Thank you so much for coming back to my channel, so in todays video im going to be featuring camellia cosmetics products. So i have a bunch of their products right here, so i have a bunch of their products right here and i am so very excited to try out these. They are mostly in many sizes. I dont know what took me so long to try out these camilo cosmetics, its been on my mind. I was like. I want to try it, but should i buy it, should i not buy it yeah that kind of fight within myself? First of all, i have their mermaid skin flawless filter foundation. It has spf 35 infused with vitamin c camellia oil peach, flower, oil and green tea extract from the website. It says that this filter foundation has anti aging medium coverage foundation with a demi matte finish, so its medium and buildable, probably mermaid skin foundation, makes skin, look and feel healthy, plum and hydrated. The poor, blurring and luminous finish will give you an instant flawless effect. The other product that i have is temptress lash maximizer. This is their mascara, the only mascara that they have quick view about this mascara. This volumizing lengthening super conditioning mascara made with four lash. Loving ingredients will take your eye look from basic to bougie in a matter of coats. Instead achieve your longest thickest luterius lashes with temptress lash maximizer super excited to try out this mascara. I am all about mascara in this.

You know the other product that i have is their fantastic cheek enhancer. This is their blush. I have in the shade sandstone04 from the back of this packaging. It says that this pigmented finely mill matte powder, blush blends seamlessly onto skin, to enhance your whole look with a natural healthy glow, so it is recommended to apply with big fluffy brush for best result. Such a beautiful box packaging right here and i heard lots of good reviews about this product. Last but not least, i have their mermaid matte lip cream its in the shade dolphin tips right here. They recommend us to exfoliate lips three times per week with a lip scrub and prep lips with a lip balm prior to use. Probably it has kind of like super matte textures, so it is advised to plum lips with lip balm or lip primer. I already have prep my skin with moisturizer, with the primer, its just that i dont apply any sunscreen im not planning to go out right now. It is in a night time. By the way, this will be a try on review. So im not going to be doing any wear tests. If you want it, please let me know in the comment section below: maybe you want to know how far the foundation will go throughout the day. So, just let me know the shade, for this foundation is vanilla. Its in mini size, so i love the idea of this brand.

They came up with mini size packaging. It really encouraged people to try out their product. It has pink color of cap which is so cute and close to the heart of young girl or woman. They have punk okay, Music. There you go im, not sure how much palm is this if its from full size packaging but lets just, do, i think its adequate for now, okay, thats, how this looks like i think it will match with my skin tone, lets do on this side. It smells so nice yeah, it has kind of like fruity scent. It is peach extract from what it mentioned in the packaging. You have peach flower oil as usual damp sponge easily blend. With this time sponge. I love the shade, so beautiful so suitable with my skin tone. It has neutral undertone, which is good, because i am in a neutral undertone okay, that was it its so so natural easily blend with this dab sponge, and you guys can see clearly the difference between this part and this part Music. It evens out my skin tone and i feel that some part of my blemishes – they are kind of blurred out and corrected by this foundation. Okay lets do another coverage. For this part, i guess this is like one pump from full size bottle of camellia foundation, because this is in many size. I could not really measure from this kind of packaging, but roughly it is one pump from full size of packaging Music.

Okay. Now i know why people are obsessed with this foundation. It makes my skin looks. Natural looks healthy. Yes, it is not in full coverage its like medium coverage, and it is buildable. I love it for now. I really do comfortable with this texture, its not really tacky its, not heavy, very lightweight yeah. It is not totally in matte finish. Luckily, i picked the shade vanilla. I was about to take or picked up the shade, a little bit darker than this, because i dont trust swatches from website yeah. I really do have hard time to really choose the right one. Most of times i tend to make a wrong decision. I guess i dont need any concealer, because my scars are very minor. I mean its not very dark for me to conceal it. Okay lets move on with other product, but before that i want to do my brows Music im gon na conceal a little bit on my under eyes, just a tiny bit: Music, no cream blush for todays video, because i want to test out their powder blush Music. I love the packaging, it has a magnetic closure. Okay, just like that again its in the shade sandstone very pigmented. This is such a nice shade for dark skin tone kind of nude peach color with deeper undertone. I guess i dont need to buff my brush too much on the product, so just lightly dab on this product. Just like that, it has mirror right here which is so good for traveling.

Okay, this is actually a gorgeous shade. I was thinking that it might be some kind of brown like too brown on my face, but its not. It is so pigmented which i have to lightly dab on the product. Thats the thing about pigmented blush, color, its so beautiful. I didnt expect that this reminds me of beautyra blush that ive tried before it has consistent pigmentation just like this easily blend, though, with the right technique, it will be easier for you. It does have a good smell as well lets proceed with their mascara. This is temperature, slash, maximizer, its so beautiful kind of like seashell. Okay, so lets take a look inside: okay, theres, a big bristles right. There lets do this Music, okay, that is one layer of this mascara chow mozi kit, a dusty just blurred out. Okay. This is one coat quite promising. I love the fact that it curl up my lash, but its very very natural lets proceed with the other eye Music. It really did curl up my lashes but its not totally or intensely curled. Yes, you do, but i can see the volume the volumizing effect of this mascara. I probably might want to apply one more layer so lets see. Has it dry or not its dry, so not bad fast drying. It is fast drying, one more layer, Music, its not clumpy. I like that. It really separates my lashes evenly and it gives volumizing effect that i want Music.

I think i love it its just that it doesnt give me that curl effect that i really really want, but its still acceptable with two layers application i cant get over with this foundation, its so good on my skin. It smells nice. It has kind of like calming feeling or calming scent from the peach flower oil. I hope im not sensitive to it. Lets have a review on their lip cream im feeling excited to try out this okay, i have prepped my skin with lip balm. Hopefully, it does great thing on my lips: this is in the shade delphin its in mini size super cute. I love the pattern on this packaging. Yes, the concept is mermaid right. This is how the texture looks like wow wow. I love this shape. Lets try on on the lips orangey and peachy at the same time, its more too orangey. I love the smell. I like the smell its, not like, really really dry on my lips right now. I love the texture honestly, so here you can see that its not fast drying. I still can see the silky texture, the velvety texture on the skin right here, so it does feel comfortable, velvety and beautiful. I couldnt say anything bad about this lipstick. I mean lip cream, it does feel good on my lips to be honest, lets transfer on the skin. This is so good, so here it is full face of camellia cosmetics, maybe its not 100 full face, but i use most of camila cosmetics product on my cheeks, on my face on my eyelashes and on my lips for now i can see that they are truly Good Music, i really want to know how much this foundation oxidized so lets just watch right here again, its the vanilla, okay, while waiting for it to oxidize a little bit more lets.

Do a recap on all the products that i have tried. Im gon na save the review of foundation for the last so lets just talk about the other products lets talk about this blush fantastic, cheek enhancer. I totally in love with the shape of this blush, and i love the pigmentation of this blush. I can see that its quite pigmented for blush texture – usually it shouldnt – be this pigmented. But the good thing about this is that we can just dip a little amount on this product and just dab or blend nicely on the cheeks. It will do good on your skin texture. It has to be on your loose powder, not on your foundation. Okay, bear in mind about that, because ive heard a lot of people doing this kind of mistake. They dont want to set the foundation with loose powder and then straight away. Using blush, you know, cream product and powder product cannot merge together. I kind of like lazy girl today im not doing any archie eyebrow look and im not doing any eye shadow color. Look. So this is for reviewing the mascara for you guys. Okay, lets talk about this mascara. This is temptress lash maximizer. I love the applicator of this, its big, but its so helpful. In curling up my lashes, big kind of bristles doesnt mean its not good, somehow help us a lot in curling up a bit more, so you know that i really do have hard time to curl up my lashes so with two times applications of this mascara.

It does help me a lot. Maybe it doesnt give curling effect that i want, but i think this is acceptable. Its natural, its not heavy, i dont, feel like my lashes – are sticky. You know one to another. I dont feel that way. So nice lightweight the third product is their lip cream. Mermaid matte lip cream. I thought the finish would be like totally matte on the lips, but its actually feel so comfortable its, not patchy its not too dry. So i did apply a lip balm underneath it just tiny bit of lip balm, but i think the texture of this lip cream is not that really matte, that we should worry about its the kind of matte lip cream that i want. So this foundation has been oxidized lets see the comparison between this watch and the fresh swatch right here. The good thing is that its not so liquidy. It reminds me of the texture of maybelline, matte and poreless foundation. The texture is kind of similar, so its the fresh swatch right here, its not much difference. I guess its like one time darker right. I guess we shouldnt worry too much about this foundation. I mean how much is oxidized, because i dont think it offers much difference with the first watch from what ive observed right now. The texture looks the same as the first application. I dont see any cracky texture on the face. I dont see any lines speaking through so thats, a good thing for now from what ive seen in this kind of lighting in this mirror Music all right.

Thank you so much for hanging out with me. Thank you so much for watching this review and to the end of it. I really do have fun playing with this camera cosmetics product most of them are really good. On my skin, i feel very happy trying out this product honestly. I know a lot of you guys have tried out their products. We can share our opinions together. Just comment down below so ill. See you guys in the next video with much more interesting makeup products to be review on. If you have any suggestions, let me know in the comment section below as well: dont forget to leave a thumbs up for this video and dont forget to subscribe to my channel as well ill. See you guys in the next video. Take good care of yourself ill.