For this month, Im going to review new foundation and lip products too. Without further ado lets get it.. The first item of May is a new lip product from ALTERNATIVE STEREO.. Its the Acoustic Matt Balm. ALTERNATIVE STEREO is a rising brand known for its unique product design.. If you think this is like a lipstick because of its name, Matt Balm thats, a nono., Its not thick like lipstick, but is matt and fixes to your lips better than lip balm.. When you apply it, it applies clearly and lightly.. The colors are overall vintage and mute. Lets start with 1 Masala Chai.. It resembles that bitter, but sweet taste of Chai milk tea. This great for warm tone base lip as it has pure and clean color than salmon.. I think this will be one of my favorites.. Next is 2 Pink Stereo and I kind of hesitated the moment I saw its color., But it was actually a funky matt pink and it looked better on my than I had expected.. I recommend this one for cool tone skin when trying festival makeup as its not that neon or white. 3 Apple. Coke has a vintage red shade, a mixutre of apple red and a bit of brown.. This mysterious red color gives you different, looks depending on how many coats you apply. Its also great for both daily and festival makeup, as the color suits most Asian skin tones. 4 Mystic Tulip is a vintage cool red color.

, Its a cool tone color that mixed plum And purple. As its a bright color, you can use it to emphasize your lips.. Just like its name. 5 Denim Rose is a vintage rose color that will match perfectly with jeans.. I also recommend wearing a white blousse with this color and going to an exhibition or jazz festival during the spring and summer. The lsat color 6 Merlot has a fermented and matured wine like color.. I think my lips will smell like wine when I apply this.. This color is MIA somewhere between red, plum and brown.. Honestly, dont know what Im talking about. If you want a natural look, just apply 1 layer. The product has pretty much of a straight forward. Pigmentation and clear cut texture., I think Ill use about 2 colors very well.. I recommend Marsala Chai and Apple Coke to warm tone. Skin. So Ill give a WORTHY to ALTERNATIVE STEREOs Acoustic, Matt Balm.. The next product is from the brand where Jennie the global hot celeb is modeling for., Its HERAs Silky Stay Foundation.. The main feature of this product is high consistency amid silk. Like light texture., The foundation particles were made so that they could adhere to your skin lightly and meticulously so that it could stay on your face for 24 hours.. I tested the shade 19N1.. I applied it with a spatula to use the smallest amount. I can. And then used a beauty blender to blend it out.

. First of all, it indeed applies super lightly.. It has great coverage too.. Just by applying one layer, the foundation particles adhered well to my face., As applying another layer dramatically boosts. The coverage applying 2 layers covers up most blemishes., But because it fixed fast, the foundation hardened on my face, as I blended it out slowly.. So I had to wipe off the foundation on my smile lines and apply again. Dont forget to apply it fast.. Also, if you apply the foundation in a sweeping motion, it peels off, so you should pat the foundation on your face.. It has a matt finish and even if you dont use powder, it does not blot out.. If you use powder youll have an ultra powdery finish.. I conducted the 6 hour consistency test, including 1 hour of mask wearing.. If you look at my pores, it looks smoother than when I first applied the foundation. Because of its matt finish. The foundation may be a bit dry for dry skin., But if you have combination or oily skin, like me, youll like this one as it controls your oil effectively.. These skin types will use this foundation well, as the weather gets warmer., Keep in mind to blend out the foundation swiftly, as it fixes super fast.. As I expect mixed reviews on this foundation Ill give it a CAN DO BETTER.. The next item is BENEFITs new Flora. Tint. BENEFIT has finally come back with a rose, colored tint.

, Although BENEFITs lip tint can sometimes make our lips flaky. This was the go to lip tint for us.. Just like this BENEFITs. Lip tint carries our memories and cosmetic fantasies.. The Flora tint can also be used for your cheeks and has a pure watercolor like pigmentation.. I think the product has been upgraded as my lips feel less dry and flakey.. It did not leave uneven stains on my lips.. Did you see Taeyeon modeling for this item? So BEAUTIFUL I couldnt shut my mouth when I saw her photos.. It has great consistency and does not blot out easily. So I recommend this if youre a fan of BENEFIT. But dont, ask me about whether its cost efficient., So if youre a BENEFIT lover Ill give this a WORTHY.. The last product for May is ETUDEs foundation., Its ETUDEs Double Lasting Vegan Cover Foundation. Its on sale at Olive Young until June 1st.. It also comes with a vegan foundation. Brush. I bought the shade 21N and the new version has 1.41 times higher coverage than the original version.. You need to shake the foundation before using it.. Then I applied the foundation from the center to the side of my face with the brush in a sweeping motion.. You can increase the coverage by patting the area you like with the brush.. The coverage seems high, but at the same time not that high., The application. Also feels stiff, but also not …. The brush was soft, and even if I applied more layers, it did not make my makeup thick.

. Overall, I thought this was a bit stiff foundation with high adherence., But because the glow it had looked like oil coming out. This was a drawback. I again conducted the 6 hour consistency test, including 1 hour of mask wearing.. Ironically, my face looks more matt and powdery than before. The foundation clogged to some areas of my face and showed some darkening as well.. It was not like my makeup. Had melted, but I overall looked quite tired. Like someone who drank all night and came to work. The product did not apply lightly and it became drier as time passed. Because of its consistency, Ill give a CAN DO BETTER.. If you have products. You would like me to review more. Please leave a comment. Below.