Today i have this beautiful lipstick to try out. This is from the brand element and its the matte liquid lipstick in the shade miami – and i just got this in my june 2022 ipsy glam bag plus, so that unboxing video is up here on youtube if you havent seen it yet. But i am so excited about this because i love liquid lipsticks, but this packaging looks so gorgeous and this color looks so pretty definitely the type of shade that i would pick on my own. So i think ipsy did a great job with this one, and this is 18 retail value, its vegan cruelty, free, paraben, free gluten free, so lets go ahead and check out what the applicator looks like. Oh nice, just a classic small doe foot applicator. My next step is to see what it smells like. That is a very surprising smell. It smells fruity kind of smells like like a strawberry or like a watermelon, jolly rancher like more like a sour fruity, but yet still sweet smell smells so good. I love when my lip products have a really nice, like watermelon, scent thats, like my favorite type of scent for a lip product. I was not expecting this to smell like that im so excited the third step before applying it to my lips is to swatch it. So lets see how it looks: oh very fully pigmented and i love the look of this color im so excited now its finally time to apply it to my lips and lets see how it looks.

I love that just one swipe gives that full opaque, color. Okay, lipstick is applied, i really like the color, but for some reason, im not finding it to be, as flattering on me as i was expecting, maybe its because its more of a bold lip – and i need more of like a bold eye, look to balance it Out but the formula is so creamy, it almost has like a balm feel to it, which i was not expecting. I think its drying down, but its taking a little while to dry down, but it is smooth, opaque color that is so comfortable on the lips like it does not feel drying at all. It really does feel like im wearing a lip balm. It definitely is showing texture on my lips, like the lines in my lips are very visible. So, even though it feels very moisturizing like that balm feeling it doesnt look as smoothing and moisturizing as i would like, but it still looks even opaque, but i do feel like it has dried down now. So i want to see if theres any transfer, because its such a creamy feel i feel like theres, going to be a lot of transfer, but lets see oh wow. That is not as much transfer as i was expecting it all yeah. Just like a tiny bit of transfer lets see if it faded yeah its weird like where there is kind of the kiss mark its like fully come off.

So it looks like kind of patchy and uneven thats interesting, so i will have to touch it up, but its not like smudging, its not completely coming off, but its not really staying either ive, never really seen a liquid lipstick come off in patchiness like that, and When it comes to my favorite liquid lipsticks, i want them to be a long, lasting, absolutely no transfer like thats, my perfect liquid lipstick. So this is not perfect. Its nice lets see oh yeah, like the swatch, definitely still smudging and didnt fully dry down. So its definitely a little different, its pretty, but not my favorite yeah like just try to remove the kiss mark and its really smudging, so it definitely smudges and so its just not like the easiest to wear long, lasting, apply and forget about it. Type of lip product like im gon na, have to be aware to not smudge it that it is gon na transfer and im gon na have to reapply, but a lot of lipsticks are like that. So if youve tried this out, let me know what you think of it. Let me know how it works for you, because something about this i just feel like is different, but not necessarily in a good way, but im very curious how your experience is with this. So, thank you so much for watching my video today be sure to like comment and subscribe to my channel.