I do this video, so in todays video i will be sharing with you. The bro girl skincare guide, yes, products that are less than ten thousand naira if youre somebody that doesnt want to spend so much on in skincare, if you just want to glow moisturize and brighten your skin um. The products im going to mention here are very good for you and they are very affordable. Yes, so you dont need to worry, worry no more about spending. So much ive got you covered, especially if youre on the budget. Here once again, my name is eh. Chemela. Im, a skin enthusiast and a public health lover. So yes, if youre a varsity student, a university student, a college student, you just dont – want to break the bank. You dont want to spend so much. This video is for you dive right into todays. Video lets talk about skincare products that are under 10 000 era, if youre in nigeria. Yes, the book girl, skincare products 101. Yes, that is what i call it guys yeah. I need to share all you need to know the nitty gritty of every single thing so make sure you subscribe down below and give the video a thumbs up without further ado lets dive right into todays video subscribe subscribe subscribe. It is very important all right grab your popcorn get yourself. A glass of juice, sit back, relax and lets go on this journey, your notes pad and a pen number one.

Everybody should have known this by now. You need a liquid body wash or a bath soap. Yes, number: two: you need to get a body scrub, a very good bodies. Number three: you need a body lotion, a body cream. What you need a body, oil and number five. You need to get yourself a body spray or a perfume, something that would ah take your breath away. Yes, okay lets, say: youre going to shop right to casabella stores, to robin stores to any place of your choice, to buy something for your skin. So for a liquid body wash we have the dove caring body wash with vanilla and shea butter retails for 3850 naira. So for bar soaps, there are a lot of bus stops in the market. Yes, many planes can get any bus up of your choice for somebody that wants to brighten. You can try their santi papaya soup, which is around 600 naira or 1000 naira. You can also try the dove soap, which is around 1000 air. There are many soaps, the carotene soap. They are plenty just make your choice, the body scrub, the cheapest – that i can remember im telling you the things ive used. Is the yokos parcel the sachet form im going to leave the picture on the screen. For you to see it retails for about 1500, in her to 2000 era, yeah the body lotion, you can try as well the dough vampirin body lotion with shea butter and vanilla kind of like similar to the liquid body.

Wash i mentioned earlier. I have the media, cocoa butter, nourishing body lotion ranges from and 2850 higher. There are many body oils in the market. Yes, i have talked about here on this channel different body oils. We have the almond body oil. We have the jojoba body oil. These are natural body oils that are not harsh. They are not toxic. I made a video earlier and im going to leave the card to that video on top or down on the description box, so check out the video and watch that video to get more informed on the type of body on you to purchase all right. The oils can be between 3 500 naira or 2, 500 naira or sometimes even 1, 500 naira. So you know what you want: make your choice and make a smart choice. Now, moving on to the body sprays, you can get any body spray of your choice. You have to make sure youre getting a body mist for this space. There are many body sprays in the market. You can get your choice. Yes, um. The smart collection has a body spray made, a video talking about body, sprays and perfumes im going to leave a card of that video on top or down on the description box, so check it out to make your choice on the type of sweet, smell or body Spray you would want to get otherwise. There are so many in the market just make your choice and choose what you want.

You really need to get a body spray, because i mean you need to smell nice yeah. So you see with little amount of money. You can get a whole lot just for an affordable price. You can begin your skincare journey by achieving the four skincare steps which are exfoliating, repairing moisturizing and brightening your skin. Yes, you can achieve a whole lot of that with just a little amount of money. Okay, you dont need to break the bank, just make sure you tailor your skincare products according to your skin care needs right. Okay, so ill see you on another video dont forget to share comment and subscribe. Give the video a thumbs up and dont.