That way, im out the door and seeing all the sights that i need to see. I have two bags right here. One is my makeup bag and the other one is my little bag for my tools and for my makeup bag. I opted for the louis vuitton nice nano. I know that a lot of people have a love hate relationship with this, because it is quite small. A lot of people would opt for the nice mini, because that is a lot bigger than this one. So you can pack more products, but for me im happy with the nice nano, because i find that when i have a bigger bag, i tend to add more products that i dont necessarily need its just for me to fill up that space, which is you know It defeats the purpose of me creating or creating a small makeup bag that can fit in a lot of my travel bags when i go for maybe an overnight trip or a longer week, and this is something that i recently purchased this year, ive been looking for. This bag for over a year now, i think it was early last year when i first saw this bag. My older sister has it. I just really like the shape of vanities like this one, because when you open it, you can definitely see everything thats in it. Its a perfect size because it fits in my large totes and as well as my carry on luggage.

So i just wrapped the handle right here with this twilly from my sister. It has the letter e on it and i really love it because it helps protect the handle that way. If i still have makeup on my hands its not gon na get onto the leather, so you might think that this is very tiny and you cant fit a full face of makeup in it. I was able to and, as you can see its not too overflowing its, not deforming its shape or anything like that, but it has all of my essentials. So i will let you guys know that everything in this makeup bag is what i use to achieve. This makeup look right here, but anyway, the first item here is this hourglass scattered lights. Glitter eyeshadow in the shade reflect i like to carry this around because its the perfect eye shadow, if i just want to add a little bit of something to my eye makeup without having to bring a full on eyeshadow, quad or palette because, like i said, i Want to keep it minimal, but at the same time make sure that i have everything i need. This is perfect because you just apply it all over. Your lid add a little bit of bronzer around your eyes to have a little bit of depth on your makeup. Look and youre good to go so i like to carry this. I just dab it with my ring finger and it lasts throughout the whole day its not a glitter eyeshadow thats all over the place, love it swear by it, its the only one that i have so far, okay.

So the next item in here is my cream blush. This one is from married beauty and i will let you guys know that married bt sent me a bunch of their products earlier this year to try and test out. But all opinions, of course, are my own. Its my choice that its in my travel makeup bag a lot of their products. A lot of their a lot of their products are just really fuss free, easy to use products that are very compact and travel friendly, because a lot of them are in like a cream formula that way its not too messy in my makeup bag. I want to make sure that i dont spill any liquid product on the lining right here, thats, why i like to keep these more of solid form, products and thats? Why this one is perfect. I love this because its pigmented enough, but its not too much. You know you apply it with a brush all over your on your cheeks and its very universal. The shade that i have right here is the shade mood its more of like a pinky mauve color. So it brings out a nice bright, happy color, on your face, because i i noticed that a lot of my other blushes are more neutral, and this one, it just makes me feel happy, but its not a pink thats like brightening, because sometimes that could be difficult To match, with whatever youre, wearing and whatnot, i feel like this one is neutral enough, but it adds a lot of color to my face and then, if you guys have seen my travel makeup bag, i think i posted one.

Two years ago, i like to travel with a foundation stick because its easier, its less mess. I dont have to worry about the pump breaking and i dont have to worry about the cover or the cap not being closed tight enough, because a foundation stick is again in a more solid form. Its easier to travel with. I dont have to worry about tsa and whatnot and again this is another merit beauty product. This is their perfecting complexion stick and this foundation stick its not as full coverage as my hourglass foundation stick, but its actually something that i like nowadays, because i realized that i dont really have that much to cover on my face so something thats more sheer to Medium coverage is better for my face that way, its not too heavy and its kind of like more natural and skin like and thats what i get with this merit beauty foundation. Stick. It is more of a soft matte finish, so if you have dry skin like me, i like to make sure that i prep my skin well with a lot of good hydrating moisturizing products. Whenever i apply this, i dont have a primer on my makeup bag because, like i said, i wanted to keep it minimal, so i make sure that i have a good moisturizer to help prep my face in time for foundation. I had a lot of trouble, not including my patrick taw brow, shaping wax in here, but again im going back to something easy something minimal.

So i went for a tinted brow, mascara, barrett beauty. Again this is their volumizing pomod in the shade brown. I really love this because it really fills in the sparse areas of my brows, its easy to use, and i like the length of the wand, but ive noticed with a lot of other brow, mascaras or tinted brow mascaras is the ones can tend to be shorter. With this one, it has more length to it that way, its easier to use and thats. Why i like it? It lasts throughout the whole day as well. It keeps my brows in place and it has just a nice natural finish its not too glossy where in you can really see. You know the shine on your brows im, not into the glossy brow. Look i like more natural, bushy, feathery, brows and thats. What i get when i use this and then, of course, for concealer, i have a full coverage concealer, just in case i have a zit or a breakout that i need to cover up. This is what i use and, of course, the redness around my nose. This is one of my favorite concealers ive, discovered this late no early last year and im already about to be done with my first full bottle, which is surprising because i dont usually finish concealers, but this one. I really love this when i discovered this last year, it has more of a soft matte finish, which is what i like, because a lot of times i hydrate my face enough, do not make this drying.

I actually discovered something new a couple of weeks ago and i had to immediately add it into my makeup bag. This is the fenty beauty bright, fix eye brightener in the shade peach. The reason why i like using this instead of a concealer is because i find that its a lot more lightweight on my under eye area than a usual concealer, but it does the job of like blurring it out and just brightening your eyes and making it making It look more awake, it doesnt crease as much as a concealer, because a lot of times when i use a concealer and i dont have a loose powder to set it with. I find that it creases a lot of times, but with this one, its lightweight super easy to use. You just blend it out with your ring finger and youre good to go its amazing, its definitely worth the hype, and then i have my solayta and the chanel im sure you guys already know this. I always rave about this product. It is a little bit pricey, but im coming into it. I think this is the second year im using it, and i still have i think, more than half of this thing right here, its huge, but i love it because it just adds a nice natural bronze. Look to my face, it adds more warmth and depth. My face doesnt look too flat and i dont know i just love this product, so i had to keep it in my travel makeup bag and then for powder.

We have my chanel lip age pressed powder. This one im really indifferent about it. I have this here just because i want to keep using it and finish it before i replace it with something else. I really want to try the charlotte tilbury airbrush flawless face powder, because this lay beige – i like it, but its not revolutionary enough for me to warrant its price point. Of course, its chanel its so pretty to look at. It adds a little bit more coverage on the areas where i need it to be, but with the price point, its okay, okay and then i have my highlighter again were back with the cream formula or the cream form, because its easier to use – and this one Is again from merit beauty, this is their highlighting balm. This is in the shade bounce, its a nice neutral highlighter. That goes well with a lot of my makeup, looks its not like pinkish and its not too. I cant describe the color, but, like you know how a lot of other highlighters are have more of like a white shade to it. This one doesnt have that its more of like a translucent nice glow that i like to add on my cheekbones as well. As my brow area and my inner corner, it looks hydrated but not glittery, so it adds radiance, but it doesnt have like little chunks of glitter in it and thats. Why i like it its a nice natural glow, its not too beaming, which is what i love most about it, and then i have my setting spray.

This is the charlotte tilbury airbrush flawless setting spray, and this is the travel size version. Ive only ever bought travel, size versions of this because i dont want to have two bottles like a full size version and a travel size version. What i noticed recently is that it comes in a regular spray bottle, so i can always buy the full size and refill this instead of buying multiple small travel size bottles. I really love this because it keeps my makeup intact, the entire day, but its not as tight as the urban decay, all nighter setting spray like its more lightweight, but it does the job its not, as you know, heavy in my opinion, although the urban decay, all Nighter setting spray is still like a good transfer proof makeup, setting spray this one theres a little bit of transfer, but it helps keep my makeup on the entire day. Its not too heavy, like i said, which is more important to me, because i dont like that feeling when it when my face is just too heavy and i feel sleepy at the end of the day and then the last product inside my niece nano is this: Merit beauty shades lick. This is a tinted lip oil, which is what i like to pack, because i do have very dry lips. So i want to make sure that theyre well hydrated, but at the same time they look good. So you can never go wrong with a tinted lip oil, so thats everything in this tiny makeup bag.

Right here, like i said, it fits a whole face of makeup, and the only other thing that i have is this small pouch right here this one i got for free from happy skin when i bought their lip slip. So i like using this for my makeup. Brushes and tools, because if the powder gets on the pouch itself, its not gon na get ruined, all i have to do is wipe it down because its more of like a silicone pouch. So what i have here is clips to clip my hair back, so that its not in my face when im doing my makeup so ill, just like to carry two. This is, i guess, from the brand kitsch. I really like it because its large it pins everything back. This is actually the only gel eyeliner that i like and im so sad because theyre no longer selling this at sephora, hopefully theyre just reformulating and relaunching, because i really love this. It doesnt smudge. It stays on the entire day. Very pigmented super easy to use. I just love it to add a little bit of something on my eyes, but i dont have any eyeshadow on then, of course, i have my tried and tested chuamura eyelash curler. This one is my favorite been using this since 2016. I think ive been using the same, not the same one, but the same brand and model for six years. Now, when i tell you this is the perfect lash curler, it just lifts up all of your lashes lashes and keeps them there mascara that im using right now is the loreal telescopic mascara.

I really like it. I like how it keeps my lashes up throughout the entire day, so i just put whatever mascara im using at the moment. I dont have a specific mascara for traveling, just because mascara doesnt have a long shelf life. So what i like to do is i open up a mascara and thats what i use for the next three to six months and once it gets clumpy, then i open another mascara because, like i said it, doesnt have a good shelf life or a long shelf Life, i really like buying these real techniques, brushes, theyre, great travel, brushes because theyre full size, but theyre shorter, so thats, perfect and it doesnt take up so much space. And then this one is one that i always like to travel with its a brush. That was recommended to me by my friend jelly and i love it for my foundation and my concealer. So this is the it cosmetics all over precision brush. So this is the all over brush, which is what i like to blend out my foundation with and then the precision brush for my concealer. Sometimes i like to bring the brow shaping wax which ill dive into later but yeah. This is the patricktaw brow brush and then i have this other makeup bag, which has my other products, which i like to bring when i have a check in luggage with me. So whenever i have more space and i can bring products for a more full coverage look, this is what i like to pack its the same makeup: bag from happy skin.

Again it was free but its silicone. So i have a lot of my liquid products here. In case it spills its easy to clean. I do have a primer, because whenever i have a full coverage foundation, i like to go in with the primer, because it holds up better and it smooths out my face makeup and then for my more medium to full coverage foundation. What i have right now is the happy skin cooling serum. I really love this smooths out. My skin talked about this foundation way too much already. You guys already know and then for everything else. Of course, since i have a full coverage foundation, i have my loose powder, happy skin aqua cooling settings setting powder in the shade beige love. This again talked about it a lot already, so you guys already know that, and then i also have my patrick top major brow shaping wax, which, if i have base in my luggage, this is what ill add into my makeup kit, because i just cant live without It anymore, and then the last product in here is my deviants called the bronze in the shade morocco. Of course, when i have a more full coverage look i want to have a more defined contour and bronzer, and this is what i like to use, because i just blend in the two bronzer and the contour together to really make it easier for me to have A more defined face, shape so yeah, that is everything thats in my travel makeup bag ill.

Make sure that i link everything in the description box in case you guys are interested and im curious whats in your travel makeup bag ive been busy curating this the past couple of months to make sure that i have the best products that is easy to use. That can create a nice makeup, look and yeah. That is it for todays video, like i said, if you have any suggestions, any other products that you would like me to try. Please comment it down below and i hope that you learned something new today. Thank you.