This is the la flor de mexico shadow palette, and i got this in my may. 2022 boxy charm premium box, so that unboxing is up here on youtube. Now, if you havent seen it yet, but ive been getting a lot of tres lucey beauty products in both ipsy and boxycharm lately, and i love the products that ive tried out. So im excited to get to try out more. This has blue agave infused in it, its cruelty, free vegan, and – let me just show you how beautiful this palette looks. This palette also retails for thirty dollars, which is pretty reasonable. I guess for eyeshadow palettes of this size and with so many colors, but look at this beautiful packaging and all of the shades in here its got the big mirror, which is great. If this is going to be my travel palette and such a nice mix of shimmery, sparkly, metallics and then mattes, theres 18 shades in here wow – and i do like that – theres a lot of good brown neutrals, because those are seriously the types of eyeshadows that i Am always reaching for, and i love that theres, this matte white shade because thats a great prep, the lid setting of the eyeshadow primer type of color, that i want all eyeshadow palettes to have pretty much the only thing im kind of missing. When i first look at this, is that highlight shade, but first things first im going to go in with some swatches very drawn to these glitters.

Oh my gosh that actually could be a highlight shade. That is almost like a duochrome a little bit more sheer. Okay. Awesome lets try some matte shades. Oh my gosh. These really do have a great texture. This beautiful green sparkle definitely catches my eye as well. Oh, my gosh, okay, oh beautiful metallic, a nice matte, not crazy pigmented. Oh thats, such a neat like duochrome shimmer. I love that pretty matte, oh and that amazing green sparkle shimmer as a great little pop of color, because this is primarily neutral, which i really like, but that green is so fun. To just add that pop. I really just chose these shades to swatch at random, but i love how this color combination looks together. I love a cohesive palette and these look so beautiful next ive got to go in with my eyeshadow primer. This is the urban decay, eyeshadow primer, potion and im. Just applying this to one of my eyelids so that we can test these eyeshadows out with and without a primer, so just gon na apply this all over lash line to brow bone and now im going to set the lid and kind of cancel out discoloration. Hopefully, as well with this yucca floor, matte white shade not too much kickback, which is nice to see and im, not really focusing on building this up or anything just lightly, dusting it over the lid. So it is prepped for other colors. I mean this doesnt seem like a super intensely pigmented white, but it works for this purpose and i really love this shade here called birds of paraiso and its not the shade that i would typically think to use as a highlight, but its got this really pretty Reflective sparkle sheen that im gon na just go for it and apply it onto the brow bone that is so beautiful.

Its almost like a surprise like it sparkles so beautifully and bright when it hits the light, but its also kind of sheer and toned down. So its surprisingly festive its what it makes me think of, and then it also kind of works for that inner corner, maybe not as light and bright as a highlighter usually is, but this definitely adds some fun to the eye. Oh such a cool color. Next, im going to pick up this shade here called morning glory a light, matte brown and im going to start blending this into that transition area. So from the crease up to the brow bone itll go over. That shimmer highlight shade a little bit to start creating some depth and dimension, and this is a nice shade for that im. Finding this to be a little tricky to blend just a little patchy. It has good pigment, though, and i think if i can work with it enough, i can blend it out to what i want it to look like. But i do like that as a transition shade just a little bit of contouring happening and then im going to pick up lets go with this one petunia, maybe a slightly darker matte brown to focus this right in the crease and create even more depth. To this part of the eye, it is a definitely a warm tone brown. It has good pigment, though i feel like this is blending out the same, where it goes on kind of heavy, a little like sticky down onto the lid, but it is able to blend out smooth out after working with it.

The colors in this palette feel tropical to me, which i love, because its kind of like that warm summery vibe, but the shades are looking the same with the primer versus without it and thats a good sign that these are good quality shades. I actually really like the look of this matte kind of burgundy red called dahlia in the corner here. Just gon na pick up a little bit of that and lets put this into that outer corner. So pretty give a little interest to all the brown thats going on and its not too red its more burgundy purple. I really like that. There is no kickback in this color very interesting, and this one is pretty easy to work with pigmented blendable im just trying to use a little bit to not make this too intense. So this is looking perfect exactly what i want. Ive been using a lot of matte shades, so i definitely want to use some shimmer im going to pick up lets see what this dragon fruit shade looks like looks really sparkly, oh wow, very similar to this shade birds of porriso that i put on the brow, But that actually could look cohesive if i put this onto the rest of the eyelid, yeah thats really pretty, but surprisingly, a lighter and a little bit more sheer kind of like a topper. But i like it with all these other colors, a super, pretty color story. Very, like warm tone, smokey eye actually really like this in this shade im, definitely applying a lot building it up with my finger, but it has a lot of shimmer and sparkle and reflective glow to it that it looks really fun and pretty and interesting on the Eye wow, i am seriously loving how this eyeshadow look is coming together, super wearable, its glam, but nothing too intense, which is definitely in my comfort zone, which i love to see and based off all the colors and the shimmer on my eye right now.

I think this will be beautiful for the lower lash line to pull it all together. This ones called flower de mayo surprised by how these shimmers dont show up super pigmented like i am layering and layering this to get it to even show, but it does work to pull the whole eye look together, but i guess i would have liked this to Be a little bit darker, more opaque. Okay here is my finished. Eyeshadow look and i actually love it. I feel very beautiful in this eye shadow. Look when you look at this palette. I dont think. The first thing i would expect would be this rosy shimmery kind of glammed up smokey eye, but i love this. I feel like this. Eyeshadow look goes with a lot of the types of outfits that i wear, so i cant stop looking at it. I love this im, definitely going to be recreating this and im overall, pretty happy with the formulas. Theyre not amazing, because theyre a little hard to blend, not the most pigmented but definitely workable, its just interesting theres like barely any kickback, and sometimes that can make a difference in how blendable eyeshadows are. But there is no difference noticeably with the primer versus without it. So, im really glad about that, even though i do typically just use an eyeshadow primer anyways when i wear eyeshadow but thats, pretty impressive, that theres no difference without it. So this is another tres lucey product that im so happy to have in my collection.

I can get so much use out of this as well, which is awesome. So if you have this palette, let me know what kind of looks youve created and thank you so much for watching. My video today be sure to like comment and subscribe to my channel.