So this is a 13 a month, small little beauty subscription. This is the beauty subscription that ive been getting the longest out of all of my beauty subscriptions. I also get the other ipsy glam bag, so this month, its the glen bag x, which that unboxing is already up here on my youtube channel and then i also get both boxy charm boxes. So this month i believe its the boxy charm base box and then the boxy charm premium, and i just love the subscription boxes of all sorts. So i have a lot of that content here on my youtube channel, so i would love for you to subscribe. If you like to see unboxings also, if you like to see makeup reviews, i have a series here on my youtube channel, where i try out a new makeup product every day. So i do full detailed review videos on all of the makeup products that i get in all of these subscriptions, but so lets check out what i got in this bag. The ipsy blind bags are one of my favorite types of unboxings, because theyre all different, because theyre supposed to be curated to your personal taste and my personal taste is that i love this makeup bag. I actually got the makeup bag. That is the theme of this month. Last month, i didnt get the makeup bag associated with the theme of the month, which is weird, but this one is adorable.

I love the flowers, i love the color, its like a faux leather and its this fun shape. Lets see if all my products fit in here ive got just the product, yes information card here it has product details, so im going to try and not look at that, so that im surprised at whats actually in here right on top here, is pink lips. Tinted lip balm in the shade dream, so one of my favorite things about these beauty subscriptions is learning about new makeup brands and i am not familiar with the brand pink lips, but i love the sound of it because i love the color pink and i love Lip products and tinted lip balms are one of my favorites because i tend to get very dry lips and i love to moisturize my lips, but also add color. So this pink lips, cosmetics, lumi, balm, lip tint in the shade dream – is full size. It retails for 12 dollars that is so right up my alley, so the first product is a perfect match to my tastes. Next up, this is from the brand kinship, which sounds familiar, but i feel like ive, not tried out very many products from this brand. Its the self reflect probiotic, moisturizing, sunscreen, zinc oxide, broad spectrum, spf 32 clean vegan cruelty, free dermatologist tested. This must be a sample size, because this is a tiny little tube of sunscreen, with how much sunscreen youre supposed to actually use.

This could literally be a days worth of sunscreen if youre spending the day in the sun, but i am such an advocate for sunscreen and i love trying out different sunscreens. I wear a sunscreen every day, so i am very excited to get that. I dont usually get sunscreens in ipsy and thats a product that i would be happy to get plenty of. So this kinship self reflect probiotic, moisturizing, sunscreen, zinc, oxide, broad spectrum, spf 32, such a long title. This is a sample, the full size retails for 26 dollars. So this will be a good product that i can try out in my skincare routine and then talk about it in my monthly empties video, although its almost become bi monthly or like every other month, because i havent been using up very many products lately but thats. Where i can update you on the skin care, hair care, self care types of products that i use up and that ive been able to fully develop my reviews on, in my experience with, because ive completely used them up so stay tuned, because i think at the End of may, i will have empties to share, and this will probably be in there, and i can let you know what i think of it: Applause next weve got. This is one of my favorite brands, and this is a brand that does great sun care with their makeup and its pure lease. This is the perfect glow bb concealer.

I am obsessed with the pure lace bb and cc creams. They have high spf, they look so natural on the skin, yet give great coverage, which is exactly what i look for in my foundation type products, and when i saw that they had a concealer i was so excited. This is the product that i chose with my ipsy glam bag because you get to choose one product and im so excited to try this out, because ive just had such great success with all of the pierlys products that ive tried out and ive ive literally tried Out all of them, i think you know blushes primers, anything that i can get my hands on from pure leaves. I try out and i want to try out so this is a deluxe sample, the full size retails for 28, which for a really good concealer. I am willing to spend 28 on it next ive got. I dont think i recognize this brand. The new co, topical microbiome repair, the skin barrier, topical skin, supplement barrier, culture cleanser, so a cleanser is not a type of product that im super excited to get. I much prefer makeup or a type of skincare product that i dont already have so many of and when it comes to cleansers, ive told ipsy that i dont want cleansers ive put that in my product reviews in my quiz. So i get frustrated when i see types of products that ive told ipsy that i dont want and cleansers its definitely on there.

So this is a simple ultra gentle, yet effective face wash its soap, free and sulfate free removes dirt pollution. Makeup helps fortify your skin, bury it with a blend of prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics. So i guess it is kind of nice to get these little sample size cleansers because theyre great for travel. So since this is so gentle, it does sound like one i would put in my travel bag, because i have to be careful if im bringing a new skincare product on a trip with me, because what, if i react badly to it, but this one i think I will put with my travel products the full size of this retails for 42 dollars. So to me this is a pretty high end, skincare brand and then oh yeah. This is my fifth product. Oh, i love this brand kenzie sun, kissed beauty. Kenzie makes such fantastic fragrances and i actually had a fragrance set from a scent that i loved and they had a great lotion and other different types of perfumes, and i love it. I love to get perfumes in my beauty subscription boxes. I love changing up. My scents i dont have any perfume on today so lets try this out. I love that this is called sun kissed beauty, so its like gon na, maybe give me some summer vibes. Oh my gosh, this smells so amazing. Oh my gosh. It definitely kind of reminds me of another perfume, but i cant quite pinpoint it, but its very floral, which i love.

I love sweet floral fragrances, oh its amazing, so it says top notes. Green apple, mandarin, lemon zest. Oh, none of those are flowers but thats. I i get a lot of flower midnotes, plum, bergamot, tonka bean dont know what that is. Base notes, orange blossom, patchouli, sun, kissed driftwood; oh, it smells so lovely, but i wouldnt really describe this as like sun kissed summery. Anything like that to me this could be a year round, classic perfume gosh. That is amazing, see i literally cannot stop smelling it. I love it. So this is a sample, the full size retails for 68, which for fragrance, i guess, is kind of reasonable and im glad that i can try this out see how it lasts, how it works throughout the day. What kind of reactions i get from it and maybe decide to purchase the full size? Because, oh my gosh, i love it. I love that wow. This is an awesome box this month or a glam bag, not a box, but bag. This month, im very excited about the products. The only one that im like not crazy about is this: the new co cleanser because id rather like a makeup type of product, but the rest im so excited about so the other ones that i got just as a little recap. We got the kenzie fragrance. The kinship sunscreen, the purelys bb concealer and the pink lips tinted lip balm. The only thing is, it says: im supposed to get fifty dollars, plus a value.

The only full size product i got is the lip balm, which is twelve dollars, so i dont think the other four samples would be 38 or more of value so im, just not seeing the 50 value that ipsys claiming and its been that way for months, like I dont think ive ever really seen that value in my ipsy glam bag, but i paid 13 for it and i do see 13 worth of value and im excited to use these products. So im really happy with this month. Its im not always so happy with my ipsy glam bag for the month and i feel encouraged to continue getting it. But in the comments down below, i would love to hear what you got in your bag this month and if youve tried any of these products.