Do i got an innovation for you today? I love coming out here talking about new sunscreens new innovation in uv technology, one of like the leaders in doing that. Right now in the market, loreal came out with a new uv filter that they launched in their la roche, posay sunscreens, and today we were talking about a few new lauras, jose sunscreens in their anthellios line that feature this new patented uv technology. So breaking it down. For you guys, i have three new sunscreens. These came out, i actually dont know i looked into it, and people were saying something as early as back in november. These might have launched. I kind of only heard about these back in, like january february, i couldnt get my hands on them here for a minute and then once i could, they were like not consistently at every boots, regardless to have three sunscreens from the anthillios line. So, first of all its called their uv mune 400 line. The new filter is called mix oral 400, but ill get inside a bit for the three sunscreens. I have anthelio stevie mean 400 hydrating cream, theyre, anthelios uv mean 400 invisible, fluid and then their antelios uv mean 400 tinted fluid. Basically, my understanding is that these are replacing the old anthelios formulas that these are updates for so, for example, we know the famous invisible fluid from the intellius line. Basically, the cpu 400 is the new replacement of it because its basically sort of like its not the same formula.

Let me be really honest, but its a similar formula that features the new uva filter. So let me break down what this marketing looks like for these new sunscreens. How large jose is selling this new sunscreen, this new filter, this new technology, and then i will break down why this technology is actually really cool and actually very important so from their specific loreal lauras website very high uva ebb facial sun protection, our ultimate protection with Ultra long uva protection, this could be a drinking game, take a shot for every time i say: protection. Ultra resistant formula is specifically developed for sensitive skin, always a little bit of a reach and delio cv mean 400 invisible fluid. This is who i pulled it from this specific one is not scented, but not all of them are with new exclusive mx400. Our new uv filter against ultra long uva rays to help protect against uv induced damage, our ultimate protection, which is cvb plus uva, plus ultra long uva, a very high protection that is ultra resistant to water, sweat and sand. They also claim anti eye stinging that they are all invisible, lightweight, texture and non greasy. Specifically, all these have very minimalistic formulas supposed to give you the best tv protection, while being hopefully a good option for sensitive skin, while also being super heavy duty. They also claim that these are tested and we tested for efficacy and madness on sensitive skin and also hyperallergenic the claims for that specific ultra long, uva and kind of breaking down why the filter itself is really important, so they actually talk about it.

A lot on the packaging, the uva range itself is from 340 to 400 nanometers on the uv absorption spectrum. Ill have like a little chart up here. If you want a visual ultra long, eva is the latter half of that from 380 to 400 nanometers, so thats, ultra ultra long uva rays and realistically, very few uv filters have adequate protection in that field. Usually their peak absorption is a little bit below that and theyre kind of wavering off by that point. Whereas this new filters im going to get into actually has a peak, much higher up and has really good solid protection up through the 400 range actually into what is considered visible light. So a little bit of t on this new filter. The trait name for this is mixorol400, but the actual name for it: its abbreviated, mce and thats. How im going to say it, but the full name for it is methoxypropyl amino cyclohexanilidine, ethoxy, ethyl cyanoacetate, aka mce, so some research i pulled up to it and actually link all the resources. I pulled for this video for this research part down in the description box. If you could read it, the specific paper on the mce filter is very interesting for the first time, thanks to mce filtering properties, a full coverage of the whole uv spectrum, up to 400 nanometers was reached, leading to a higher photo protection against uv a1 induced biological And clinical impacts why this focus on the longer wavelength, uva rays is important.

While these longer wavelength, tva rays are less energetic than uvb rays, they are actually more presence here on earths surface and they can penetrate a lot deeper into the skin, so they can reach the actual dermis, so thats, the part below the epidermis and at the biological Level they lead to reactive oxygenated species, which is basically free, radical damage and can do a lot of bad things to cellular dna at that level. So, basically, with mce, now being a thing youre able to cover the 360 to 400 nanometer parts of the uv absorption spectrum, the filter was approved by the european commission, has proven safe for the environment and on people and its an authorized ev filter. Hence, why its not on the market and its approved up to a percentage of three percent and its super super super stable. The mce filter has a peak absorption of 385, so very high up in that part of the uva spectrum also is very, very stable. This left into the formula its up to 100 stable, so 100 of it is still present at the end of the testing period and through different levels of exposure to different things. Upwards of still 96 to 100 is still present and stable in the formula. After a few hours to a few days again, the tests for these are going to be in the description box, if you care to read them so why this is important. Todays sunscreens generally should all be broad spectrum, which means that they have absorption and protection capabilities from uvb up through uva rays, but the extent of into uva is where things get a little bit question mark able benzone, for example, is one of the most longer wavelength.

Uva filters that we have available but zone is notoriously instable unless its paired with certain other filters or other sunscreen technologies, which it generally always is thats nothing to really be concerned about. But, as you can see on this chart, im gon na have here on the screen. You have able bend zone and you can see while it does get into the va1 range. Its peak is lower than the new mce filter and it starts to fall once it gets towards that 400 nanometer part of the spectrum, and so this is where the mce filter comes in and why its so cool is that the peak absorption extends beyond where those Sunscreen filters even do a lot of work and extends into the 400 range, which we consider visible light. So this is just a really cool, sunscreen innovation and clearly you can tell how excited i am about it and also worth noting. Mce is a soluble filter, which means that it is basically a liquid theres, no insoluble particles, so its not going to be like a mineral s. Chemical filter, like tinosaur m that could potentially cause a white cast. My friend julian aka, commander did review a couple of these. They look amazing on his skin and ill have those reviews down below in the description box as well. So all that being said lets get into the sunscreen. So again, i have three sunscreens im going to start with the invisible fluid kind of like the replacement for the og, really really famous and delios one formulation wise.

This does have alcohol. These do all have alcohol so and thats, where the claims about sensitive skin, friendly things kind of gets a little bit interesting but loreal. The roche say they do specific testing around eye sensitivity, skin sensitivity and all that stuff and even with the alcohol theyre, claiming that its going to be a good option for sensitive skin, but always subjective. This does have vitamin e and glycerin and the navy filters – and this is pretty consistent for all of these. The order might change, though you have octosale tinosword s: juvenile t150, able benzone this new mce filter, evil, a plus mixorill xl and mixoral sx. Those mixorals are the loreal patented filters, so youre getting really good. Basically, you have broad spectrum, then you got a lot of bumps and a lot of fortifying in each part of the uv filter spectrum. Obviously this is spf 50 plus in terms of uv apf rating. The original antelos was very, very famous for having a uva pf of i believe, 46 somewhere in the mid 40 range, which is ultra ultra high and laroche still advertises this as having an ultra high ppd aka, persistent pigment, darkening rating, which essentially kind of correlates. In a sense to evapf protection level, a lot of people are speculating on reddit, because apparently reddit is the hub of all things accurate in science that this has to exceed that, and i would agree. I believe this has to at least match that 46 or whatever uva pf.

If not, it potentially does exceed it just with that extra added benefit of the uva long wavelength protection so, but nowhere on the bottle on the box does it stay anything. Nowhere on the laura schwarze website is a state. What an actual rating is, but do know it most likely, is really up there. I also do not have a boot star rating on this either, but application wise, so how i did it for all these sunscreens. I obviously have my scale and then i always use my little quarter, teaspoon measuring spoon just to see what it looks like when its actually measured out and for my face based off measurements. I know that i need 0.8 grams for my face and i put this in my little quarter. Teaspoon. It fills up more than half of it just because it is a more lightweight texture, but it is a watery af formulation. I think this is even thinner than the original invisible fluid just putting that out there. I just rub it into my skin work it in it just sinks in melts away instantly, but whats interesting about this texture, as opposed to the original enthelios, is that it like sets down almost instantly. So i like do one pass and its already starting to sit down into like an interestingly tacky texture so that, after a swipe, i cant really go back and swipe on top of it. Its kind of set down, and it doesnt give me a lot of slip.

But its invisible, it sets in really quick its a super super ultra lightweight texture, which im actually obsessed with you, can see, though it has a glow, its a radiant texture. I dont find it to be emollient, though theres not like, as i mentioned, theres, not a slip. Theres, not a greasiness, no theres, not an emollient to it, but i do have a very natural radiant glow, which i love. I think its a very oily skin appropriate glow. Obviously, if you want matte this isnt going to be the option for you, but when you get into these levels of protection, youre going to have to compromise an element of elegance and madness is definitely going out. The window just going to be honest with you, but if thats an issue just powder super easy, it goes on. Amazing works instantly sets down super quick, no facial, hair issues. I dont have issues with ice thinking, but my eyes didnt sting with this and again this is ultra water, sweat and sand resistant that sand resistant. If you didnt, know, basically means that sand doesnt, stick to you. Apparently i found out and makeup wears beautifully on top of this, its literally like a second skin. If im gon na be honest, lets get to the tinted one, because i saw a tent and i was like: why is it tinted? Mce is a soluble filter, so i was really interested to see why this was tinted, but basically looking at the formulation literally the exact same except this does have fragrance in it.

No essential oil, but it does have alcohol and it does have fragrance in it. So worth noting, but it still has the glycerin. It still has the vitamin e, but this does have to tame dioxide. It does have a few different iron oxides and it has perlite, which i think that might lend itself to like some radiance, some pigment suspension, not entirely sure, as you can see, with a tinted one. Obviously it has a tint and the tint is neutral, which always concerns me, because these scented sunscreens always lean neutral or cool im. Warm olives, when i put them on i go gray, melts in what tints, where is the sunscreen, melts right in super invisible, and you can see ill work it in everywhere. No cast no weird coloration issues, no clumping or collecting. In my facial hair. They even take a little bit extra, and i put it on my under eyes to see like, can it camouflage any of my discoloration and i dont see it doing so, but again once it sets down my face. Has this like a veil of like you, have something off, but you dont have something on you just look a little bit more airbrushed, but it still looks like your skin. You can still see your imperfections, but you just look little hair better. So the tint doesnt really translate too much on me and again this wears beautifully under makeup. I love the finish of this just alone on my skin.

This just gives me kind of your skin, really just your skin, but just a little bit better. I love the glow. This gives me i would wear this out of the house, as is, might blot a little bit, but the finish on this is beautiful gorgeous and my skin looks amazing, so im on a toss up as to which one i prefer the most between the invisible or The tinted but theyre, both so nice, but it has the same exact texture as the invisible fluid. It goes on beautiful in terms of the coverage of it and thats. Why i just dont, i dont understand why theres not really coverage its sheer sheer shear sheer, but it looks beautiful on the skin im wearing it underneath my foundation today obsessed, so it wears great under makeup with the pigments. It obviously is the titanium dioxide. I see the iron oxides, my concern is: is it going to be weird in the facial hair, cant clock it not in the hairline of the eyebrows works in beautifully and again its just super lightweight. It looks amazing on the skin it blends in effortlessly. I like it, i like it a lot julian, though, did not get it because he saw tinted, and that was a red flag for him. So i do not know how its going to look on deeper skin tones im going to be honest, but regardless just get the invisible one, if thats the case, but i would be interested if anyone knows what the interversion looks like on deeper skin.

Please. Let me know tag who applied it, because i just want to see yeah super obsessed with this and then the added benefits of the iron aucklands and whatnot. Is it really does level up the protection in? What is that visible light spectrum? Iron oxides do provide a level of protection in the high energy visible light, so that 400 and above part of the uv spectrum, which i just like to see because its a nice benefit. I tell people i dont like tinted sunscreen, necessarily because they always have these iron oxides and they kind of claim blue light protection. But then, realistically, i dont think theyre very good for deeper skin tones theres, a level of non inclusivity in that part and on top of that im, just like just get an invisible, sunscreen and wear a foundation on top where youre gon na get more iron oxide. So eat more of that protection in a shade that actually worked for you. But with this i do recommend an iron oxide situation, especially if you have deeper skin tone so like that fits patrick four and, above just because high energy, visible light does tend to exacerbate pigmentation related issues in those photo types on the fitzpatrick scale. So i like to see them, but i prefer to have those in a foundation just because you get a tinted sunscreen and one shade that can work for, like this medium skin tone range. But if youre anything above especially that dark to deep dark range.

Youre kind of left out and then its like whats the point you understand, thats, why? I kind of want to see what this looks like, because it is so sheer in my mind that this might but im not going to say it well. Work on a dark skin tone doubt that it looks good on a deep skin tone. Getting on to the last one, this is their hydrating cream. This is supposed to be the option for dry skin. Looking at the clean specifically for this one so again that very high uva protection in this broad spectrum, sunscreen any moisturizing formula for dry to very dry skin, our ultimate protection, eva blah, blah blah blah a lot of the same things, mixor 400. And they say this is an ultra comfortable cream formula, its a hydrating cream thats non greasy, and this is also not scented. So this is the only other one that does not have perfume, but it still does have alcohol in it and again minimalistic formula so that its hopefully good for sensitive skin blah blah literally all the same claims. The thing with this and same uv filters – just they flipped a few of them around, so i guess that kind of aids in more of that moisturizing texture, this, as you can see on the skin, goes on, and it gives me a glow and its a cream. Its definitely much more cream than the other ones which those are like watery liquids.

This is definitely cream formula. This is not greasy. I actually argue if this is actually very moisturizing, because i put this on and i was like. Oh, this sets down and again it doesnt have an emollient that is kind of greasy. It doesnt have an emollient, thats, very slippy. It kind of has the same texture as the other ones when they set down where i dont get a lot of slip and i have a glow but its not heavy, its, not greasy and its actually very lightweight. So if youre like oily skin and you like a radiant glow, this could be a good option for you to check out if you dont care for a matte finish necessarily. This is actually a very, very nice cream, texture and thats. Why im like its just good for dry skin, because im looking at the ingredients list, theres not any like fatty alcohol, theres, no polytropic, triglyceride, theres, no oils, which you normally see, especially in one of these, like super high photo protection, water resistant, wet resistant formulations, its A very elegant, moisturizing, sunscreen and so im wondering is this really good for dry skin, because even julian really loves it, and julian has combination skin. But again you can see it goes on invisible. Super elegant makeup wears amazingly on top of this as well. No facial hair issues overall, i really really like this as well so im looking at all these im like these are amazing sunscreens, i love.

Not only did they add this new technology, but i think the formulas for these actually improved as well price point, for these varies right now on boots, which is where i got these. I think they normally retail for like 18 pounds but theres a special offer. So two of these are like 13.50 each, so you can always get a good sale which makes it decently affordable and then packaging wise. I was talking to julian about this because julian hates this tube packaging, i actually dont mind it. I hate this kind of packaging for these, because this formula is so runny that getting it out im always worried about it, dribbling everywhere and whatnot. So im not a huge fan of this, but obviously with these two. You want to shake them, because these are super watery and you can hear there is one of those little balls just to make sure everythings nicely evenly distributed like it should be, whereas this one doesnt have just a nice cream. So i actually like all three of these, depending on what the vibe is for the day, what they feel is what i need. I would rotate all three of these hands down. I like all of these equally, and it might just be for little things that i would choose one over the other, but i think these are great formulations. Super fun super exciting. Let me know down below in the comments section. Have you tried these whats your experience with these also tell me what your skin type is, especially if youre sensitive or you have sensitive eyes, did they sting or did you have any irritation issues just because i like to have those for anyone? Looking in the comments section for other user experience in those areas specifically, and if i find your comment helpful, i might pin it yeah, let me know: have you tried these, where your thoughts are and what your experiences are? Do you love these as much as i do because very excited and very much obsessed with these? Let me know what other sunscreens you want me to try ive recently heard things like event and you serene have relaunched reformulations of sunscreens that ive tried before.

Let me know anything that i havent mentioned that you want to see me.