That is bad. It is all really really good im. Also, sharing with you how to use my concealers and my new setting powders and im just really excited for you guys to see the outcome whats on my face right now. So before i get into the video dont forget to subscribe to my channel and hit that notification bell, so you can be a part of the dom fam and without further ado lets get into this video, okay, so todays, one of those days where im picking my Outfit jewelry and perfume before my makeup, thats kind of tell me where to go with my makeup today, so i change up my perfume depending on my mood and i like to try a new one every day. Yes, im obsessed, i have tons of perfumes and because i like to change it up so much. I am super excited to be partnering up with scentbird for this video sun bird is sponsoring a portion of this video and im really excited to talk to you about it, because i like to travel with my perfumes and i have to like, buy a separate thing To put it in and its not easy, its not easy to do. Stunt bird is a fragrant subscription service where you get to choose a new designer fragrance every month and its just 16 no surprises thats. All it is, and so im really excited to show you guys the fragrances that i got like the nostalgia and the fragrances is just taking me back so the first fragrance that i chose was the versace bright crystal absolute.

This is what im wearing today, im. Actually gon na put this on today, because me and jaden are gon na go get the starbucks refresher head to the park. Chill do homework im gon na edit and were just gon na soak up the sun in the spring like this. Is that moment it smells just like that. I swear its so good and look how much you get. This is not like one of those tiny little sample sizes. This is a good amount. This is going to last you a good amount of time. I only spray on the pressure points of my body and thats, why? I guess my perfumes last me a little bit longer. I love that this has a little cartridge. You can put it in and you just pop it in there to open it all. You have to do is this twist it up and then spray ill. Just put it here rub my wrists together, so not too much sometimes ill, even put it in where my joints are the back of my legs and the back of my neck and my waist, depending if caesars coming with me or not the top notes for this One is frosted, yuzu and pomegranate im going to show you the next scent that i got prada candy. This is so nostalgic. For me, this is something i would wear if im going to disneyland and the top notes for this one are caramel its just sweet youthful.

I also chose this one right here: its confessions of a rebel, almost single, so the top notes for this one is cardamom and black pepper. I also chose pamela roland its an everyday fresh kind of scent. I had to look up the top notes and like write them down, because i dont honestly know how to say this word, but im, probably gon na butcher it its sparkling bergamo bergamot, i dont, know also has black currant buds in pink peppercorn. So if youre, a perfume lover like me, youre going to love this so make sure to check it out, im going to have a special discount for you, guys so make sure to click. The link below use my code cd55 for 55 off your first month, thats a lot thats only about seven dollars for your first month. I also have some really exciting news. Scent bird is now available in canada, so if youre out in canada make sure to check this out today, im just gon na throw the versace scent bird in my bag and now were gon na get in to the makeup. So, im just going to prep my face with the ultra hydrating fine mist and also my blur and moisture primer serum. You know just everything that i create is hydrating its because my skin is so freaking dry. When i expand my brand, i want to create products for oily skin too, not just for my skin, but i thought id come out with something that is going to solve my skin issues.

Oh fedex is here really excited right now, because im going to be using my first ever concealer that i created ive talked about it in my last video, but i havent used it on my face. I did show you a snippet in that youtube, video, but im gon na put it on show you the shades that i use and im just so freaking excited if youve missed my video, where i talked about the concealers and the setting powders, the really cool innovative Thing about these wide awake full cover concealers is the metal tip. This is going to revolutionize the way you put on concealer. I have really puffy eyes in the morning this cooling tip instead of doing like the ice roller or anything. I just put it on with my concealer, and it de puffs has caffeine in it its going to brighten your under eye. Tighten that area. Hydrate has a vitamin e, its super nourishing its full coverage natural finish im, just really obsessed so im the shade oat milk, and it looks like this im just gon na apply that on my under eyes, like so um, it feels so good and the way i Like to do, it is just rub it back and forth and its so smooth and you get the perfect amount of concealer every time because of the tip the way its designed. It can only pick up enough to where your concealer wont get cakey, and i did that on purpose, because a lot of us overdo our concealers and we end up looking like really really cakey, and we really dont need that much.

Unless you really want to. Then you can go ahead, but its just kind of portion controlling your concealer, and i just put it on all over my face and right here a little bit in my hair. I always get it in my hair and then i have my own beauty, sponge, its antibacterial, and it applies makeup so smooth because the holes in here are tiny, theyre super tiny and it just blends so beautifully into the skin. Look at that. I love the finish on my skin with this concealer and its also a buildable full coverage, so youre not going to get an intense amount when you first put it on to where you cant go back, you can sheer this out. You can start off with a medium amount and work your way up to a full coverage like you are hiding all your secrets with this concealer. Not everybody wants a full like full coverage right away. So i try to keep that in mind and i made it buildable. So this is the first layer and im just gon na go in with another layer like that, and if you really want to get the most out of any concealer, you just got ta wait a little bit so im just gon na wait before i blend it. In and while im doing that, im gon na contour my face with chai latte, a very like natural kind of soft contour, its like a skincare component with makeup.

Now that thats kind of sat in and blend it out and bam you are covered. It has a nice kind of healthy natural skin, glow to it and thats. What i love like, i love that it doesnt make me look matte and greasy makes me look good, like i have a healthy, glowy skin, so im going to go ahead and blend. In my contour rest of my face to even out my skin tone, i use frappuccino and i just put that right on my cheek area. Its also not going to pick up as much bacteria as a sponge tip would spin chips are like very soft and everything, but if you want like good clean skin in the long run, put it on with confidence, i know like my skin isnt, going to break Out its its going to be fine im going to be okay, we can keep wearing makeup as long as we do our skincare routine and remove it at the end of the day and we apply it as clean as possible were good for my upper eyelids. I want to even them out so im going to use my everlasting eye base its a 24 hour hold and it evens out the skin tone im just going to take that over my eyelids and bam were even and ready for eyeshadow. Look how glowy my skin looks. This looks so amazing guys, oh im, so excited for you guys to try it.

I really think youre gon na love it im not gon na set anything just yet. I wan na do my eyes and then set my face. Just in case so i am so excited to get into this palette, ive already used it. It is an amazing palette. I got so many compliments on my eye. Look when i used it and the tones in this palette perfection. So this is the new lunar beauty. Nude prism palette, im gon na go into cherry blossom and im shy from the very back and im just going lightly back and forth that way, its even its smooth, and it just applies so much better. Im gon na go into vibes and apricot so vibes. Is this shade right here, a little bit of apricot just going down the row and im gon na get a little deeper in to the crease in the outer v area like right in here and im still using the lightest hand ever so that nothing looks muddy Or gets patchy, but these eyeshadows are going on the eye very, very easy, smooth pigmented, as always with lunar beautys formula, its always so pigmented and were gon na go into classic, which is this brown right here and bring it in all the way to the inner Corner i always like to layer my lightest shades of brown first and then kind of build up from that, so that we have this really nice backdrop and the gradient going on so from here.

Im going to take this brown up in here, you see where, like this area, starts to curve into the nose im going to deepen that up a little bit just right there. This is going to bring more attention to the eye, were going deeper, im going to take bloom for you that one, oh great, i just dug my nail in it lets do that so now, im gon na go into that crease again with that plump, and do This, its not gon na look perfect, but just get the gist of where you wan na put it down, get a clean, pencil brush and just clean up the edges and then im going to grab that same shade and take it out here into the wing. Im going to take classic with whatever i have on this brush and im going to bring it down to the lower lash line, take a little bit more of bloom for you and then just deepen up this outer area, so its a little more purpley. This whole palette gives me cherry, blossom vibes, and this look does too its just so so pretty i get sam and expose on my brush and im gon na add that right onto the lid, that is beautiful, and i think this is what was catching everyones eye. Just the glow sparkle in these shadows are mesmerizing and then im going to take. So i see on the inner corners – and this is a inner beauty, 4 brush and im just going to take the lightest shade of shimmer and pop it into the inner corner.

Right on that, like kind of like where the lower inner corner is right here, im gon na go in with my pencil brush and just blend it together. So i just got this new lash collection and from lily its called the everyday faux, mink and its a bunch of everyday lashes, and i love that because i am the like natural kind of glam type of girl im putting on the unveil lashes today, i like To start off with my clear pen of lash glue and i let it sit right at the base of my lash, i usually like to start my eyelashes right where the black ring starts on my eye, so i set it there. First wiggle it in my skin. So it doesnt pop up im just going to take a little bit of this black lash glue from house lashes and just put it into that open space and then im going to pop on some mascara. This is the rare beauty mascara its so so good. This has got to be my favorite mascara of the year so far, but im just going to pop that on my real and false lash, so they can come together and while that black lash glue is drying underneath there im gon na let the mascara dry a Little bit im gon na wait to put on the lower mascara until i get the powder on there, because if you put a little bit of powder on your lashes, your mascara is gon na last longer and its also going to perform even better thats pretty much.

It for the eyes for blush im, going to use this dominique soft, pink cream blush and just take that on the cheeks right, where the top of the cheekbone is and a little bit on the nose and very softly above the brow bone im going to take. My beauty, sponge and just really work that into the skin. This blush is hyaluronic acid. So if you have dry skin its going to really lock in the moisture and a little bit more concealer brush took a little bit off and then im gon na softly blend. That in im excited to show you how smooth im gon na look after i put on my smooth and blur setting powder, were gon na put the setting powder on set everything in place, so it doesnt move it locks in everything. This is also a hydrating setting powder, so its not going to feel dry on the skin. It has hyaluronic acid in it as well. I really love hyaluronic acid. Can you tell right there its just super blurring completely blurs out your lines, im, im obsessed and bam. If you have texture, dont worry about it, this powder is gon na fix it. If you have oily skin its gon na be set in place. Look at that. That is smooth. Oh my god. You cannot tell me that that is not smooth. Let me make sure im recording okay, i love it. I only put it on on my t zone and under my eyes, because the rest of my face, i want to look glowy.

I do want to lock in my makeup on the sides of my face, but i still want to look glowy, so what ill do is get? Oh, my god. I just brought my tom ford bronzer that i was just about to talk about completely crushed all over. My floor, why me that bronzer broke were going to be using the soft radiance bronzing powder, which is kind of the same thing, youre going to get that illuminating glow, but its not going to look flat in that. So, im just going to pop that on along the cheek area and the forehead im going to take a little bit of this powder and run it down my nose just so that we can have that nice contour going and for my lower lashes. I like to use the mac extended play giga black lash. It just pulls out all those little tiny hairs that you didnt even know you had im going to be using dulce lip liner ill, have everything linked below, and this lip liner is just a really nice peachy nudey type of lip. This is our creamy felt and define lip liner, thats actually really pretty on its own, but i do want to add a little bit of a lipstick on top so im going to take sweet nectar, another peachy kind of shade and go right in the center. Just a little bit of a brighter peachy color, now just set everything and im ready to go.

I hope you guys enjoyed this video as much as i enjoyed sharing it with you. I was so excited to show you how my concealers and setting powders performed – and i got the best news ever this morning – michaela literally michaela j makeup, the number one makeup genius on social media right now: voice messaged me on instagram, letting me know how amazing my Concealers and setting powders were, and then she did a video on it, and i was like i could have cried at that moment like i was just so happy and just that something that ive been working on for so long two and a half years, and it Means so much to me, like concealers, are the reason why i got into makeup theyre, a part of who i am and have people like really enjoy the product ive been working on and also recognize that the way that youre applying the concealer is just unlike anything Else, i am so grateful in this moment so happy, and i just want to share that with you honestly, like i said in my last video, this is all thanks to you guys supporting me throughout the entire time of my youtube career. Thank you for getting me to where i am today. I love you so much. I want to support you and i want to see you grow and if you ever doubt yourself come back to me and i will let you know that you are that girl and youre going to do it.

I love you guys so much. Thank you for watching supporting and if you missed these two videos on the side make sure to check them out if you havent subscribed to my channel subscribe. So we can be friends here on youtube. I post every week.