Now there are so many different products, application techniques on the market. It can get a little overwhelming and a little bit baffling. However, these common mistakes could be preventing you getting maximum results from your own skincare routine, and i never want that to be the case were going to talk about it in todays, video and pick it all apart. I want to keep this super chill and relaxed because im going to be applying my own morning, anti aging skincare routine as we go through the video, so you can see which products i choose, how i apply them and all that good stuff, so sit back. Relax lets talk common mistakes with anti aging skincare. Now, before we get into this video theres a couple of things, i want to share thats kind of relevant to the skincare that im going to be demonstrating today. First off my age, im 36 ancient in youtube years, but here in the real world, still relatively young and a lot of people will say to me whats the right time to start an anti aging skincare routine. Honestly, there is no right time. You know id say, make sure youre using an spf, no matter how old or you happen to be, and from there listen to what your skin is actually saying. Over the past couple of years, ive noticed an increase in fine lines and wrinkles some loss of firmness and elasticity, which is why i decided to increase the amount and quality of the anti aging skincare ingredients that sat in my routine.

These time frames wont apply to everyone, and some people say: is it too late to start? Never. It is never never too late to start a good, comprehensive, skincare routine and in this video ive got a little something for everyones budget. So if you want to keep it super, affordable, theres products here, thatll work for you, its a little bougie theres, also something that might pique your interest. Ive got a lot to get through in todays video. So shall we just cut that waffle and delve straight on? In and im gon na start with cleansers, i think the biggest mistake we make when it comes to anti aging. Skin care is sticking with the same cleanses day in and day out. Our skins needs change on a daily basis, certainly on a seasonal basis, and you need to match the cleanser that you reach for to what your skin needs on that specific day for me in summer, i usually reach for a gel based cleanser, because i am super Oily super acne prone its only those gel based cleansers that really keep that oil in check. However, in winter, i go for something a much more rich and creamy, because i find the gel cleansers a little stripping and drying. So listen to what your skins saying and pick a cleanser that really matches what your skin needs on that day now i know a lot of people dont want to have like a whole range of different cleansers kind of mixing and matching depending on need.

But one thing you can do to get around that is reach for a really nice cream cleanser. For me, these kind of have the benefits of all the gel cleansers and the oil and richard balm cleansers too. So you can use them kind of universally, no matter what your skins doing. Take that complexity out of it and a product thatll leave you beautifully clean skinned, but without the stripping and the drying. I created my own cleanser this year, which is this the mad about skin gentle jelly cleanser, which is the one that i use day in day out, because i just love the bouncy luxurious texture of it, but theres an awful lot of other options on the market. Explore some of my favorites in a recent video that im going to leave a link to up there. I use this one off screen, but i kind of thought, instead of having a whole range of different cleansers, stick to a cream cleanser that kind of will suit. You year round, no matter what your skin happens to be doing now i closed off camera because you know what im not a multitasker cleanser water filming equipment. It would be a hot hot mess, but my skin is now clean, prepped and ready to go, and the next step is an eye cream. Now a lot of people will say to me eye creams: do you need them? Are they just bougie, overpriced, moisturizers? I think a lot of them on the market are, but there are some really good ones out there that deliver additional benefit.

A lot of people might think its a little bit odd. That ive applied my eye cream before my vitamin c and exfoliating gels too. But im going to come on to the reason for that later today. Im using this, this is the face theory occu, wake eye cream, which honestly does it all it helps with puffiness and inflammation. It has some anti aging benefits for the fine lines and wrinkles its just a really nice brightening eye cream. I use this um because im prone to melia, which is the little bumps under the eye, you can get rid of those using a gentle exfoliant, and this contains a light amount of lactic acid, which will work just perfectly for that. So if you suffer with melia, this is definitely the eye cream that i would recommend. I work in circular motions always into the tear duct, because this is where the limb for fluid drains from the face so again, puffiness and inflammation on the morning. One of the best ways massage it out and using those circular motions into the tear duct with your eye cream. Just perfection dont, be you know: dont be alive when people say youre wasting your money if youre investing in eye cream, i think it could be a great addition to a good anti aging skincare routine. If you pick the right one, i cover some of my favorites in a recent video, so ill leave a link to that up there.

If you want a little bit more inspiration now, i applied that first for a couple of reasons. This area, particularly under the eye, is very, very sensitive and dryness prone, so i dont want to be applying my exfoliators on my vitamin cs in that area. Im, usually quite careful, but you know we all have accidents and mistakes when were in a rush, so i say put your eye cream on before your other harsher actives, because that way it just provides like a barrier. A little bit of you know a safety net in case any of that product does migrate upwards and im going to be using my own exfoliating gel, which is this the mad about skin perfect blend exfoliating gel today, im actually using this as a targeted treatment. So a lot of times when we talk anti aging skincare, i think one of the main mistakes we make is people assume it only relates to wrinkles and those fine lines, its not the case. The number one reported skin concern as we age is hyperpigmentation uneven. Skin tone, i think this is the first thing that people notice, which is why were a little self conscious about it? Using good exfoliator and a vitamin c that im going to come on to in a minute can be a great way of evening. Everything out and removing pulled pigment and discoloration youre going to have to work out this because it can be one of the most complex things to treat when it comes to topical skin care.

But honestly, a good combination of an exfoliating acid and a vitamin c can work wonders. So i use my exfoliating gel across the face a couple of times a week, but on those days i dont use it as an all over treatment. Ill just treat those areas of hyperpigmentation ive got a little bit on my cheek here from a breakout, thats kind of just subsiding. I also get a little bit on the forehead again. Most of my hyperpigmentation is as a result of acne and blemishes that i still get in my mid 30s adult acne something im living with, but i find that by using a good, kojic acid and this product contains two percent of that ingredient. You can kind of minimize the risk of hyperpigmentation and finally, just on this cheek again, where ive got some breakouts that are just healing. It speeds everything up, evens everything out and using it as an all over treatment, a couple of times a week and then spot treating those areas its like the best way to do it now, im going to come on to my vitamin c. This is the allies of skin 20, vitamin c brightening and firm serum a little bit bougie a little bit up there in price point, but you get really quick results with it. However, if you dont want to reach for an allies of skin price point, you could reach for the geek and gorgeous sea glow fraction of the cost and gives you very similar outcomes.

You might just have to be a little bit more patient because those outcomes take a little bit longer to materialize. So, like i said mistake, number two is not focusing on hyperpigmentation kind of allowing fine lines and wrinkles to be all consuming. Different things will impact people in different ways, so youve always got to work out. What is the thing you really want to target and treat when it comes to your skincare routine, but just dont automatically assume that anti aging skincare means fine lines and wrinkles. Actually, it could mean hyperpigmentation, melasma and discoloration just as much, if not more so. My vitamin c i like to apply quite this is actually running quite low, but you know what im the sort of person that likes to get every last drop. So i always always cut the tube open. Take the pump out whatever product packaging is in to get every last drop of the product. Now i think mistake. Number three concerns vitamin c: lots of people think that they cant use a pure form between acetoscopic or l. Ascorbic acid, so they have to do without this ingredient. You dont, there are so many different forms of vitamin c on the market and if youve got super super sensitive skin that cant tolerate high potency vitamin c reach for a derivative id say, everybody should have a good vitamin c serum in their skin care routine. For the anti aging benefits the collagen boosting the antioxidant power, but you dont have to reach for vitamin c in its pure active form.

Derivatives, super gentle and give you those results in the long term. So dont be fooled into thinking. You cant go there with vitamin c its about finding the right perfect match for you. I cover some of my favorite vitamin c derivatives in a recent video which ill link up there so whilst im using a pure form of ascorbic acid. Today, there are other alternatives to those that have super sensitive skin. I would definitely definitely recommend you explore them now. As that sinks in and just gets to work on the hyperpigmentation. I want to call that mistake, number four and that is neglecting calming and soothing in your routine. Now the number one trigger of collagen degradation, which leads to a lot of firmness and elasticity, is inflammation in the skin inflamed skin, never healthy. So anything we could do to just calm and soothe restore that equilibrium has to be a good thing and i would recommend everyone have a calming and soothing step in their skincare routine. For me, i like to use the blend of these two products, so weve got the strata rewind fabulous, anti aging calming soothing serum well, this is the vanessa wardle booster and revitalizing serum. Both of these are holy grails. This ones slightly cheaper, so the vanessa award one. I paid four euros for beautifully drugstore, but packed for like zinc, magnesium calming and soothing botanicals and the strategy one a little bit more expensive, but youve got dmae in here, which is one of my favorite anti aging ingredients.

This one, you can definitely get in the states. This one is more of a european brand, even though its actually formulated out of canada so shop around to find the one that works best for you today, im going to use the vanessa wardle one because im just loving it so so much and i like to Be fairly lavish with this, because i want everything to be calmed and soothed before i move on to my peptides and then my sunscreen. So this comes in this beautiful purple packaging, but its actually a clear serum – and i find just a few drops of this – will cover the whole face, just restore that equilibrium ready for the next steps in my routine. I dont let this sink in completely, because i find you know having a little bit of juice in between each step. Just means that the products are going to absorb better penetrate deeper. So you get a little extra bang for your buck, which is one of my favorite top tips and hacks that i always share now i want to come on to peptides and i guess this is mistake. One number: five: when it comes to anti aging skincare, neglecting your peptides, they might not be the sexiest ingredients out there and i get that you know a lot of people want to reach for the super popular and viral products on the market. But peptides are like an unsung hero. They work really really well to calm and soothe the skin.

They hydrate they boost collagen. For that you know, firmness and elasticity and over time they can help even out our complexion as well. All the things you kind of want in an anti aging skincare routine, you can buy like a buffet of different peptides. The ordinary do some fantastic options, but for me i like to mix these two, which is the ordinary zero line and the ordinary matrixyl i showed in a recent video how to do that, which ill leave a link to up there. This has like instant anti aging benefits and some long term benefits too. So you kind of get like a double whammy. I put a couple of drops of each of these. In the palm of my hand, then i just apply it straight to the skin. Pat this. In dont rub – and this is another thing – i would call that dont be too vigorous with the application of your products, just pat it in let the skin kind of absorb that and do the work for you. If we rub too much youre going to get boiling peeling and peeling, which is never never a good thing by patting things in you, get that same absorption but less risk of it kind of balling up on top of all the other layers of skin care. Youve put on – and this kind of takes me on to the final mistake: number six, which is obsessing about the spf and not paying enough attention to the uva protection.

Your sunscreen is also giving you. I would definitely recommend you look for a broad spectrum, sunscreen that gives you that sky height, uvb and uva protection, because the uvb rays might burn you, but its the uva ones. That aid you so their core component. Protecting against them is a core component in a good anti aging skincare routine. Some of my favorite high uva protection sunscreens are these. This is the la roche, posay and phileos uv moon 50, plus a great option. If youre, here in europe in the states you can get this product, which is the bliss block, start a great mineral option that also has proven higher levels of uva protection and for people that live in a vegan or plant based lifestyle. This is the pierce, the futures bright daily defense, moisturizer, really good uva coverage, a fabulous sunscreen all around its also vegan theres lots of different choices, and i covered some of my favorites high uva protection sunscreens in a recent video which again im going to link up There, hopefully, in this video ive, been able to share with you in a more chill and casual way some of the mistakes we can make when it comes to anti aging skin care. I want you guys to get maximum bang for the buck, that you invest in your routine and so hopefully, by dispelling some of these myths and some of these mistakes. It does help you to tweak things at the margin to get those maximum outcomes for the skin.

My skin is now ready for me to apply that sunscreen, which im going to do off camera, because i want to make sure im covering every last inch of the face wherever you are in the world. Guys stay safe, stay. Well, i love your skin.