So if youve been following me from a while, you might have seen in my previous makeup videos as well, that i had severe hyperpigmentation or like around my mouth area and even i had a lot of like acne, acne marks and stuff. And that was because you know sometime back, i did face a lot of like skin irritation like damaged skin barrier and stuff and because that you know led to a lot of like hyperpigmentation and marks, which were very, very difficult to go because i did try. So many different products, but none of them you know, were giving me the kind of results and also because, like i had a damaged skin barrier, so i couldnt be using like too many uh actives. You know because, when youre having a damaged skin barrier, you should you know, protect your skin, you should first heal your skin and then you know probably use those uh strong actives to get rid of the marks, and you know i was like literally going in a Cycle because the moment i would use actives my skin would, you know, react badly because my you know barrier was also damaged, so it was like literally. I was just going in circles, and that is when you know i consulted my dermatologist also, and he asked me to you know: stop using all sorts of actors, and he just prescribed me a very basic. You know simple skincare, routine uh, which i have been following since quite some time now, religiously, and you will see in the before and after pictures right here that it has given me such a great great improvement in terms of you know, reducing the pigmentation and marks As well without using any actives, you know, i have not used any sort of actives in all of these months uh, and yet you know it has given me such great results, so i just wanted to share it with you guys, also also guys.

I know my skin is still not like crystal clear but im slowly getting there and im hopeful with continuous usage of these products, for maybe one or two months, i will be able to get rid of all my pigmentation pretty soon. Now this skincare routine isnt anything fancy its just basic cleansing, moisturizing and sunscreen. Only because you know i am a mother and i also have to regularly film the youtube video. So i dont get time to be honest. Uh, for you know like a five or ten step, skincare routine, elaborate, skincare routine, because first, you know my skin is very, very sensitive, so uh. I have to be very careful of what i apply on my skin and also i dont get. You know the time for it, so i have uh kept my routine pretty simple and basic, so yeah. If you want to know what our products i have been using, then please continue watching. So first lets start with cleanser, so the cleanser that i would highly recommend you do try out is this ebisoft cleansing lotion for sensitive skin type, so this is a 250 ml of product and it retails only for these 550, which i know you can think its A little bit pricey, but this is such a fantastic. You know cleansing lotion guys. So this is a non foaming, cleanser, okay! So when youre using this, this is not going to give you any sort of like foam yeah, you know put in a charge.

This is a non forming gentle cleanser that very you know like deeply, yet effectively gets rid of all the impurities. So this is an amazing cleanser, even if you have like very sensitive oily skin, then also you can easily use this because this is very gentle at the same time, very, very effective. So i am using this twice in a day once in the morning and once a tight and obviously beach mega if im wearing some makeup or a muji, kuch, nika knight, so maximum three thrice in a day, i use this cleansing lotion all over my face and Neck now jessica, palette, problem area that were a dryness pigmentation and you know acne spots and stuff, and also i had a damaged skin barrier. So, in order to tackle you know, dryness and all these issues uh earlier what i used to do, i used to use different kind of products and serums. Just a dryness. Then, when it comes to my hyperpigmentation and spots, i used to try using you know, actives or some other oils and stuff, but because you know i was using so many different products. My skin started feeling very, very congested uh. So that is why what my dermatologist suggested is that well stick to a very basic routine of cleansing, and you know moisturization stuff and whatever uh. You know, issues hair, just dryness pigmentation. He suggested me the new herbs hair skin vitamins with hyaluronic acid, which comes in this kind of a packaging, so this supplement contains hyaluronic acid primrose oil powder, turmeric and green tea.

Extract works wonders for your skin. So, instead of applying the you know, hyaluronic acid, serum topically – i was taking and im still taking these capsules twice daily, so hyaluronic acid helps keep the body tissues well, lubricated and moist, and more nourished. Primrose oil powder is wealthy in gamma linolenic acid. That is gla that helps promote good skin and turmeric, and green tea extract, helps, combat skin inflammation, itchiness and dry skin, and also helps to maintain a healthy supple complexion and im honestly so sorted now, because i dont have to like you know, follow a 10 step. Skincare routine with all the oils and the serums and the actives, because you know instead of applying topically im taking them internally. So you know its going to provide that nourishment to my entire body, not just my face, because those serums and those oils im going to be applying topically. Just on my face, you know, but this provides nourishment for my entire. You know body skin also, which is so amazing right also the new herbs hair skin vitamins also contain glycine l cysteine, which are amino acids along with vitamins and minerals that are very much essential to take care of our skin and hair tissues from internally, which also Includes biotin, and it also contains antioxidant like pomegranate, fruit, extract and lycopene, which fight oxidative damage in the body cells that helps to recover from internal issues altogether. They support integrity, texture and provide nourishment to the hair and the skin, which is generally affected by poor.

Sleep. Stress and weight loss diets, so its a complete hair and skin care, nourishment formula which does not contain any doping agent or preservatives, and it is also vitamin k free. So i have given the direct link of this product also in the description box below in case. If you want to, you know, check them out, you can definitely do so because this is a highly highly recommended product from my side, because they definitely do work really well, but because this is a consumable, i would definitely suggest you to first consult your doctor before You start consuming it just to rule out any possibility of any allergies, so yeah. I have given the link of this one, also in the description box below moving on to moisturizer, so for moisturizer. My doctor recommended me a very basic moisturizer, so this is the dr reddys venusia derm cream. Now this is, this can be used for both face and body um, but i prefer using this, or only on my face, because its image of venusia cream hair is to make a lotion for me that also you can use for your body and also because you Know thats a chota size, so i prefer using this only on my face. So this again is a very, very basic moisturizer. So is 249 rupees here and you get about 75 grams of product in here. So it comes in this kind of a packaging tube. For my other is so very convenient to carry also and its got a texture in a hulk, thick hair, but at the same time it you know, absorbs really well into your skin.

You just need a pea size amount of this moisturizer and once youre done washing your face with the episode cleansing lotion, you can directly take a pea sized amount of this moisturizer and apply it all over your face and neck, and you will instantly see your skin Feeling so much more hydrated and well nourished, and this is a very, very basic moisturizer. Let me tell you that it contains like aloe butter, mango butter, shea butter, cocoa butter and a lot of other like basic moisturizing ingredients. Basically, but at the same time, having said all of that, this does a fantastic job guys. So, if youre looking out for a very nice basic moisturizer fast free moisturizer, then this is definitely the one for you. So yes, in the morning, as well as in the night time and now to the last and the final product which ive been using religiously, is the sunscreen, and this is the episode ac sunscreen ill, be you know. I have talked about the sunscreen so many times on my channel that agarap. If you have been a regular subscriber, then you know hearing about this again, but trust me this is one of the best best sunscreens in the market. This is a sunscreen with a moisturizer. Take a separate moisturizer, then you can just simply use this sunscreen on its self. Also because its made, you know, moisturizer, be here. So this is the moisturizer with micro encapsulated sunscreen, which provides you a broad spectrum protection from both uva and uvb rays, and this has an spf of 30 with boot star rating of 4 stars – and this is one of the best sunscreens guys sunscreen.

I recommend karuna its not enough. It does not give you any white cast whatsoever at the same time, yeah the amazing production detail that this is like literally my holy grail uh. I do have another sunscreen, but what is expensive? That is why for budget category recommendation, then this is the only sunscreen that i would highly recommend. So yes basic wanted to make this video, because when you think about problems yeah, when you think about skin issues, we often try to you know use so many different products and stuff to get rid of that thing. So ive, given the direct links of all of these products in the description box below in case, if you want to check them out, you can do so, and i hope you found this video useful and helpful. If you did, please dont forget to give it a big thumbs up and also, if youre, watching me for the first time, then please do consider subscribing to my channel, because it would really really mean a lot to me so yeah thats it for todays video guys.