Thank you so much for clicking on this video. If you are new hi, my name is jarrell and in todays video were going to be trying some new products, like the huda beauty, concealer im, pretty sure that im going to put it on the thumbnail. But just in case i did not, we are going to be trying the lys and new cream bronzer. We also have some new products to me. Like the esterner foundation, we also have the new natasha donna primer. We have the new chanel bronzer and the most exciting part for me in particular, because i love blushes are these rms blushes? I have no idea about this brand. This is new to sephora and i wanted to pick up two shades and try with you guys so yeah so many good stuff, like did, i mention huda, beauty. Concealer yeah were going to be trying all of that good stuff, so lets go ahead and get started with the video, but before we do, please dont forget to like and subscribe to my channel. If you have not already and without further ado lets get on to the video Music all right, so the first thing that im going to try is this a new product from natasha denona, and it is called the high gen skin, glass, energizing and hydrating primer serum. I know that the skin glass part was a whole big deal about it, and i know that there is another company that is known for them to be called skin glass like they have some skin glass products.

So i know that that part is going to be taken out. I do want to just to address that because i am aware of that, but it is the high gen and hydrating from natasha denona. So here we go. If i look at this skin right here with the natasha, the new primer, its absolutely stunning, so i am oily to combination and this definitely works for me. Really nice and beautiful super high end. I love the packaging love the dropper love the way my skin looks and not only looks, but actually feels it feels really nice and hydrating. So i already tried this product on my tic tac. If you guys are not following me on take that go ahead and check my links down below, but i compare it to another product that i absolutely love as well, so you guys might want to check out that video but anyways. Absolutely love love this product for todays foundation. Im going to be trying this one from esther lotter, and this one has been in my collection for a little while, but silly me, i have not tried it yet, and this one is called the hydro rescue moisturizing makeup. It does have an spf of 45, which is amazing because it is so hot i mean you. Can you have to wear spf it doesnt matter, if its hot or not? I mean you have to wear spf, but my goodness, this summer is just insane here in florida, so yeah definitely covering your spf.

So here you have the foundation on this side of the face, its really nice and beautiful, really love of the finish, and it is in the shade. 3W1 tawny. I really do like it its not giving me full coverage, of course, um, but its giving me a really solid medium coverage. I would say i can still see if the sun spots that i have on my skin and that is totally okay and its definitely covering the redness of really nice and its just perfecting my skin, and i really do like it so for concealer were going to Be using this ones right here which are from huda beauty. These are called the full filter, luminous matte concealers and i do have two shades in the shade – is coconut flakes and the other one is nugget. I got ta say that coconut flakes is just way too light for me, so i am going to be using nougat here we have the two shades, this one is nougat and this one is coconut flakes. Nougat is definitely a little bit more golden and more yellow. More mine tone its still a little bit too bright. They were kindly sent to me, so i was not able to pick my own shades, but we are going to be working with nougat. I have to tell you that these ones are just a full coverage. This is not a first impression, ive already used this concealers and i absolutely love it.

A little bit goes a long way. I, like the sponge application, a lot better than a brush, and this concealer will give you a really nice full coverage, but again a little bit goes a long way. It feels really nice and hydrating, and the best part is that it feels like you have absolutely nothing on the skin. It doesnt feel heavy at all, even though its giving you such a beautiful coverage, it just feels like you, have absolutely nothing on the skin, which i love so lets go ahead and move on to bronzing in the face, because i am looking kind of flat right Now so we are going to be using the lys a bronzer. This one is a cream, stick, no limits. This is new from lys. It just came out, and i decided to pick mine in the shade harmony medium and let me tell you, the packaging is really nice and beautiful. It does not feel as heavy. It is so beautiful again, not a first impressions. I already tried this one. I already have a little shorts video here on my channel, so i know that some of you wanted to see like comparison with other bronzers, which i do have some here, that im going to be comparing it to. But the only thing is that my bronzer melted a little bit so it is, you know, not looking kind of cute, but here is a swatch of it. So i am going to compare it to the rare beauty.

Is the one that reminded me a lot of the formula, but this one is in the shade, always sunny, and you can see that its a little bit more red, more warm um, the lys right next to it looks definitely more neutral. I also have this one right here, which is from anastasia beverly hills in the shade golden tan, and let me just swatch it right next to it, this one is definitely a little bit more light and its not as pigmented as the lys. I also have this one right here, which is from nars, and they came back with more shades, which is amazing. This one is in the original shade, which is laguna here we have the swatch for the nars and, as you can see its a little closer in tone with the lys, however, its a little bit more cool and matte for sure the lys does have that glow To it, the last one that im going to swatch, for you guys is this one right here, which is from say its a very popular one right now, a lot of people are using it talking about it. So let me go ahead and swatch it. This one is in the shade, medium bronze, and here we have the same one and, as you can see its definitely lighter a little bit more orangey a little bit more warm, comparing it to the lys. So there you go here, you have all the shades.

I hope that this helps, and especially if you were wondering you know how it compares to the other cream bronzers that you might be eyeing as well lets, go ahead and out and apply it to the skin. This goes a long way, so im not going to add too much. This is one of my favorite brushes that ive been using because its angle and this one is the sigma f47 brush. I just like to use at the very tip of it and blend it up and because this brush is a synthetic, it just blends it into the skin, like with zero effort. This video is definitely going to be a bit longer than my usual videos, just because i have so many good products that i wanted to share with you guys, and you know, giving you comparison and stuff like that. It does take a little bit of time but im trying to do my best, so everyone can be happy. I am going to take a little bit of the bronzer with the brush and just adding it to the very like tip of the brush. So i can get in here im going to add it to my jawline and just going around with my sponge and just blending everything together. It looks so nice and natural, really nice and glowy on the skin as well. So i am going to just attach my concealer and just set it into place. I dont have a new powder.

The one that ive been really really really liking is the one from dominique cosmetics. So i am going to use that one so lets go ahead and continue on bronzing our face, and here is my oversized chanel bronzer and this one is in the shade sun, kiss and medium. It is from the le beige line kim we talk about the packaging, it is absolutely gorgeous so luxurious, so nice it smells delicious. It has a huge mirror right here, and this is how the shade looks like absolutely stunning. Let me go ahead and just feel it. Oh, my goodness, it feels so nice and soft. I cant wait to put it on our face, so lets go ahead and do that the embossment, for it is just absolutely stunning. I am a little sad im. Not gon na lie that im actually dipping my brush into it um, but we got ta. Try it! Yes immediately. Yes, i am really really impressed with this a bronzer right here, but do you need it if you are in the market and you absolutely love your luxurious high end luxury kind of makeup, then yeah? You might want to check this out, but if you are not, then please dont worry about it. Just continue on loving on the bronzer that you already have in your collection, so lets go ahead and now move on to my favorite part of the video, which is these new blushes right here from the brand rms, and i cannot wait to try it.

I dont know about the brand i really dont, but i just saw that they were new at sephora and i wanted to try it. The blushes just definitely caught my attention and the packaging is really nice and beautiful. They are a little pricey uh for being a new brand to me, but i still wanted to give it a go. This one is in the shade and my tie: can we talk about this shade? This shade is so beautiful. This one is in the shade sangria wow just gorgeous, so let me go ahead and swatch sangria for you first wow and this one is mai, tai thats, my tie right there, oh, my goodness, both of them are just stunning lets. Try both of them im going to try this one in the front of my cheek and this one, which is sangria on the back of my cheeks. So lets go ahead and apply that im going to be using an sigma, f40 brush and im going to start with a sangria first gorgeous. That is so pretty alright. So now, using my tie just on the front all right, so here we have the blushes. I think that it looks absolutely gorgeous. I really didnt think that i was going to like sangria so much just because it looked a little bit too deep for me, but i am so in love with it like this combination. Right here is absolutely stunning, of course, if i had to pick one, i will definitely pick my type, because it is the type of shade that i can use over and over and over again, if you are into like glowy blushes, then youre definitely going to enjoy These two, the formula, is absolutely stunning.

A little bit goes a long way and it just blended like a dream, as you saw, i am so impressed with the blushes. I cannot stop looking at myself because it just looks absolutely stunning, but what are you guys? Most excited for out of all the products that ive tried so far, which one is your favorite, which one are you thinking of getting. Let me know in the comment section and down below last product that im going to try, for you guys is this one right here, which is the milk makeup, hydro, grip set and refresh spray im really excited, because i hear nothing but great things about it. Its just going to lock everything into place and nothing is going to transfer, which is kind of crazy to me if it works, because i live in florida and it is super hot and humid here so like your face, will melt so lets go ahead and try It all right so now that the spray is completely dry, lets go ahead and try it with a napkin, its nice and clean. So lets go ahead and see what in the world okay, what in the world? Okay, so i can see a little bit, but nothing compared to what it would be if i didnt have that. What in the world? Okay, so yeah its definitely transferring just a little bit, but nothing nothing compared to how it would be if i didnt spray that so yeah absolutely love this product already, alright guys, so that is it for this video.

I absolutely love all the products that i tried today. I cannot say that i am unhappy with any of them, but let me know in the comment section and down below what do you guys think i am going to do another video reviewing the assassin beverly hills palette. So if you guys want to check that out, if its already live, i will link it somewhere over here or down below, if its not then keep your eyes on it, because it is definitely coming up ill see you guys later. Thank you so much for being here, please dont forget to like and subscribe to my channel.