. People have often started paying attention to things like baldness graying of hair, along with their beauty. sorry, it is not easy to take care of hair, But the question is: can hair be taken care of in an easy way? Can hair graying be prevented? There are many questions and the answer is yes, But you have to stay till the end of the video to know all the answers., Because in this video I will give an honest review of both Kesh King Hair Oil and Shampoo.. What I myself have done on my hair, And I would also recommend you guys to use, But when and how much to apply it. Apart from how long the result will be available will also give you information about the results., So stay tuned till the end of the video and subscribe the channel. So, as we told you that I will give you the honest, review. Friends, I am using this shampoo for almost 4 5 months., But I used the oil only for two months. Then our hair stopped falling, so I gradually stopped using oil.. Now May Sharif use Aloe Vera and shampoo in my hair. In the past, when I used to touch my hair, 4 5 hairs used to come in my hand., But when I started using both Kesh King hair oil and shampoo, So the result came out in about 2, months. And now, no matter how much I play with your hair, there is no fear of breakage After good results.

I sided with the oil and started using shampoo., Because Kesh King Shampoo can reduce hair fall by 80. It even makes your hair silky, shiny and smooth Because it is made of 21 herbs along with Aloe Vera Rubia cordifolia Mesua ferreaBacopq monnieri Eclipta alba Emblica officinalisGlycyrrhiza glabra Terminalia chebula Terminalia belerica Symplocos racemosa Amomum sublatum, Nardostachys, jatamansi, Ziziphus, mauritiana, Lawsonia, inermis, Cyperus, rotundas, Trigonela, foenum, graecum, Hibiscus rosa sinensis, Ocimum sanctum, Pongamia, pinnata, Centella, asiatica, Tribulus, terrestris, Murraya, koenigii, Melia azadirachta. Its advantage is that this shampoo provides nourishment to the scalp. and works up to 80 of hair care Along with making hair strong. It also makes hair smooth and shiny. It would not be wrong to say that white hair is also black and it also gets rid of baldness., Provided you know how to apply this shampoo In this way. I use it every fifth day, but exactly one night before using it, I apply hair king oil and wake up in the morning and apply aloe vera gel. If you havent seen the full video of Kesh King Oil and Shampoo. So by clicking on that button they can watch the video After drying the Aloe Vera Gel. I use it in equal quantity on my hair. And I try to massage for at least 5 minutes., then wash the hair thoroughly. Just follow this process two days a week or every fifth day. and provide two fold. Protection to the hair Makes hair black thick strong, durable and shiny.

Well, this 200ml shampoo costs 135rs And its 300ml oil costs 350rs, Which is available in your nearest cosmetic shop, Also get upto 50 off on Kesh King products. When you take it online, So whats the delay, a link has been given in the description below the video.. By going there clicking on the link, you can buy it comfortably in a low budget.. However, how did you like this product? Have you ever used it before Or if you have any question related to the video then tell us in the comment.