on this side of my studio because its just beautiful and these are all statement pieces.

These are all items that deserve to be displayed. You guys will see these more in upcoming videos, because i know for a fact. I want to create some fun looks with them, which of the items that ive featured in this video.