This is one of the first kind of multi chromes. They have launched, they have some duochrome shades and then they also have one multi comb called electric unicorn and that one is like an iridescent multichrome and i did use that one and i paired it with like a palette in a tutorial in a previous video. So i really wanted to try these two shades because they are absolutely beautiful. Theyre. Definitely some of my favorite kinds of colors to wear and you can see them on my lids right now and i noticed that they were doing little cute quads. So its like three matte eyeshadows and the multi chrome in like a little palette, so i bought the bundles because i really actually like the assortment of the mattes to pair with the multi chrome. I think its really well curated, and so i thought itd be fun to kind of feature both of the quads. So this one is called a dragon blood and its like a darker black based, almost multi chrome, but it doesnt seem to quite have a black base. Its just a definitely darker color, and i will do swatch comparisons to these two multi chromes, of course, and then the next bundle is with the shade xenon, which is the lighter the lighter shade on my other, which is more of a pastel multicomb. You could really share it out or you could get it to be a little bit more opaque, especially layering it over these kinds of tones.

I really just love the pastel vibes in here, especially with the multichrome, i think its super fun. I believe that both of these multi chrome shades are about 22. I dont think theres really like many coupon codes uh. I think i was able to find a ten percent off coupon, but they are discounted if they come in this bundle. So if you were like interested in the multicomb as well as the matte, so that way like you, dont, have to think about the mats you want to pair with from your collection, then thats definitely an option, and these are all larger pens. So you do get quite a bit of product which might not really matter to everyone. I think i mean whos finishing up eyeshadows these days, so that is something to keep in mind because there are some multi chromes out there that are less than 22. that are smaller pans but, on the other hand, theres also 26 millimeter pants with about one and A half grams of product that are twenty dollars, so i get something to consider but lets get right into the two looks and ill give you some my thoughts at the end of the video xenon at the top below that is corn, flour from glenman and trixx Cosmetics and below that is shine me a kaleidoscope from touchy glam beauty, so these are all pretty much almost identical. I do feel like xenon has more of a colorful base to it.

So while i try to build up the other two shades, they just theyre just lighter in tone. They do look very similar this way. But if but an angle you can see that xenon is just a bit darker, but otherwise, if you have one of these, you definitely dont need any more. Next up is dragonblood and then trefoil from cleona, then jd glow seaweed, then exosphere from davina and biome from menagerie cosmetics. So i thought dragons blood is going to be an exact dupe to trefoil, but you can see. The tone straight on is different, its actually closer to biome, but i do think that the shift is a little bit stronger in dragon blood than in biome and its just a little bit more of a vivid, blue and also it does seem just a little bit. Darker, like i think that biome has a much lighter base, while they are still both dark and then exosphere and seaweed are basically identical. Definitely very close. Dupes priming with the soft ochre paint pot from mac cosmetics, taking lemonade and im, going to put that right into the crease, then im taking sunny and blending it right into the edge go back into limeade and just blending these two together. I dont know when i feel like it kind of like darkened up where they met. Do you see like right there taking star boy on this unearthly cosmetics brush that i just got? It is uc 8.

5. Its a lot to remember im, definitely glad i didnt put on foundation yet quite a bit of fallout. I might have picked up too much, though im just kind of packing that on an angle out here and then i think, im going to go back in with sunny and just blend that edge out with that lets, see im going to go. I wiped off my brush a little bit and im just kind of trying to fix whatever this situation is happening like right here back in with sunny yeah. I dont know what it is. Just something happened there i feel, like i dont know if its translating on camera, but it just looks really weird there its like stuck down. Could i try a different eyeshadow primer on the other eye, just going back in with the dark blue? It is a really nice dark, blue and its super pigmented. Sometimes if you just go over it like a lot and put on put down a little bit more pressure, it will blend eventually, but its doing some like weird. Do you see that i really hope its translating its just really weird all right im just going to leave it like that im going in with the gim me glow, glow, harder, glitter and shimmer primer and im actually going to take it on a brush. So lets see, do i have a brush? There is an earthly cosmetics brush. This one is the eight brush and its just gon na go all over the lid almost so that im not dirtying up the doe foot applicator.

I usually like to tap over these kinds of primer, just to really make sure i take any excess off and make sure that its tacky, so next im going in with the dragons blood, oh its so beautiful, it looks like its gon na be really sparkly wow. That feels extremely smooth in the pan. It looks way different in the viewfinder than it looks like at the angle that im looking down at it – oh thats, beautiful, thats, so beautiful. I really love that im just going to take it all the way over here kind of blend it out a little bit im going to take a little bit on the this brush and just kind of blend it in. I do feel like i lost some of the green up here, so im gon na go back in with the blending brush and just a little bit of the green and also blend the edge of the shimmer. A little bit im just gon na miss the blue, and i mean the green in there yeah. I dont really know whats going on over here, but its really not cute. It almost makes me want to redo it im going to finish this look up with star boy on this brush from earthly cosmetics, its nice and angled, but its not like, like a liner brush its definitely more of a blending brush, but its really perfect size to Get an under here! I really like it.

Im gon na go in with just a little bit more over here Music and then i think, im gon na go in with the bright green right underneath right. Next to that, and then the yellow, i think, was called sunny im really not great at remembering shade names i feel like. I need an inner corner highlight, but i dont have one here. Oh yes, i do im gon na use electric unicorn as the inner corner highlight look at this beauty. It looks way more green once you actually use it im spraying it with a little bit of water just so that its its a little bit more like solid. Oh thats, so perfect. These two are a great match. The black based multichrome with this multi chrome lets, take a look at the shift rhyming with the gim me glow, eyeshadow primer. This one is the white shade im going to use this cindy grace brush to blend it out kind of just tapping it down. I wasnt filming this whole time, but i put mojito on the inner portion of my lid wink in the center and electric purple on the outer corner, and i do have some patchiness going on. Theres also seems to be some sort of like darkening of the matte shadows once they hit the primer, which im not sure if its translating and im going in with the glow harder shadow all over. The lid were really here for the multi crumbs anyways, and this is a pretty simple look anyway.

So im not about to wipe this off so im, going in with xenon im just putting it over the shade feels uh different than the dragon blood one. It just feels a little bit more flaky and so shes putting that all over the lid. It is a really gorgeous shade and i wore this all day. I definitely had a little bit of creasing with it, but it wasnt really that bad going in with electric purple on a an earthly cosmetic six brush and just connecting the outer corner with that and then going in with wink and just reflecting what i did on The lid i cant believe i didnt have the camera on and then with the shade and then mojito under the rest of my lash line, im actually going to go back in with wink a little bit. I have a little bit of fallout. I want to take a tiny bit of xenon im, just going to put it with my finger on the inner corner, since it is kind of translucent a little bit so just kind of extending. I definitely took it way too far. Okay, dont be like me, so so first im going to talk about the dragon blood quad. I really again love the colors in here. I think this is such a cute curated little palette. Both of these. I dont want to keep repeating myself, but just to stress how much i love the shades that they chose.

I feel like this is exactly what i would have chosen for this kind of this kind of multi chrome shade. I would also pair like a really really dark green for the outer corner, but the blue is really nice and its just like really like springy and fun. As for the multi chrome, it is extremely silky smooth, really really beautiful and super super shiny. Like really really shiny, some of the shiniest that ive seen um that are like this kind of multi chrome. They actually remind me of the multi chromes from electrum, the black based ones, that i tried in the ascendant palette, as well as the nikiak joy pigments, actually like its that level of shine in cleona, of course, as well. So so, if you dont already have a shade like this, because there theres so many brands at this point that have this kind of color its really just about formula, and if you of course want a really giant pan of it. If you love green. As for the mats, ive said this before, but im not really the biggest fan of gim me glow mats. I had a really hard time with the bad witch club and overall, i do feel like i really have to baby their mac, but i knew that buying this quad with the mats that i would. There was a huge chance that i might not really like love. The math these shades perform more like the vivid rose and the uh.

What is that olive palette? I can dirty martini. I can never remember what that green olive palette is called the mattes in there give me a little less trouble overall. The gim me glow mattes are just theyre like really they feel really dry and they tend to not layer the best i had just a little bit of like a weird issue with the dark dark blue, but the yellow and green seem really nice giving glow mattes. Definitely do not lack in pigmentation theyre, always super super pigmented its just not my preferred formula. There are plenty of people that love their formula. So if you do love their formula – and this is something youre interested in then i would recommend it for you so keeping in mind that what doesnt work for me might work for you and vice versa, so on to the xenon quad again, i love the pastel Tone in here super super cute. I definitely have a shade like this already of the multi chrome, really beautiful, multi chrome. It does feel different in texture. I really love the shade. It gives me that sparkle, that shift and the layer ability is something that i really just enjoy with these kinds of shades again the mattes kind of similar to the other quad, not the biggest fan. I have experienced ive used these mats two times now and ive experienced kind of issues both times. I feel like the first time i used them.

It wasnt as bad, but theres. Definitely some patchy issues, theres also some like oxidization happening im, not really sure. Let me know in the comments below, if thats something you noticed and experienced, because im really curious if it was just a primer or if its just user error. I would probably next time i use these. I wouldnt really try to blend them next to each other or together. I would really just be like placing them or just use them kind of one at a time and then layer, the xenon shade over these shades. So this is a cute spring summer palette, where you just want to throw something in the crease that is nice and colorful and then and then a beautiful sparkly shimmer all over the lid. So, overall, like i really like the shimmers, i just im not the biggest fan of the mattes, and i knew that going into it. So its totally on me im honestly, probably not really going to be buying more yummy glow mattes. I just feel like it just they take way too much effort for me personally to what i even reach for them. Im gon na keep trying them out on different eyeshadow primers. I have tested that previously and they do seem to work the best on the p. Louise paint, so not the uh, not the like more wet one, but the one that kind of sets down. They do tend to work on that one the best, but it does still give you a little bit of trouble.

So let me know if you love give me glow mattes, what kind of eyeshadow primers use underneath them so thats everything for this video. I really hope that you enjoyed it. Let me know in the comments below, if you have any of these quads, do you have any of these shimmers? What do you think of them and if you enjoyed the video dont forget to give it a thumbs up if youre new to my channel? I would love it if you subscribe theres, so much really cool content, lots and lots of tutorials with multi chromes upgrading my channel and much more to come. You dont want to miss out.