You can see. Ive got my headband on im in my bathroom and im gon na do a morning, skincare routine, for oily skin, so lets get into it Music. Before i get into the skincare routine. I really want to point out that this is not my personal skincare routine. I have dry skin, sometimes its sensitive in this area, where i get melasma and i deal with hyperpigmentation more so im constantly doing the opposite of this skincare routine, all right! So when we have oily skin, we have a few things that were trying to achieve. First, i think the biggest goal is to just decrease shine that you get throughout the day when you have oily skin. I think two, if you get clogged pores youre, trying to also decrease those chances as well and then three you want to protect your skin and thats, really the goal for everyone, no matter your skin type. You want to protect your skin during the daytime, so the first step is going to be cleansing. Your skin, which again i want to point out, is not something i would do on a regular basis as somebody with dry skin, or i would use a completely different product for cleansing my skin. So this is a morning cleanse for people with oily skin and im going to go in with this from my brand naturium. This is our niacinamide cleansing. Jelly three percent. I think niacinamide is an amazing ingredient for all skin types, but i think its a really great ingredient for people with oily skin, specifically because it helps to balance out that oil production in a lot of ways thats what were trying to achieve? No matter what our skin type is its just, that balanced oil right, the oil production for people with oily skin its a little bit more excessive and for people with dry skin youre not producing enough so youre trying to find that balance and niacinamide is really great.

At helping with that in a cleanser, its obviously not going to be as strong, but you can go ahead and try to use it sort of the way im going to and thats for, like a flash mask, almost so im going to put it onto my dry. Skin first, this is not three percent, so this is a really good percentage of niacinamide for all skin types, no matter if youre, sensitive or wet so oily sensitive, it doesnt matter so im going to put this on my skin and then im just going to let It sit for a minute or so and ill be right back now that this has been sitting on my skin for a little bit im going to go in with this from pmd. This is the pmd clean. This is for your face. I have been a pmd ambassador for years. This might be like my longest partnership that ive ever had with a brand, because i love this so much. I use this and the body one in the shower. I think i use the body one even more so so if you havent checked that out, i highly recommend it so now that this has been staying on my skin im going to go ahead and wet this and then im going to turn it on and im. Just going to gently work it onto my skin and usually id be like face over the sink while im doing this so dont, mind me if it starts dripping this isnt normally how i would be holding my face up.

So the reason why i like the pmd is that its really a gentle way to kind of unclog your pores, it has the sonic glow technology that they call it and whats great about that. Sonic glow technology is that its giving this vibration thats like a deep vibration, thats still gentle on your skin and that helps to just get a lot of the debris out of your pores. So i find that people, especially with oily skin or who get clogged pores love to use this because its not even an exfoliation, its really just helping to further unclog the pores or decongest so im just going to continue kind of wetting it. But its made out of silicone so its really hygienic its antibacterial. The battery lasts for a really long time too, which is a big plus for me, like im, really bad about changing batteries and im really bad about charging my devices. So this one lasts for a while, and you can also keep it in the shower if you want to so im finished using this im going to go, rinse off and then ill tell you a little bit more about it. So i rinsed off my face. My skin doesnt feel stripped, which is a big key when you are cleansing your skin back to the pmd, really quick. If you have not tried it, it does have four different modes. The first two modes are cleansing, vibrations and the second two modes are pulsations and the reason why i like those is because theres this back area where you can actually just kind of like massage your face.

So if you like to have a little bit of lymphatic drainage, you can use it. You can also use it to. You know like make your skincare products absorb a little bit better, its a really nice tool to have and ive been using it forever and as always, you can get 20 off with my affiliate code, its mix makeup 20. ill leave it in the description box. All right, the next step, im going to go in with this from skinceuticals its their silly marine cf sulfuric acid acne treatment. So if you watch my videos, you know that i always wear a vitamin c serum in the morning. I wear some type of antioxidant serum in the morning. It never fails. I never not to wear an antioxidant serum, but vitamin c tends to be my go to its an ingredient that i think is really important for your morning. Skincare routine and the reason for that is because its an antioxidant that works well with your sunscreen. For that added protection of your skin, you want to make sure that you have your vitamin c and your antioxidants to fight off free radicals, which in turn then helps your sunscreen just protect your skin a lot better. So i always go for vitamin c. Skinceuticals is a really nice go to brand. I love their regular ce frui lick. This one is a little bit newer, theyre silly marin, and this ones really meant for people with oily skin and for people that have clogged pores.

The reason why i wanted to show this is because i know that when you have oily skin youre trying to really limit the amount of products that youre using its the complete opposite, like i said of someone like me with dry skin, where i just keep piling On all the treatments, i need all the serums. I need the moisturizers it doesnt matter. I can put it all on my face in one routine, whereas people with oily skin tend to limit what theyre using there are two specific ingredients that i think are really important for people with oily skin. One is niacinamide, which you already heard me talk about a little bit. The second one is salicylic acid, and the reason for that is because salicylic acid is oil soluble, so its going to help to really dissolve oil on your skin. That means it can also be kind of drying for your skin if you overdo it. So the reason why i really like this for an oily skin morning, skincare routine, is because youre getting the vitamin c in here youre, getting some other antioxidants, youre, getting like ferulic acid, for instance, but youre also getting just 0.5 percent of salicylic acid. I think thats a really good, manageable, daily amount of salicylic acid, a lot of the time youll see people say that they use like up to two percent, sometimes even more salicylic acid, in their daily skincare routine. I know some products actually suggest.

Some brands suggest that you use you know their salicylic acid products like twice a day, in my opinion, thats kind of overdoing it i feel, like you know, when you have oily skin, if you actually overdo it with ingredients like salicylic acid youre, just going to cause Your skin to feel like its more oily because youre drying it out just too much and then youre causing your skin to you know, and people like try to debunk this. But who knows this is like a personal belief, so take it for what it is. But i really think that you can cause your skin to almost over compensate and then produce even more oil, or you kind of look even more shiny during the day, so 0.5 salicylic acid, with your vitamin c in this serum, i feel like its just a really Nice gentle way to get your daily salicylic acid and then youre also then covering your vitamin c serum as well, so its a really nice one to put in there, but any way that you can get some salicylic acid into your routine. Its going to help a lot with the oiliness, if you do have oily skin im going to make sure i get my neck too, and if i wasnt recording that kit all the way down onto my chest, Music, all right. So i said this was going to be a simple morning, skincare routine, and i really want it to be, because i know that people again with oily skin dont want to have too many different layers on their face.

I would normally go in with a moisturizer, so for me, im going to go in with this one from my randitarium. This is our niacinamide gel cream 5. But if you feel like you, dont like to use moisturizer – and this is where a lot of opinions are different on what an oily skincare routine should have in the morning, especially, but you could technically go in with your sunscreen if it has occlusive properties. So i am going to be going in with the hero 4 shield super light sunscreen. This is a mineral sunscreen and well talk about that in just a second. So if you feel like you dont want to use a true moisturizer, then i would skip to the sunscreen step, but im going to tell you why im going to make my argument my case for why, even with oily skin, you should still use some type of A light moisturizer, like i said, im going to go in with this one from my brand. This, i think, is great for anybody with oily skin its made for people with oily skin, because you can see it has this really really light gel texture, in my opinion, as a person with dry skin. This is almost like a serum to me, and the thing that makes it a product specifically for people with oily skin is that it has really nice ingredients to help dry it down, so it doesnt feel so dewy when you put it onto your skin at first.

Obviously, because its a gel texture, its going to feel like and look like its dewy, but its not going to dry down to that kind of, but texture its going to dry down to a really matte texture and ps. If you use this – and you say you have oily skin, but then you tell me that this feels really drying for your skin or feels like powdery for your skin. Then that means you dont have oily skin, because people with oily skin love this stuff, because it feels like the perfect amount of hydration and moisture for oily skin, specifically see as its even drying down see its. Not even like that. You know a lot of like my moisturizers id be like touching it and its dewy and its so slippery, but this isnt its like drying down really quickly, and it feels very light on my skin so, like i said its a gel cream moisturizer. It just has just enough occlusiveness for people with oily skin and you really need that occlusiveness. If you dont understand what im talking about when i say occlusive, it just means that i want it to lock in any hydration on your skin, so the hydration, even just from splashing your face with water and hydration from the serums that you put on you just Want to make sure that youre, locking that in your sunscreen can also help with that. So if you truly have oily skin, you can go straight to your sunscreen.

Some sunscreens are really moisturizing too, so that might even be better for you to just skip straight to a moisturizing sunscreen, but today im going to go in with this one from hero. This is their force shield. This is spf 30.. I always prefer spf. 50. spf. 50 is not a lie. Ive heard a lot of people say this to me lately like. Is it true that anything about spf 30 is a lie and you dont need it. This is something that i even used to push like. Oh, you dont need higher than spf 30, but i think weve come to learn that spf 50 is superior. So i want to show you this texture, because this is made for people. This is made for people with oily skin and acne prone skin. They made it with a green tint, because if you have redness in your skin, especially if you have acne, it really helps to tone down and balance out that color. So i just want to show you that texture. So again it has that moisturizer texture, but they put ingredients in it as well that make it dry down to more of a like a semi matte. Soft matte is what i like to say so: youre, not super super dewy and it doesnt feel greasy. And if you have oily skin its not going to make you look like you are super greasy because thats again, what were trying to avoid when we have oily skin Music so see how it dries down.

When i first tried this out, i actually thought it was going to leave a white cast on my skin, but, as you see its starting to go away and by the time like it dries down in about 10 minutes, the white cast is completely gone. For me. I know for people with darker skin than me. It does leave a white cast, but ive heard some really mixed reviews, so i think it really depends on, like the undertones of your skin, too thats what it does with most sunscreen bring your sunscreen all the way down. So this is trying to dry down and i want to explain the texture as its drying down its kind of like a powdery texture like moisturizing soft kind of like silky feeling like powdery, silky feeling and there you go my skincare routine morning, skincare routine, for oily Skin you can put on obviously other serums if you want to, but i really was trying to keep in mind that people with oily skin dont want to have too many steps. So i really think its important to figure out how to get some salicylic acid into your skincare routine in the morning time that can be in your cleanser that can be in your toner. That can be in your serum step, just kind of figure out where you want to put it and also how much you can actually handle on a regular basis as well, if youre, using a cleanser in the morning to really just like refresh your skin, make sure It doesnt strip your skin and look for niacinamide nice in mind is such a great ingredient for people with oily skin.

It really is the percentage that you want really varies for each person, but anywhere between two percent to five percent is going to be effective. My brand has a serum that has 12 and people love it so much so it really depends on what it is that youre trying to achieve with the niacinamide, but niacinamide is also very helpful for people with oily skin and then just making sure that youre using An occlusive whether thats in your moisturizer or in your sunscreen, and also wearing your sunscreen thats kind of like the recap of this, is you want to make sure that you have those two ingredients: salicylic acid and acetamide, protect your skin and lock it all in got It i hope it helps im going to go ahead and go get my day started. I might go ahead and put even more moisturizer on because i dont know if this is going to be enough for my dry skin.