How are you all doing? How are you doing? Have you missed me? I miss you guys too. I hope youre puppy. I know youre popping. Yes, i know youre popping if youre popping. Let me know in the comment section just say: i am poppy because i know youre popping okay, so in todays video, as you can see, ive got my makeup done, but what is missing here, my hair? Okay. So today i will be installing my hair from where so guys in todays video ill be installing hair from beautiful princess hair. Before i proceed, i want to really say thank you so much for the love for the comment. I appreciate you guys. I love you guys. This is for you guys, wow, beautiful right, okay, guys, this hair did not come like so okay, this head do not come like so ive prepped this hair, and i put it back in this net. Okay, im going to show you guys how this hair comes and how i prep it before i put in this net. Okay, so stay tuned, the hair came like so in this beautiful pack. I have to prep it of course. Yes, why not? You have to prep your hair before you wear your hair, okay, okay, you guys, for your side, part to lay really well. You have to really what you have to really hot comb it. So this is what im doing here. I did hot comb beads, so the hair is gon na be looking about popping, so i plugged the hair, i pat the hair, because i want this beautiful side part.

Also i put on an elastic band. I apply powder, so its looking more brown. You know the hair is uploaded. Looking nice and look at the hair. The hair is popping and ready to install. So this is the hair here people so after i prep it, i put it back in here. My light is fluctuating. I dont know why. So after i prep it, i put it back in here thats. What i did. Let me show you guys: beautiful, beautiful hair from beautiful princess hair, theyre all nicely prepped, nice and ready for me to pull on. So let me put it on you guys, comment down below. All i can say is this. Wig is popping like look at that. Like look at that im. Looking cute, i am slaying. Okay, beautiful princess hair is beautiful. Okay, let me show you guys here so beautiful. Okay, let me bring it forward, so you guys can see the length. Let me go back so beautiful. Like i said yeah, i prep this hair. So this is why its sitting nicely like so okay, so you need to prep your hair. Some of you complain that when you buy your hair doesnt sit properly its because its from the park straight from the pack. So you guys this hair is so beautiful. Like look at this, so nice beautiful, i love it so so much and i love the hair quality as well. Look how its flowing like look.

Look, how its flowing just look at this look at this hair. I love the texture. I love the density, its really flowing really well like girl. You need this hair in your life. Like look im popping like look at this hair feels so good like so now were going to cut the excess lace off like look at that, so this is my lace front two. What lace this is my scalp, you guys straight wig. It is im gon na be rocking the straight hair glueless straight hair, wig thats it for this hair from beautiful princess hair. Make sure you guys show me some love in the comment section. If you want to see more of my review, videos, please show me some love show me a lot of love in the comments section. So so i can come more often, okay, i love you guys so much. Thank you for the love. Thank you for this support. Make sure you guys check out beautiful, princess, hair, okay, okay, and let me know what you think about my hair. If you think im popping, i love my hair. I also love my red lipstick as well yeah, so, yes, thats it beautiful princess hair. I love it. I love love, love it.