How can it be worse than a price increase? You might ask yourself how can chanel out do themselves by making even worse decisions than constant price? Imma tell you right after this subscribe to my channel here on the tubes. Push the join button next to the subscription button become a member today get access to extra perks. You can also join me on patreon super takeoff together there as well for extra perks. Thank you to all my members and patrons who have already pledged this. Video is being filmed, live in front of a live virtual audience. You are all invited to join my live streams. Its free and everybodys welcome to join uh the live chats welcome to my co chat tours. Yes, unbox beauty me bracing myself for another price increase. No, i just said exactly wait what what can be worse than another price increase. Exactly that i i put on your your sad outfits. Um dress in black, put on your black hats put on your morning. Outfit you know were gon na be in mourning. Now you guys for those of you who watch my channel, you might have seen my other video, which i dont know which im gon na post first, but i just filmed another video terrible thing that happened to me at chanel uh. I went to purchase a certain product and it was. It was so the the exp, its a story, time video. You have to check that out so that same day, when that tragedy happened with this piece that i wanted to purchase, i was given a little tidbit of information by my sales associate, so you guys brace yourselves just as bruno pavlovsky new nose for chanel.

What no listen kim is like the reissue is going. No, the reissue is still there. You guys brace yourselves. This is bad, so here i am having issues with the purchase that i was having uh, but i was sipping on my champagne that they gave me super lovely and then at one point, im like well um its mid june. So i know youre. You know i know i dont spend that much money here. I dont spend a hundred thousand dollars every season so im not on that kind of a list of clients that get invited to the pre sale. But when is the sale gon na begin? You know, because my birthdays coming up, i wouldnt mind a little sale moment, a little something something yeah something you know yeah a little something something 40 off right. Well, you guys yes, sit down andrea youre gon na need to sit down. My sales associate looks me dead in the eye and says: oh jacob. You didnt know im like what tell me what theres no more sale ever again, except if youre a vip to your client and you get invited to private sales, but the regular sale. Two times a year that chanel has chanel always had a pre sale and then whatever is left over after the pre sale, goes into normal sale. Well, bye done done its over. I was shook im like what thats it shes like yeah. Its over countries are still that have still stock left over from years past and the pandemic theyre theyre dumping stuff out.

But the information started in france, then europe, then america and its expanding everywhere so done. Youre never going to walk into a chanel boutique anymore and see you know twice a year that corner of the boutique, where they have a little sale tag, standing no its over its over its over. So there i am trying you know trying on you know from the other that travesty of a piece that i and you know the whole shenanigan that happened to me. That day, when i went shopping and she drops the bomb on me – saying no more sale at chanel ever unless youre invited to the private sale. But it will, there will never be a visible sale on their sales floor again well until they dont change their mind. But for now thats the thats, the t and im like and its my birthday month on top of that dont do this to me, ah boy, but thank god at least i got a a glass of champagne. I want to say a bottle of champagne im glad well. I ended up drinking quite a bit that day, because that was just too depressing. So anyway, you guys thats the news um this im im. Just what can i tell ya? You know its not like im expecting these huge. You know to get like size, 50 garments very rare that they had that in sale only once it happened to me, but its not like.

I was expecting you know, but like at least shoes. You know that by the you know, at the end of every season they still have a lot of shoes left. I thought at least youre gon na put the shoes on sale, because i mean your vip client to be perfectly honest. If you got to spend so much to be a vip client by the way in some countries, the sales associate then again, chanel being so inconsistent in some countries, your sales associate can decide to put you on a vip list in other countries. Theyre not allowed to do it upper management does it according to how much you spend. I happen to be in a place where upper management decides and, of course, i dont spend a hundred thousand dollars every season. Theres nine seasons a year and im not gon na spend a hundred thousand. Are you freaking kidding me, especially just seeing how you youre doing your clothes? They dont even fit me anymore, but um. So if you are on that list of people, i i said to my sales associate, but if im a big spending client, if i already drop 100k or 50k every season, then i dont care about the sales. Then i bought my stuff full price. I i bought the stuff new when it arrived like its like. I bought what i wanted, because you know that they, their collections, go on sale, two years later, well, one one and a half years later right, so its not like.

Now, the summer sale like the summer collection 2022 goes on sale in end of summer 2022. No summer collection 2022 goes on sale end of summer 2023. Well now there is no sale anymore anyway, but so the people who the vips that have the money they bought the stuff a year ago, theyre not gon na wait and poker it out to see if they can get the piece on sale. They are vip clients because they spent all that money already a year ago. So, first of all, that makes no sense. I i mean you know its like its an extra perk. If youre a big spender you get invited to the to the pre sale im like, but okay, fine, but then no sale at all for the mere mortals i was shocked. I think this is huge news. I think this is huge news in cases if youre spending enough money to be invited to a private sale, its a token gesture, really yeah, but those people dont really anyway, they dont even buy they already bought. What they wanted andrew says agree with the others. If youre a vip, you dont need a sale, arg right, im, shocked, says reiner, decats, im telling ya. This is insane. Do a vips even want to buy leftover at 40 thats exactly unbox beauty leave the sales for for us commoners that can appreciate them yeah. I listen, you can call me a loser, an oompa loompa, i dont care, even if i was sitting on a billion dollars right now.

I would still love that feeling of scavenging leftovers at a sale. It just gives me a kick. I love it, no matter how much money i have no matter what my budget is im, always gon na be living for scavenging sales moment it just it gives me the gives it makes me feel a certain kind of you know what i mean. Oh, i dont take that away from me. I dont need to be the person whos rushing in the first day of sales and butting away other people to get to the piece. I want im, not that type of person. I usually wait a couple of days after the sale has begun and then i then i go in when its a little bit more chill and i look at because you know chances are people buy the stupidest things. Usually the best pieces are the ones that are left over anyway, like the more editorial pieces pieces are a little bit less wearable, so i always get what i want on sale anyway. However, no none of that none of that is going to happen anymore devastated devastated, yeah chanel. What can i tell you alexs only fools like to pay full price for everything, john mclean, but listen at the same time – ah sila, oh, my god, totally living for a good deal every damn time. Oh it doesnt just no! It just hits the spot when you get a good deal now.

Having said all that, you know, if chanel were consequent about this and if chanel said you know what no more sale period, i would be fine with that. I would be like okay, you buy what you you know: theyre standing by theyre super high prices and theyre super high standards and its just reputation thing. I would be okay, you know i would be sad, but i would be like i could respect that. You know vanessa hutchins moment i get it like. I respect it, but i want to go to coachella anyway, uh and but but because theyre still doing the sale but theyre not allowing you access to this like girl. What the hell is that that is some cheap ass. Let me tell ya: im not even going to go there because im going to use certain words and then you know youre going to come for me. So im not going to use the words. Yes, love a sale. My happy places, andreas quickity says thanks: okay, hi melissa, so yeah, yes, look at the vintage carry on. I mean ill be lucky to even find a kelly and burton at retail ellos as quickly right and now theyre trying to play these games about availability like not only is there no more sales, but guess what were also not going to. Let you buy anything you want, because you know you need a certain yeah theyre trying to play that game. You know.

Oh sorry, double flap, timeless classic small black caviar gold hardware. No sorry, no computer says no honey. Boo boo, you did not purchase enough with us. So like so so, even if you want to buy something at full price, you cant get it. You want to wait for a sale, you cant get it. You want to get a shoe. Thats just been released. You cant get it because that boutique didnt order it and then they cant order from another boutique you want to order online. You i mean you want to call into the boutique to pay. You know they send you a link to pay and then they ship you. The bag over sorry, we dont do that anymore, timeless classics. We cannot ship them anymore, its like no, no, no, no, no im like so, and i literally asked my sales associate. How is this going gon na work in the future, shes gon na be – and she told me well its gon na – be like this. Mere luck. Youre gon na have to have luck that you come in and find what you like that day. Otherwise, sorry i was like wow, so this is where its at this thick are. They do they think that theyre so up there, i i cant, i cant. I still love chanel, though im still gon na keep purchasing at chanel. Yes, just yapping hermes also has sales. They have this special sale once a year where you get invited to this big.

They decide a location and then they bring all the stuff to that location and everybody gets allocated a slot and everybody gets to buy and i used to be invited to the hermes sales because i you know i bought my kelly necklace. I have my little silver bracelet. I have this little baby here. My tarot cards like i buy. I love the novelty stuff from hermes call me kresgen and just for buying little things like this. They already sent me an invite for the private sale chanel. Even though i buy my entire everything there. I buy shoes at chanel clothes at chanel, costume, jewelry, fine, jewelry, platinum, ring accessories, perfumes, skin care makeup. I live and breathe chanel and theyre. Like sorry youre not spending enough to be invited to the private sale, they really got that stick so deep up their ass that its like to a point where they really really want only the elite to buy with them and um its okay thats fine. I still love the bread. Let them eat their own cheesecake. Let them eat their own. Cheese were gon na. Tell you up its okay, its its fine. Let them do what theyre gon na do. Theyre gon na have to change their way sooner or later, because this is not sustainable for them, because your vip customers, which are just a handful, obviously uh theyre, not gon na, be able, i mean youre, not gon na sell. So what are you gon na do with the leftover pieces after that private sale is over? What are you going to do with the leftover pieces, because youve had youve been having pre sales since years and every pre sale after every pre sale? There was still a lot left, so your vips didnt buy everything up so now now that youre only going to have private sales, what are you going to do with all the stuff thats left over youre going to destroy it? Oh, how sustainable of you chanel youre gon na, do privates youre gon na.

Do you know staff sale, youre gon na? Do those whatever left over right? Okay, fine, but even after staff sale. What are you gon na do with the leftovers youre gon na burn them? Youre gon na destroy them for the image of the company, thats, not sustainability, im. Sorry, no super fake markets, theyre gon na theyll send them off to super fate. Fake market i mean ill attach some sequins and use it next season says: quickity, oh, very sustainable. The fact that youre not considered a vip customer is astonishing, says ryan im, not spending the money. You know the money they want. They expect me to spend 50k a season im like sorry girl. No, it aint gon na happen, uh the real shaquin i do know. If id be proud to be on that list lol, but you were lucky because you got invited to your boutique and i mean for this – this last uh sale and they had a bunch of stuff. I i i loved seeing what you were showing on your instagram and um good for you. I dont know if theres gon na be another sale after that, but you got invited to the pre sale. So you are in that list, but again in your country, they have different standards in terms of how much you spend or in terms of whether or not the sales associate can decide who to invite to pre sales or not. You know what i mean anyway.

Dagnow says they will put the leftovers in the new calendar. Oh, i wish at least that would be real peace ugh you guys, anyway, im just devastated gon na booster, the resellers for staff sales to become aftermarket still beats burning. It andrea. I dont know what theyre gon na do. I just know that this is like the cat says. With the cost of living increase. I doubt staff can afford even the staff sale prices in the uk at least um. I dont know the real shaquis is lol here. Now you can spend more money yeah, but but spend more money. How i tried to buy their clothes. They they didnt produce it properly. So you cant even pay you cant even buy it at full price and i wasnt looking for a timeless classic double flap bag. I wasnt looking for some special unicorn piece. I just wanted to buy a jacket and even that at full price that i pre ordered, and even that was not possible, but all of the details on that in my other video. Thank you guys so much for watching subscribe to my channel and never give up on love. Let me know your comments and your thoughts about this death.