This is honestly one of the most requested videos. Ive gotten on my channel ive, actually tried to film this video. A couple of times – and i just didnt like how it came out so i was like you know what our times the charm lets go ahead and get into the video Music. So i feel like youtube. Tutorials are not as popular as they used to be, but i am still a sucker for a good makeup tutorial. I live for them and this one right here is going to be an in depth of my everyday makeup routine. Now i have a lot of makeup in my collection, okay, and sometimes i really like to filter through my makeup and things like that, but these products that im using in todays video are products that i constantly reach for. Whenever i feel like. I know these are gon na work. For me, these are the products that i pull from so were gon na get into it, starting off with skin prep. So for me i cannot not start off my makeup routine without a good moisturizer. I love this moisturizer. So much i live for it, its great its only twelve dollars, and i like to get my hands dirty. So when i want something quick and easy, thats gon na give me a good coverage, a good blend, and this brush right here is from real techniques. This is the 108 brush, it has a little scooper on one end and then a brush on the other.

So i just like to take my moisturizer about two pumps. I just like to just apply this to my face. Just like this, its very hydrating. It gives me a really really really plump. Look a lot of products that i use in my everyday makeup. Routine are more hydrating products, even though i have like combo skin, mainly like oil in the t zone and dry everywhere else. I still feel like you need to moisturize. You have to moisturize, so speaking of moisturizer and skin prep. The next product i like to go in with is my tula glowy spf 30.. I feel, like you all know, about this product, so im, not gon na, say it too much, but whenever i dont wear an spf, i just feel pretty guilty about it. So this is my favorite. I got the jumbo size. You can get a smaller size. I just was like might as well. This is a product that i use every single day, so i might as well just get the big size. This is a very glowy product, so its gon na give you that glow. So the more you put on the glowier youre gon na look now that i have did my skin prep i like to go in with a primer. I feel, like some people, think everyday makeup. Routine means quick, easy, which is not necessarily the case. I mean i am very quick with these products, but i still like my makeup to look good.

I still like to use different products, my everyday makeup, routine, isnt, necessarily like quick im out the door type of situation just put on tinted, moisturizer concealer powder and im done thats, not really what i do so. The next product i am going to go in with is the primer so for primer. I have been loving this right here. This is the nyx plump right back primer. This is another primer that kind of grips but its also a serum primer. So it just gives me that really nice hydrated boost that my skin obviously needs and i use the same brush because honestly theyre all a part of the skin prep. To be honest, one thing i love the most about that nyx primer is that it is a serum consistency, kind of primer and you have room to blend it out, but it sets kind of tacky which helps your makeup to grip. Next primer i like to go in with is my greatness. Reducing primer, you guys have seen me talk about this so much on my channel. This is a great primer that helps to get rid of discoloration around my mouth area, so ill take a little bit. There. Probably too much, you really dont need a lot of this because it covers a lot of surface area. Now. Take my elf complexion duo brush. This is the brush that i like to use specifically for this product in this product only, which is why its kind of stained orange – i did wash my brushes before this video, so this is kind of stained from that.

So if you be aware that this product will kind of stain your brush, but i like to just take this in the areas where i have a little bit of discoloration, which is kind of more so on the bottom half of my face and mainly around my Mouth so thats, the area that i like to focus this product in the last product i like to go in before i go on with my foundation, is the jaclyn cosmetics under eye primer. I really love this for a smooth under eye. There are a lot of times where ill forget to use this product im like oh, my gosh. Something is missing and its always around my under eyes, and this is the only product i will use my finger with just because i got ta be very gentle around the eyes – were gon na go ahead and move on to the foundation, so i actually have two That i alternate between for my everyday makeup. Look so the first one. Of course, i like feel like a broken record when i talk about this product, but the one size bbb cream is one of the foundations i go on with, and the other is the elf camel cc cream. I love both of these. They honestly remind me of each other. The only difference is the finish with the one size you get like a soft matte finish with the camel cc cream. I feel like you, get more of a natural finish, but i love them both.

So i think for today i always use this one on camera, so im gon na go ahead and just do the elf cc cream today, just taking one of my favorite sponges from elf. This is from the cookies and dream collection. This is like the little marble sponge, so im just going to take this and start to tap this into the skin. I know some of you guys might think theres a lot of steps that i do before i get to the foundation part, but i feel like it truly makes a difference with my makeup. I feel, like my makeup, just lays beautifully and seamlessly with all of that. Prep, look at that glow like that lit from within kind of glow has a lot to do with that. Glowy spf and i just love that look. I love this elf cc cream. It is truly truly one of my favorites. I seriously love it next up before i go into concealer, i like to go into bronzer contour. Your girl needs to snatch this face, so the product that i like to use for my contour is the made by mitchell blush in the shade, shade and laid a little tip about this product is its easier. If you just place it. On the back of your hand like this, that is literally all that you need. I like to take this brush right here. This is huda, beautys, sculpt and shade face brush. I love this brush for my contour.

It definitely does pick up a lot of the product, as you guys can see. A little bit of that product definitely does go a very long way. So what i like to do is i like to take this and just tap it along my face. Just tap tap tap until i get that nice contoured effect it doesnt have to be. You know, precise, because were gon na go in with a bronzer, a cream bronzer. So this is what i like to do just to kind of give myself that, like subtle, sculpted kind of look, i just like to take that little bit of product and place it there. As you guys can see. It gave me a kind of like a shadow around the face, which is what i love its super subtle. You can go with more some days when im going super super like glam, then i will definitely go in with more of this. To give myself an even more sculpted look, but for my everyday makeup routine, i keep it more like natural kind of sculpt now for bronzer, you already know the abh cream. Bronzer is my holy grail. I love this bronzer so much now to use to apply this bronzer. I go in with my fenty 125 brush just because it gives me a little bit more flexibility than the huda beauty, one, the huda beauty. One is a little bit more dense to where i dont have so much that its more precise this one, i kind of want it to be a little bit more messy because it is a bronzer, so im just taking my abh cream bronzer in the shade chestnut And im just bronzing up the face, i do tend to bring it higher up under my eye because i am going to go with concealer so that when i blend out my concealer, its really going to you know, smooth everything out and come together.

Im making sure my forehead is bronzed once ive done, that i go in with concealer, so the concealer that i have been loving recently is the juvias place concealer. This is an oldie but a goodie. This is the shade 10. I love this concealer for everyday because it is thinner, but you can build it up to be pretty full coverage. It does give you that coverage, but its a more thin concealer, but its just super super pretty and i love it. It just blends so beautifully. I feel like it just melts into the skin, so now that i have concealer on, i look super crazy, which is pretty much what it is. I bring the concealer super low i like to do. Is i like to take the bronzer brush and just kind of go over the edges a bit of whats left? This is why i do my contour first rather than after i do concealer before we go ahead and set, i like to go in with my cream blush, so the cream blush that i like to go in with is the made by mitchell blurs in the shade Cherry cola – this is absolutely stunning. Okay. This is literally one of my favorite cream blushes in my collection. Im obsessed, the cap does get so dirty really fast, so thats one thing to note kind of bugs me, but its okay. Now i like to go in with my fenty 125 brush.

This is a different brush than the contour. I do have two of these one for contour and cream bronzer and the other for blush. So im going with the 125 brush that i use for blush. So im just going to take the made by mitchell blush on the brush and then im just going to go ahead and tap this onto the cheeks. So we can get that nice, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful flush of color. Dont worry! If you guys know me, you guys know how i feel about blush. I definitely love to build up my blushes, okay. I love blush. Look at this. I need to go with some more of my blush, but this is a formula thats really amazing, because you can put it on top of powder or under powder i like to do under powder. Then i just go back into my sponge that i use for concealer and just blend this out and make sure theres no creasing and make sure its a seamless blend. So now that i have that done, im gon na go ahead and set everywhere that i place the concealer for setting powder. I have been loving the morphe banana rich setting powder to set. You guys know i love to use my powder puff. So i just take some of the powder on the back of my puff and then i tap off the excess on my hand and then start to set once ive set under my eyes.

I like to go in with an all over face powder to kind of like set everything else, the powder i have been loving you guys, okay, ever since i got this like when it comes to a setting all over the face powder, its a powder that i Try to like filter through, i dont use the same powder to set all over my entire face every single time, but ever since i got this new jaclyn x robin powder, this has been the only thing that i have been using. This is absolutely a beautiful powder, so i have the shade sheer tan. This is from her collaboration with her mom. So what i like to do is i like to take some of it in the cap just about this much. You dont need too too too much, and then i like to go into my jaclyn hill and morphe brush. This is the jh01 brush its a really big fluffy brush, and i like to just kind of like coat my brush in the product, and then i like to take this and just tap it all on the face. When i tell you, this is a powder that, like feels like youre, not even setting your face like it, just feels really pretty its super super sheer like my face, feels set, but it doesnt feel like im putting powder on my face. I love this powder. I feel like whatever shade you decide to get.

This is strictly a all over the face powder, not really like a under the eye kind of powder, because i dont think this is what that powder is truly truly meant for, but i freaking love it. So much now that thats done i like to go in with a powder bronzer to kind of, like you know, bring the bronzer back into the face. So i have been loving this right here. This is the alamar cosmetics complexion trio. I just take this shade right here. This is the deepest palette. I just take this shade and i just kind of like lightly bronze up the face, just to give myself a little bit of bronze, just kind of like messily nose, contour. So for a powder blush. I do like to go on top of my made by mitchell blush with this blush right here. This is from pat mcgrath. This is the shade paradise venus, need, i say more need. I say more by the way for my bronzer: i did go into the jh05 brush. This is the morphe and jaclyn hill bronzer brush and then for blush i like to go in with the jh06 brush. This is a really flimsy brush. I dont know ive just been into this brush lately because i just feel like it blends out my blush really well thats. The only thing i just like how flushed everything looks once i have all of my powders on and everything i like everything to look melted together.

So i like to go in with my mac fix, plus i am literally almost out of this so im just gon na spritz my face so all the powders just melt together. So what i like to do when it comes to the eyes, is i like to take my nars soft matte concealer in the shade, amandi and im just using this dual sided brush from the morphe x? Aerial, brush collection? This is the a 19 brush. This is the brush that i like to use to clean up and carve out my brows as well as apply just apply this on to my lids, such a great concealer, to carve out your brows highly highly recommend this concealer for that im. Just going to take my morphe powder and just set that concealer, this part right here is like really easy and simple what i like to do for my eyes, you guys its not its totally, not a big thing. I will literally just take some of my made by mitchell blurs in shade and laid take a little bit on the back of my hand and im going to take a big fluffy brush, and i just kind of like to work it on there and then im Literally, going to take this and run this in my crease literally thats, what im gon na do! This is gon na just add a little bit of a contour to the crease, just to add a little bit of shadow and dimension wow.

I cannot get this brush here off of my face, then i like to take my one size eyeliner, you guys know. I love this and i like to do a wing some days ill. Do a big wing some days ill. Do a little wing today lets see how im feeling okay, so i guess this is the kind of wing im feeling today once ive done that i like to go into my bad girl, bang mascara. This is my favorite mascara ever this and the morphe make a big mascara are my two favorites. I think this ones – probably my number one though, and then the morphe comes in second, because i just love what this does for my lashes as you guys are gon na see. Okay, so moving on to the lips i like to go in with my jaclyn cosmetics, lip liner in the shade bold brew. I love this lip liner, so much liner just literally goes with every single thing. Also my camera stopped recording on me. So i wanted to do this other step on camera with yall, but for eyeliner i like to go into my made by mitchell all smudge no budge eyeliner pencil. This is in the shade tigers eye. I love this so much once i take the made by mitchell shade and laid shade in my crease, i like to go into this and just mix these two shades together and then just run this in my crease as well to add a little bit of depth In my crease, just like this basically finish off this look i like to just take a nice clear, gloss, any clear, gloss honestly and just pop this in the center.

It just goes with everything its simple, my lips look juicy so yeah. It does get really messy and sticky. I dont know if anybody elses fenty gloss does that, but mine does. I dont know why. So to finish off this look im going to go in with the charlotte tilbury airbrush. Why do i say air blush airbrush setting spray? Oh my gosh oops. What was i going to say all right guys, so here is the finished makeup. Look. This is my everyday makeup routine. Its super simple, nothing too too, too dramatic some days when i really want to look a little bit extra, i will go in with lashes today. I wasnt really feeling lashes. This is the kiss so wispy in the shade pompadour. These are my favorite everyday lashes. They look like half lashes, which are amazing. I love these so much in my last video. I am wearing these lashes, so if you wanted to, if you saw that video – and you want to know those lashes are those i hope you guys enjoyed todays video, it seemed like it was a lot of products, but i feel like since its something i do. Every day it doesnt feel like a lot to me, but i hope you guys enjoyed this video. I hope it was helpful. I hope you were able to see some of the products that i use in my everyday makeup routine and hopefully incorporate them into your own.

But i am going to go ahead and end this video right here and i will see you guys in my next one.