They can pull and tug and just not clean your face, but is that actually true its something? I share all the time, but i decided i want to put that to the test. I want to test double cleansing side by side, makeup, wipes and see what residue is actually left on our skin. If any, are these as terrible as we have been led to believe, lets, put double cleansing to the test alongside these makeup wipes by using a woods lamp, basically dermatology grade uv light, as well as my pores and um science. Double cleansing is very popular and it is the premise of using something like an oil based bomb to remove sunscreen and heavy makeup and then using a regular cleanser, maybe even an acne treatment cleanser to cleanse the skin to give your skin a targeted, active, an antioxidant Or just to make sure that its clean and as someone who struggled with acne all my life, a lot of my acne was from not washing my face properly and having dirt and debris and basically dead. Skin cells stuck on my pores on my face, causing issues that led me to break out, but sad confession. I used to heavily rely on makeup wipes because i did not know about double cleansing. I literally have target hauls that are still live on this channel, where im talking about the neutrogena makeup, wipes that i love so much and im sitting there with a full face of breakouts, because newsflash 20 year old cassandra that just wasnt working for you and a Lot of other people still use these literally kim kardashian and her kin.

Promo video started off her entire video by removing her makeup with makeup wipes like a lot of people still use these, and we always hear about how terrible they are and why double cleansing is so much better. But i had to ask myself cassandra: are you just sitting in an echo chamber? Are you just parroting all of the things that you have heard thus far so, instead of just believing that makeup wipes are terrible, lets put them to the test lets see if they are actually convenient and helpful and remove everything off the skin, maybe even better than Double cleansing, or are they even worse than we previously thought and as a critic and a skeptic? I wanted to check my own bias blind spots, so lets take the double cleanse versus the makeup wipes and a uv light lets put them to the test today and to assist me in conducting this experiment. I have myself a wood slab now. What is a woods? Lamp, you may ask well great question: this is actually a device used in dermatology that literally shoots uv light at the skin, and it helps doctors and dermatologists visualize things such as fungal infections, such as irregularities in the skin and even different pigmentation disorders like vitiligo. Even things like porphyrin, if you do have acne, which im high spoiler alert, i do this is basically a uv light with a magnifier. This is super fancy super fun, super wonderful for visualizing those things in a dermatology clinic, but it also works on uv makeup which, yes, i ordered from amazon.

It has arrived and i am ready to put it on my face and someone elses face, because you know why have friends when they could be guinea pigs, so lets cover my face and doriss face in this uv makeup. Lets use a double cleanse to remove half of the face and then lets use makeup wipes to remove the other half afterwards. When it looks all clean to the eye were going to visualize it with the woods lamp to see. Is there any uv makeup left over to see if the makeup wipes are actually that bad or if theyre, terrible and worse than we thought or if the double cleansing sucks or if its great i i dont know, what do you think is gon na happen? Is it really worth it to double cleanse just because its a popular trend, doesnt necessarily mean its right and are makeup wipes really that terrible i mean they are convenient. Maybe these are unsung heroes that weve just been. You know given a bad rap to so. Instead of just perpetuating these things that we hear in the industry, it is officially time to put them to the test: Music, okay, okay, Music santa looks like she just did makeup for the first time. You do me when i found my moms makeup. You know Music. Oh, my gosh Music – oh my god, thats crazy, dude, Music. Well, these are some looks so now its time to pull back our hair and remove it side by side and see how this actually pans out.

Everybody does this to the test? Yes, okay, never been steadier. Im going to use a makeup wipey on the righty and a double cleanse on the left, so im going to actually kind of section off my face im going to start with my oat bottom cleanser im going to get a nice squirt because theres a lot of Makeup on the face and im just going in Music like so and the whole thing behind a double cleanse is that that first cleanse is supposed to break down dirt oil, waterproof makeup, etc, and then the second one is supposed to give you any treatments that you Need and then remove anything excess that wasnt removed in the first place i mean i feel, like thats, pretty double clean for first ones: Music, thats, a good oat bomb cleanser. I must say getting all that stuff off. I think now that ive done this first cleanse im going to do this second cleanse. This is the hyaluronic acid cleanser, its nothing special, but its just a good one and i usually feel clean after i use it so im, hoping that it will clean off my face, but im not exactly sure um. This is some heavy stuff, as you can see its still a little in my hairline, but thats, okay, Music. This cleanser hits hard like it goes. All right now were going to towel dry and so far that looks clean right yeah. I think you did a pretty good job, they got all over all of your makeup.

Our man is a little bit back here. Okay, we tried to double cleanse, it looks clean, looks like youre going together. I am going to switch up the makeup wipes. I was going to use these, but i realized i dont want them to dry out and be in. You know wrong things i actually like theyre fragrance free theyre for emergencies. Theyre big lets use one of these. I actually do like these. I just dont like makeup wipes, so lets try these so on this side we will do a wipe Music. I mean this is a lot faster Music, so i mean take a look at this. It looks like ive removed. Everything from both sides see a little bit of pink, maybe on the makeup wipe side on your cheek. I know thats, just my cheek, oh erythema, from really yeah. Okay, i mean, i see nothing Music, all right, so i have just a little bit of a skin patch here, thats just what i have but overall like if i looked at this id be like. Oh, she has no makeup on shes ready to go to bed right right and i feel super clean, so lets see how well this actually did its job. So is it bad? Oh, my god wait. Is it bad? I see the residue on both sides, more so on the makeup website, but oh wow, its all around the edges of your face, especially especially your eye yeah too youre, never supposed to look at a woods lamp because it is uv.

So please keep that in mind. That is very, very important, but i need to see what this looks like for myself. Oh, that is so bad. Oh my god! Oh my god. I forgot a spot here. I forgot some here. Oh this eye is still totally white. Oh, my god, this is so bad! Oh, my god, look at inside of my pores, oh my god, its like in my skin, its like in my pores, whereas this one its like not its not in there its absolutely all over here, its like it didnt remove it from inside of my pores. This is unreal. Oh my god, though yo thats, so Music, bad, okay, ready now were going to turn off the lights. Oh, we caught it its, not bad. Oh my god, its that bad yeah. Oh my god, i really got in there. I tried so hard thats crazy. I dont have very oh my gosh its on this side too. You you, it looks like mardi gras just threw up all over the way. It is worse on the makeup website. Take a look: oh my god, whoa whoa, i tried so hard and i did such a worse job than you, thats, so crazy and in the end it didnt even matter so children. What did elmo learn today? Makeup wipes good job, but honestly its not just the makeup wipes that are bad. This entire pseudo experiment actually kind of shocked me because, yes, double cleansing was better, but it wasnt flawless and it goes to show how much stuff is really left behind.

If we dont cleanse our skin well and when you think about it, if thats like sunscreen or skincare, that youre wearing throughout the day sure. But what, if thats, dirt and grime what? If you went swimming in something? What, if you applied heavy makeup or something that, on the skin, clogs your pores again makeup doesnt, necessarily cause acne or certain skin conditions. But if you have sensitivities especially to certain minerals or something like gold, that could be in cosmetics and thats like getting into your skin, i dont know gold is okay in some skincare and makeup. I actually like it in some skincare, but it can cause allergies and then theres red number 40, which can cause some people to break out. This was really surprising and we know that makeup wipes are not a number one choice, but i will always give credit where credit is due and in an emergency in a pinch for someone who has a different ability or a disability for someone who doesnt want to Walk over to the sink and youre not going to do your skincare routine, if its not in a sack of wipes or if youre traveling, as caroline hiron said, theyre for fannies festivals and emergencies, and they do have a place in a gym. Skincare routine. But really the double cleanse is where its at, but i think that what this has overall taught me is that, even with a double cleanse, you need to do your due diligence.

You know follow nye the golden rx and do that 60. Second, cleanse rule make sure that youre actually caring for your skin kind of get by that hairline and just you know, do your due diligence and you know on the flip side of that coin. Remember that perfect doesnt exist. Caring for your skin is about caring for it not being perfect, not scrubbing everything until its overly clean, and i could definitely see you know an experiment like this im, so glad that these are not readily available to consumers. This is a professional, literally a dermatology device, and i think they use it in veterinary offices as well, but that can cause a lot of anxiety in some people. You know thinking that your face is dirty or having that perception, and i want to remind you that if you psychologically feel that way go see, a therapist go see a psychodermatologist and speak about that, because its natural for our skin to always have something its. Not about being perfect its not about being clean its about doing the best, with what weve got and trying to make sure that it works for us long term. I also wonder if other cleansers or other brands of makeup wipes would have slight or subtle differences. I feel like this was a really good experiment, especially seeing it both on my face and on doriss face. I felt like that was really interesting just to see the way.

Maybe we cleanse our faces differently. Overall, it was a pretty shocking. What would i say, an electrifying experience? I definitely learned a few things about my my pretty pores and thats. All i have to say about that. Subscribe. Like the video tell us what other bathroom countertop science you want, im waiting and reading the comments, reapply that spf wash it off at the end of the day, do not look directly at the uv lights protruding from the woods limp. With your bare eyes, i cant wait to see you in this next video.