This channel is all about product review and tips on skincare. If youre new to this channel, please consider subscribing and dont forget to click on the notification bell so that youll be referred to be notified on any time i post a new video and to my old lovely subscribers, youre welcome back. Thank you guys for staying tuned to this channel. You guys are super amazing. You keep this channel going. You guys broke, feel free. Follow me on my other social media platform, at abilene, cosmetic, on instagram and also on tik tok. I sell skin care products ranging from skin supplement, whitening iv, raw material and my own personal skin care products. If you want to show me some love by patronizing me, please replacing my whatsapp link down the description section now in my previous video. I talked about the wonder of this magical. Vaseline journey messenger has been used by lots of family for more than 150 years. In my previous video, i also talked about that in my next video, which is this video ill, be showing you how to use faceclean jelly to fade out. Stretch mark to treat stretch marks vaseline daily has has amazing benefits, so many, so many amazing benefits. So in this video i want to show you how you can use vaseline jelly to fit stretch mark now lets head to my workstation Music. I want you workstation today ill be showing you how you can use vaseline petroleum jelly to fade out your stretch mark.

Do you have stretch marks – and you just want a simple remedy – that you can just use to fade out this trademark without you spending so much money so today i want to show you how you can use vessel vaseline petroleum jelly to fade out stretch man. Now this is the first lean petroleum jelly. We are going to be using vaseline blue seal vaseline blue seal original petroleum jelly. Now this product can be found in any supermarket around nigeria. Its very very common, investing is not what you just you know is not what is so difficult to see around supermarket, so you can get vaseline jelly, not necessarily this big size. You can get a small size, but for this video illustration ill be taking a tablespoon. Two tablespoon of this vaseline jelly ill just give this remedy once i finish to my little, causing that hair stretch mark that visited me its actually because of how im actually making this or this this particular practical for today now the next item i want to be Using is vitamin e if youve been following my video, you will know that i like using vitamin e a lot. It helps prevent your skin from environmental damage and it helps to moisturize the skin. Now this is a measuring cup. This is 30ml, but ill just be taking little quantity. Now this particular video im not going to measure im not going to measure because all the products im using are lightweight products theyre, just nice products that that product that you can just use there feel free to use them as you like now, this is vitamin itll.

Just be taking little vitamin e, it helps to moisturize the skin and helps to prevent our skin from environmental damage. Now just take a little of it and im going to pour into this now. The next item i want to be using for this video. The next item i want to be using for this video is avogadro oil, daisa avocado oil thats. What i want to be using for this video now this will help tone up the skin a bit. If you have stretch marks around your left area and that area is so dark with the use of this avogadro area, it will help tone it a bit, and this oil helps to really really moisturize the skin. It helps to hydrate the skin. It helps to protect our skin from skin damage. Now it does a lot of. In fact, avogadro does a lot of beautiful benefits to the skin, so ill be taking much of this avogadro oil, because i like avogadro so much, i love avogadro, so much ill be taking up to 15 ml of it now. Another thing why people have stretch mark is that the body doesnt get a lot of moisture the body doesnt get enough moisture the body doesnt get enough. Hydration the body doesnt get enough moisture to help. Keep that part of the skin softly thats. Why you see that from the skin doesnt build up elasticity because of lack of moisture on that area because of lack of hydration on that area, so im putting a lot of avogadro oil to help soften that part and to help keep that part of the skin.

Brighten is the glycerin oil. Now you can see glycerin oil glycerin is a super duper hydrating oil that helps to locking moisture into our skin so use best. If youve used glycerin oil for any remedy, what benefit did you give to your skin so feel free? I said watch this video comment on my comment section. If you view the vagado or youve used vitamin or you just feel free comment on my comment section so im going to be using also a lot of glycerin, oh youll be taking 15 ml of glycerin oil. I cant get from this because this is 30. This is 30 ml of this. This measurement is 30, so ill be taking 15 ml of it feel free. These oils are all carrier oils that can be blended now, im going to blend this thing for it to mix together. Like i told you a little cousin of my camp visiting, i decided to just make this little natural remedies, little remedy that she can find and ill give her all this to take back to school. So she doesnt have to spend much making stretch mark remedy for her lives, and the truth about is that this works, it works, thats been tested and it has been trusted. It works vesting, helps to keep our skin hydrated then, including this carrier oil that i just included to it. They help to keep the skin moisturized. They help to keep the skin hydrated.

We are by reducing stretch, marks on that area and im blending this so that it blends together and makes the vaseline soft and make, as you apply on your skin, it absorbs deeply into the skin as of lifting into the skin and helps to feed. That stretch. Mark now, what im going to tell you is that this is not an immediate remedy. You have to be patient when stretching the stretch mark. You have around your body area because it took out making its coming out so smooth so clean. Now you see once you apply on your skin, it just helps to absorb deeply. Some people complain about the thickness of vaseline jelly, but adding this carrier oil to it just makes it soft makes it amazing im just going to be taking a little of it and apply on my skin. For you to see that you just see it just absorbs absorb deeply, because ive added carriers, oil into it, just absorb easily absorb deeply into my skin, hello, beautiful people. If you know youre going to make this video, i just sent to you and youre, just media and youre still going to use. It feel free comment on my comment. Section tell me youre going to make this video. It is an amazing home remedy, its an amazing way, ready you can just use at home even for your teenage daughter that is beginning to develop stretch mark now. If you find this video helpful, please like subscribe and share.