Im going to do basic makeup like a Get Ready in the morning Today, Ill go to a makeup salon called Oui, Oui Atelier and get my makeup done for The first time. In the morning Ill just wash my face and apply a pad. Now Im going to the salon to get my makeup done. They tell me to do the basics myself and Im going to do it myself.. First of all, I will use Ademangs Bergamot Pore Clearing Pad.. This will make it look better, First wipe with a pad. I wipe my neck and behind my ears. Got it. I should apply toner. And Ill apply a toner thats perfect for Numbers In Makeup so that my makeup can go well. Richie. Will you come down now Richie? Will you come down now Richie? Will you come down Richie? Will you come down Attaboy For the moisturizing cream? I will use the Bring Green Artemisia Calming Moisture Cream.. Originally I lived alone for about 4 years.. This house is also the house where I thought that I should live alone.. Somehow I decided to get married early to my boyfriend. Now that we are preparing for marriage. We are living together., I have a boyfriend and I have a dog Richie.. The house is very crowded. Still I didnt get used to it at first. Im like Whats going on. I just thought it was crowded Richie, But as time passed Its so nice because its so crowded in the morning, Tocobos Bio, Watery Sunscreen, My skin got a little sensitive again and it came up red.

. They will cover up red spots and blemishes well.. This is sunscreen. If I like my original basic care or sunscreen, I dont change it often.. I always use this product until it runs out Its been a long time since Ive found a sunscreen that I like. I made up my mind to change Its a brand called Tocobo.. It has a very moisturizing essence like texture, and I really like it now. I stacked up empty bottles and showed you only one product for several years, Im really serious about skincare, to the point that its a bit boring., I think its been a while since Ive Changed sunscreen and introduced it for the first time in a long time., It hasnt been a while, since Ive known this Tocobo brand itself., It is a brand that was launched in November 2021.. Think of it as a new product from a newly launched brand. New brand new product When I first tested Since this is a new brand, I was curious and tried it out. After using it. I am quite satisfied with it.. I thought I could continue to introduce it in the video., Its a new brand, so Im using this right, now. Id just apply a light sunscreen and apply it to my neck.. Now that Im studying ingredients and manufacturing, I can see and feel a lot of how cosmetics brand companies make products.. Take this Tocobo as an example, Its called bio, hyaluronic, acid mung bean extract.

Then there are brands that contain this mung bean extract and bio hyaluronic acid. In a huge amount., After adding all the basic chemical ingredients as the main ingredient, just like a concept ingredient, they put this amount of this in the main ingredient, and this is the main ingredient.. There are brands that do marketing like this., Now that Im, working and studying, I can see how the ingredients are added. Ive been looking for a lot of brands.. This brand contains a lot of mung bean extract, which we label as the main ingredient or this ingredient, which we show as the main concept ingredient.. It just feels a little different from other brands.. I also liked this brand because I thought that it was sincere in making some cosmetics., Since it is a sunscreen that uses vegan ingredients as its main ingredient. I think it can be used sufficiently by those who are vegan or are a little sensitive.. I used it and it felt good. First of all, I love this essence like moisture cream. And the dynamic scattering isnt that bad and it doesnt get pushed back. I think it would be fine if I just use it before makeup. I thought that I might be able to show this in a video consistently in the future.. When I choose sunscreen, I am looking for ingredients that are mild, not heavy, not stuffy and the most.. I liked it because it was a sunscreen that met all of my standards.

Being vegan was really good too. I checked the ingredients on this Bio hyaluronic acid, as the main ingredient contains hyaluronic acid and mung bean extract.. The mung bean extract is a natural ingredient derived from palm oil and is hypoallergenic. Im studying hyaluronic acid. A lot these days. The trend on hyaluronic acids changes constantly. One of the most up and coming ingredients. Is this bio hyaluronic acid.? I think they mixed the bio ingredients and the hyaluronic acid to boost up the hydrating power of the product.. Since I started working in the cosmetic production business, I thought I would be seeing this bio hyaluronic acid, more often in the future. And after I saw the bio hyaluronic acid on the bottle of this sunscreen, I knew they were very sensitive to the current trend.. I was very impressed.: Ive, been studying the production of this bio hyaluronic acid lately.. So I was like These guys know what they are doing dont they. I instantly noticed that we had the same eyes and tastes., So I think they made an excellent choice when it comes to the ingredient.. Whenever I introduce new sunscreen many people ask me if it would work on sensitive skins or wont prickle their eyes.. Personally, I cant use sunscreen that stings my eyes because I got a Lasik.. I had no trouble using this even after I got a Lasik. And although I put on two layers, it still feels very light on my skin.

. In fact, it makes my skin look tight with a glow., So Im very content with how it works. As a hydrating sunscreen., Now Im going to put on White Truffle First Spray Serum from Dalba.. This is another one of my favorite products.. This shall do.. I think I can get the rest done at the beauty, salon. So Ill finish here., Although I already put on some skincare products Im sure they will put on some more products to improve my skin condition. Hydrate my skin and put on primer. Im very much looking forward to it. For one thing: Im a huge fan of Oui Oui Atelier.. Their makeup style is similar to my everyday makeup. Look.. Since I work in the same business, I rarely get my makeup done in a beauty salon., So I cant wait to check out the work of another makeup artist.. I expect to see something special about celebrity makeup. Or since Im a makeup artist. I might find something different., So Im very excited The hairstylist who works for Taeyeon will do my hair., But I dont know who will do my makeup yet.. I deliberately made a reservation under my real name instead of my nickname for YouTube.. I want them to treat me as a random customer. Ive read several comments, saying that the salons treat the YouTubers differently.. According to those comments, some beauty salons are more hospitable to YouTubers or the makeup. Artists. Do all the work, including the basic skincare and the makeup for the Youtubers, which is not the case under normal circumstances.

? I dont want to be treated differently., So today, Im going to experience the service people would actually get when they visit the beauty salon and share. My thought afterward. Im going to get ready now, Im at Oui, Oui, Atelier now Hello.. How would you like your hair today Id like to get them curled? What kind of curls would you like? Can you curl them from the root all the way down to the end? All over my hair, You want big curls that start from the root to the end, all over your hair. Yes, Do you tightline your eyes? Sometimes I do sometimes I dont., Since you said it was for shooting I would fill the tight line.. Is that okay with you? Yes, but please make the line as thin as possible. No problem After the makeup base. They put me in this room for the major work. Makeup artist. Soyoung will do my makeup today.. I asked the staff to keep it matt and silky., So she covered up all the spots and flaws.. It seems like the makeup artists take over after the associate finishes. The tightening and the eyelash curling. Whats your favorite makeup. Look I like smoky in depth makeup too, but most of my customers are pink princesses., Pink princesses. Yes, my princesses., I guess it makes sense with the glamorous and glittering makeup in trend. Right.. They love glitters and shimmers.. Have you made a reservation for your wedding? Yet? Yes, I made a reservation here.

You did Yes.. The photoshoot is also in June. Ill, be here for that too.. So I made a reservation for both my wedding and the shooting here. Good call. You have to make a reservation as soon as possible. It gets booked up pretty quickly.. Many people make a reservation several months in advance, so …. My wedding planner insisted that I had to make a reservation now so …. I honestly thought you were a uni student.. You did Im 29 years old., We are the same age. Oh really, Are you serious? Are you serious, Yes. Yeah Im getting married kind of early arent? I, Since you made a reservation under your real name, I didnt know it was you. Yeah., A lot of people. Think Arang is my real name.. So did I But its completely different actually. Can. I know the name of the product you just used on me Thank you.. This is a mascara.. This will make your lashes last longer., Oh its from Glint. How did you get into this business? It was my childhood dream. At first I wanted to work for the musicals and the theaters, and I did.. Then I got a job at a beauty salon later., So I started a bit late compared to others.. Now that I know we are the same age. … Does that make you like my work more Here. We get a job offer to do the makeup for the musicals too., So I get to try lots of different makeups.

, Its fun. We do editorials and commercials too. When we were still students. We didnt know this job would become so hot and popular right, Right. Parents werent so fond of it. Yeah.. They hated it. Isnt it hard to be at work at such an early hour. It is., But its fun too. Hearing that you barely had time to eat your meal before you walked into this room made me realize how busy you were., Sometimes I dont have time to eat at all, but today I luckily had some time to spare.. I see. Its more like gulping down than eating isnt it It is.. When I was still a makeup artist, I was offered to work on the site.. Did you work as a staff in a beauty salon Yes. And this beauty salon? Ceo offered me to do makeup for the CEOs video for extra cash., So I was, like I wouldnt say no to extra cash. Im in I didnt know what it was and turned out. It was a YouTube video.. I got curious. So did some research.. I saw the training program. It wasnt, so big back then was it Right., So I didnt know much about it., But I wanted to give it a try and thats how it all began.. I never thought I would be doing this for so long.. Now that my makeup is done, Im waiting to get my hair done.. Thank you for coming.. Thank you Im off to get some flowers now.

Im at the shooting site. Im about to take the photos.. My lipstick came off while eating, so I put on some more. Other than that I didnt make any big changes.. I just put on some contacts. So today, Ive got my makeup done at a beauty salon for the first time in my life.. For one thing, Ive learned a lot. I mean I once worked at a beauty salon too., And now that I got my makeup done in a different beauty salon …. First of all, Oui Oui is hectic. Its packed with people everyones busy, and you can see the celebrities coming and going constantly.. It was bewildered thinking Who is that person, But since I didnt know who was who I went? Who is that person The associate put on the basic skincare products, a makeup base and a bit of concealer., And she also curled my eyelashes and filled my tightline.? The associate did many parts. And the makeup artist did my eye makeup and worked on details.. I got my hair done by the hairstylist who works for Taeyeon., But I figure the associate did most of the work.. The back and the sides of the hair were mostly done by the associate.. The hairstylist came later to check the overall shape and the volume and worked on the detail. She instantly picked up on the style I wanted.. It was fascinating Its similar to my everyday makeup, but its more glamorous and perfect.

. It was interesting and I learned a lot of things.. If you look at my skin, you can instantly see how glamorous it is. Like this.