It is ridiculously expensive and im. Sorry if im not a celebrity whos getting this as free pr or if i dont have you know the type of money that im just gon na flush down the toilet. I i cannot afford, and i will not choose to spend 300 to 600 bucks on a tub of cream thats going to expire eventually that i need to regularly slather onto my face, especially when less expensive, just as good options exist. That also have extraordinarily similar. If not better seaweed, options than the creme de la mer has so lets go back to the cream de la mer before we talk about some of these inexpensive and cruelty free dupes, because when you look at this, you think that there must be something amazing in This the way that lemare tells their story is about this max huber physicist. This scientist, who cut his hand in a lab and six years later after dunking it in some seaweed, found this wonderful way to play music and led light, shows to seaweed and then eat it and feed it to celebrity friends of his in beverly hills and it Magically cured peoples, skin of like all of their problems, oh and their eye, problems yep. That was a thing now when max huber passed away, his formula was sold, but nobody could really get the formula just right. So what did they do? What any logical company would do, of course you call up a psychic medium and you speak with like a ouija board to the dead, and so they contacted max hubers spirit and um realized that they had to play the seaweed music to appease it before they kill It and put it into their products and then use preservatives on the products and then ship them across the country on hot trucks before they sit on a shelf for a year to get on your face and somehow that activates the seaweed and makes it amazing.

When we look at the ingredients, they are quite basic. Yes, there is some awesome seaweed, specifically giant sea kelp, theres, some great stuff in here like panthenol, theres, tocopheryl, succinate and theres a whole bunch of different oils, such as eucalyptus and lemon, which give lemare that signature scent. But if you look in there, theres also petrolatum. This petroleum jelly that is purified and that is the basic inexpensive literally petroleum, aka oil industry derived vaseline salino jelly, the stuff that we get for two dollars at the drugstore. So when i tell you they are making a killing on this and they are marking it up. Oh, are they making a killing on it and are they marking it out and listen? If you have the money, if you want to feel bougie go for it, the problem that i have is, when celebrities shove this down our throats, telling us that we need it in our routines and make us feel horrible for not having it and when we buy It it doesnt work with the expectations that we place upon it. You see what im saying you dont just see what im saying you feel what im saying specifically when it comes to this lemur we have algae, or this seaweed extract. Weve got mineral oil. We have perfinium liquidium, we have petrolatum glycerin isohexadecane. All of these are fine, but they are so inexpensive and lemare is very curious because they dont actually specify what type of seaweed theyre using.

Unless you look at other places on the website where they do say, you know we have this antioxidant blend. We use this giant sea kelp, but lets look a little bit more at some giant sea kelp. Shall we giant sea, kelp or bladder kelp is a species of kelp or large brown algae and is primarily found from the pacific ocean were talking from mexico all the way up to alaska its also in some areas of south america, south africa, australia and new zealand And it is a really cool organism. There are studies showing that kelp can soothe skin that it has antioxidant properties. It may be helpful for wound healing. It may be soothing for people who have constant irritation, perhaps due to conditions like eczema or psoriasis, and it can really help to deliver a lot of benefit to the skin. But lemare is putting this in their products along with basic petrolatum and selling it. For hundreds of dollars, la mer is also not cruelty free, and that is something that i am extremely passionate about. When we have the option to not harm other beings and to still look and feel beautiful and to thrive and be healthy, why would we exploit others, especially when the testing that is done on animals does not always translate to how it works on or in humans? And even outside of that, its more costly and thats, not the only reason that lumira is charging this kind of price tag, but when there is an option to look in a different direction, that is something that i am more prone to doing so.

Do you know what i did? Oh, i did exactly that and i found some drugstore options that are literally the spitting image of lemaire. I found some other options that are quite intriguing and i even found a luxury option that has a form of seaweed that i think is better than what lemare has, and yes, its literally a fraction of the price. So lets start talking about this. This is a body cream from the seaweed bath company that i found at whole foods when you look at this youre, like oh its a body cream. Why would i put that on my face? Well, my friends turn and learn and youll find that this has some of the exact same ingredients the lemare does only. I think this is a bit better now whats also sneakily suspicious, is that yes, youll notice that this is the unscented one. That is what i would prefer in my routine. Lemare does not have an unscented option. They really have this kind of eucalyptus scent its kind of a eucalyptus lemon which comes from that oils that they put in their product, but they also have fragrance or perfume wow. The seaweed bath company just happens to have a eucalyptus citrus sort of scent. They also have a lavender one, but holy when i tell you that their eucalyptus, one is like basically lemare, but you get like twice as much and its a literal fraction of the cost, and this is so similar.

This doesnt have that petroleum jelly that oil byproduct, but this does have yes, our seaweed as well as caprylic, triglyceride, safflower seed, oil and glycerin as well as shea butter. This is a super thick and luxurious cream, and this is probably the thickest of the three that i have here and its the most comparable when it comes to the actual texture and whats fascinating is that this actually has more of the seaweed as far as a Concentration goes than lemare does: okay, okay, and i understand that this seaweed did not get a musical concert. It did not get an led light. Show like this seaweed did not go to a rave before it was put in this product. The way that lemare seaweed gets to, but i can give this its own rave when its like driving home in my trunk and im blasting, my music, very responsibly, driving down the freeway and its not gon na cost me the price of groceries for a month and A half now this body cream continues to be fabulous because guess what it also has panthenol aka that vitamin b5, the exact same b, vitamin that lemur has in their products that theyre saying makes it so special. This also has tocopherol that vitamin e, which is not the same as tocopherol succinate, but very similar to whats in lemare and overall, i find this to be one of the best and least expensive cruelty, free dupes for lemaire.

No one else is talking about this and i think its because its labeled as a body cream, but its literally totally fine to use on your face. It absorbs fairly well and when we actually look at the seaweed. The type of seaweed that theyre using is also a brown seaweed, specifically bladder wax seaweed, and if you remember the type of seaweed that lemur is saying that they use is this seek help this giant sea kelp, basically bladder kelp, and it is a type of brown Seaweed now its not exactly the same as the bladder wax they are similar and they are grown in the same areas such as the pacific ocean, but they are in a different order when you look at their biological classification. So there are some slight differences, but overall theres a lot of great studies for this type of seaweed and they both have antioxidant benefits. They both support the skin and inside of these formulas. They also have these hydrators. They also have this panthenol. They have these antioxidants and im just like when this exists. How is lemaire still in business, and i think its because people literally dont know, but if you were to google lemare dupes, what comes up is often nivea, because with the panthenol with the periphenium liquidium, the glycerin, its basically the same thing, but youll also find this. Mario badescu seaweed night cream, oh and even the packaging, is sneakily suspicious. You know for the longest time i thought lemaire was glass, i dont actually think its glass, i think its just really heavy plastic.

This is um, less fancy, plastic uh. But again the resemblance is strong here now something youll notice when you open this up is that the color is different, but boy does it feel similar and again when it comes to the scent when it comes to a lot of the things that theyve actually put In here we are still getting a ton of similarity now this is different. This does have hydrolyzed elastin and soluble collagen and again vegan and cruelty free from mario badescu, and this does have fragrance – and i know the internet loves to hate on mario badesco and um. We have a video explaining some of the drama, but also some of the unfair criticism of mario badesco and their products, because as a brand, they have quite the story, but some of their products are horrible and some of their products are not terrible. If not great – and this happens to be one of them, if youre – okay – with the fragrance of this, this has this bladderwack brown seaweed whats interesting about it. Is that its green and thats, because i think that its called a seaweed night cream and people expect it to be green, so theyre, just leaning into that and theyre like here seaweed, but its actually, a brown seaweed um that is related to this sea kelp, which Is you know the bladder one that we are talking about? Why is it called bladder whack? I dont know um its basically those little balls that you see if you ever go walking down the um boardwalk in santa cruz, california, Music.

This formula is a little bit lighter in texture, its almost a little bit drier, which is kind of weird to say, as a moisturizer, but its less moist its more of a dry but still hydrating formula. If that makes sense in kind of the way that it leaves your skin – and this would actually be really great under makeup, especially because it doesnt pill, whereas if you overdo it with this or if your skin doesnt absorb this as much, you might peel. Just a touch this right here is fantastic. The glycerin in here is super hydrating and, if youre looking for those benefits of seaweed and looking to not spend the same kind of money boom shakalaka now what if youre someone whos like you know, i want lemaire. I am a luxurious queen. I know what i want in life and im going to get it, and i am choosing to spend my money on something that is nice. But i dont want to support lemaire for my own reasons or because theyre not cruelty, free or not vegan, whatever you would like well. Ive also got an eco friendly cruelty. Free california made vegan eco sustainable option. This is from osea and its actually in glass packaging. Unlike this, mario badescu and unlike lemaire, this is a higher quality than the rare and it costs less. This is literally called the advanced protection cream, its made off of the california coastline, just like the original lemare used to be before it was sold to estee lauder, and now they just make it.

Wherever did you know that they actually got into a lawsuit in china because their seaweed wasnt fresh, everyones innocent until proven guilty in the court of law, but like holy guacamole like it just doesnt stop now this formula happens to be one of the most luxurious, but Also one of the most liquidy of them all as you can see, it is a very thin light texture, but the ingredients and the seaweed does not disappoint and whats fascinating about this is that this isnt, actually a brown seaweed. This has a form of red seaweed that i actually think is better it soaks into the skin nicer. It feels better and a lot of the data actually backs up at this red seaweed is really potent and really helpful for skin, specifically im probably going to butcher this, because when you read a lot, but you dont actually speak and interact with other humans. You kind of end up pronouncing things wrong and then, if you couple that with adhd and dyslexia, it kind of just compounds and kind of makes your life a living hell. But all of that aside, im gon na try to pronounce it and were gon na. Do our best, i believe this is pronounced, a gigaretina scotsbergie extract, and that is a red seaweed that is phenomenal. This red marine algae has actually been shown to have antiviral activity. Its also been shown to be potentially anti photo aging, so protective from the sun, not a replacement for sunscreen, but you could use this underneath sunscreen as an extra layer of moisturizer, and it has these bioactive compounds that support skin the ingredient list on this has water Caprylic triglyceride, which we find in a ton of different moisturizers weve, also got that safflower seed oil.

We have squalene, which we spoke about in a recent video which, if you didnt see id highly recommend because remember squalene, is what we make and what sharks make. Naturally. But then, when the squalene walks down the lane to get hydrogenated, it becomes squall lane, which is what we find in cosmetic products. So if you havent seen that video science lesson time, this also has glycerin. This has sunflower seed oil and yes, this has avocado and jojoba. So this is fantastic and you can see that from those oils it does make it a little bit more liquidy, but i actually find that it absorbs into my skin slightly better and it gives me a little bit more of a hydrated dewy glow. Whereas again the seaweed one, this is the best bang for your buck, but it pills if you use it too thick, but that is a really fantastic one. If youre looking for skin support and then the mario badescu, if you want something that has kind of a dry touch, this is going to be it. This will be great under makeup, but if you want that kind of glowy hydrated dewy skin, this one is the best bet, but it is also the most expensive, but it is not expensive as compared to the mirror. This also has aloe for skin support, as well as glycine and hydroxyproline. These are basically amino acids or polypeptides that are super hydrating and nourishing to skin.

This is one of the best formulas and it is fantastic and it actually backs up what they claim. The cbd is derived from california, its made in california, its eco friendly, it hydrates and absorbs well, and if you are the type of person, whos got a little more money and youre like you know, i do want to feel bougie when i use my skincare. I just dont want to be ripped off and bougie here it is there you go and again, if youre on a super tight budget, this body cream is a great way to get the seaweed without having to spend the money, and this also works really well on Elbows and kneecaps and again, mario badescu, if you dont, mind the fragrance. This is a really good dupe for a really good reason and although i dont recommend nivea because its not cruelty free, if youre looking for not the seaweed, so you just want the texture of lemaire without the seaweed, the nivea cream, the one with the vitamin b5. The panthenol its where its at the nivea one is almost identical even down to the fragrance its so similar and the fact that theyre both not cruelty free. Why do you think lemaire is still able to get away with spending this kind of money? Do you think that consumers just dont know, do you think that people dont care or have you used lemaire compared to any of these, and do you actually think its better? I genuinely want to know – and i also want to genuinely know if you like the meme at the end of todays video again – were on a mission to collect them all kind of like yu gi, oh or pokemon cards.

So let me know how your collections looking and if you didnt know that we have a meme at the end of each video. I pity your sad sorry existence up until now. Welcome to the family, you can start collecting at any time always remember to be beautiful. Both inside and out, dont overspend your money on things that arent cruelty, free that arent worth the money and they just line the pockets of very rich people who apparently used psychic mediums to speak to the dead, and i cannot wait to see you in this next. Video, because if you havent seen the lamer story, you got ta start right here.