Today i have this pink lips: cosmetics, lumi, balm, lip tint in the shade dream: okay, im a little confused because the ipsy app and the ipsy card says lumi balm lip tint, but this says pink lips, tinted, balm and dream. Then it says velvet lipstick, oh gosh, but this is a brand that im not familiar with and i love getting to try out new brands through ipsy. I got this in my may 2022 ipsy glam bag, and this is a full size product. It retails for 12.. Its cruelty, free vegan and i love a tinted lip balm because i get such dry chapped lips, but i want to also add color, so a tinted lip balm is a great option for that. So lets see what this color looks like. Oh, my gosh, so pretty – and i really like this packaging lets – do a swatch to see how it looks yeah. I would say this is the tinted lip balm, not the velvet lipstick, but that has some good color to it for a tinted balm such a pretty bright, pink, color yay. I love pink so im so excited to see how this is going to look on my lips ooh. It has a nice slick formula that glides on super easily, so my lips do have dry texture dry patches, pretty much all the way across my bottom. Lip so well see how this moisturizes, because at first it was clinging a little bit to those dry areas.

Im just going to go over with a little bit more just one thin layer does give that nice even tint of color, and it is giving moisture but lets just add a little bit more. It does get a little bit brighter a little more pigmented, but it is still an easy to wear bright, pink color because it definitely tones it down, but it is summery. I just really like this shade and i really like the feel of it. Its more like slippy than a regular lip balm yeah. I think this is beautiful. It gives a little bit of shine to the lips as well and its not clinging to the dry patches on my lips anymore. It has smoothed that over hydrated, my lips, i will say that dry texture is still there. It hasnt completely deeply moisturized my lips fully the way some hydrating lip products can do, but this really does enhance the lips makes them feel very comfortable and moisturized, and since you cant actually see the dry texture on my lips anymore, thats, fine. I just love everything about this: the color, the feel the finish im curious: how much transfer there is yeah. Unfortunately, thats kind of a lot of transfer, and i feel like did it all come off of my lips. Now it definitely faded thats. The thing with how like slippy, as i keep saying it, is it its gon na come off and theres gon na be transfer and thats.

Just not something that i really like in my lip products, but this is so beautiful and its so quick and easy to reapply. Also lets see how those dry patches look now yeah i mean you still dont even see the dry texture. So i like this its not going to be my most favorite amazing lip product that ill reach for because of all the transfer, but it is so pretty once its freshly applied and ill just have to make sure to bring this with me. If im choosing to wear this that day, because it is going to have to be reapplied after any time, my lips touch anything like any time i eat and drink just have to quickly reapply, but all in all, my first experience with pink lips cosmetics is great. So now, of course, i want to try out more products from this brand. I also feel like its relatively reasonably priced, so if you have any recommendations for other products that i should try out, let me know in the comments down below and thank you so much for watching.