This is a pretty heavy box. This quarter. This is only a quarterly box from ipsy and im so excited to get into this. This is the most expensive biggest box that ipsy offers and its always in collaboration with someone, and i didnt want to look at the app i didnt want to like spark any memories of what i was going to be getting in this. So i literally cant even remember who this is in collaboration with, but oh my gosh lots of products in here. Oh and we can see right here – um whats, that madeline pack, pet madeline peck, i think, is who this is. In collaboration with. I recognize her from riverdale. I cant say that ive seen all of riverdale and is that even right, i think gosh im bad, but i think shes from riverdale when i watched like a few episodes of that. But what i do like about the ipsy glambag x is that you get this little newspaper. That shows you know interviews, so i can actually get more familiar with who madeline is and product information, but it lists out the product information for all of the products that you could have gotten in ipsy. It has madelines matcha latte recipe on the back so funny, and so before i jump into all of the very many products that are in this box. I just want to let you know that i have a series here on youtube, where i try out a new makeup product every day, so im not going to be swatching or reviewing the makeup products that i get in this box right now, because im going to Be doing full dedicated review videos on those very soon so as im going through if theres any products that youre extra interested in me reviewing.

First, just let me know in the comments down below – and this is my first of the many beauty subscription boxes – that im going to be getting this month and ill be unboxing all of them. So i get the other ipsy glam bag, boxy charm. A lot of other fun subscription boxes. So if those are the types of videos that you like, i would love for you to subscribe to my channel so that you dont miss out on any of those and okay lets start pulling out some products im going to start with this one here, because this Looks big and beautiful? This is beautiful packaging, st jane luxury body serum. I recently have been thinking about how i mean i have so many skin care products that i should start using serums and the different products that i use on my face onto my body, because i dont use a body serum. I use a body lotion every day, but i think i could really step up my body skin care game and how perfect that this just arrived, and i feel like this is going to be an expensive product based off the beautiful packaging. Its a little smaller than i was expecting based off of this huge packaging, but this is fun, so i definitely prefer to get makeup in these subscriptions. I just want to smell its hydrophobic, but if im going to get skincare it doesnt smell as nice, as i would want my body product to smell.

I i really like to use wonderful smelling body products and this just kind of smells like an oil, but i was saying how, if im going to get skin care, i want it to be a type of product that i dont already have a ton of. In my collection – and i do not have a ton of body serums, so this is very exciting: im going to go into the ipsy app to look up the retail value on this. St jane beauty, luxury body serum, is 58., and so i like that i can add up the total retail value in this glambag x because its going to be all full size products. Okay, next up such a recognizable brand from the packaging love when a brand is cohesive, like that, this is first aid, beauty, ultra repair, wild oat, hydrating, toner, soothe and nourish. This actually does sound great for my skin right now, because my skin is so dry. I used a retinol mask that just reacted so badly with my skin so now im trying to literally repair and soothe my skin, which is what this is supposed to do. So this came at good timing and i definitely have a lot of toners, but i guess in the skin care type of category a toner is something that im not too mad to get, and i do like trying out first aid beauty products, although i will say That i havent always been impressed, like i dont, always feel like.

First aid beauty is worth of the hype, but im still excited to try it and lets see what this retails for the first aid beauty ultra repair, wild oat, hydrating, toner retails for twenty four dollars. Expensive, but in the world of skin care, i guess thats more on the affordable end next up. Okay, this is the clay date, which is a brand that im not familiar with haya activated, pink clay mask masks are a type of skin care product that i dont want, and the thing with ipsy is you get to always give your product reviews your feedback? You fill out a quiz so that it should be customized to you so thats when i start to get frustrated when i get products that i have said, i do not want to receive and masks are definitely one of those products in ipsy, so im kind of Bummed to see this, although im sure its a nice fine mask, i just have way too many and i rarely ever use clay masks. So this is kind of like a waste of a product. I wish i could have gotten something different for how much i pay for my ipsy subscription. So lets see what this retails for, because yeah i dont get sponsored by ipsy. I dont get free products from ipsy at all, so you know im spending all my own money on this, so i want to be getting. You know what im paying for so this is actually from the brand do of the gods.

Clay date healing face mask wow retails for 42 dollars. That seems very expensive for a clay, pink clay mask next up. Okay, i think, were finally getting a makeup product here. This is from one size and its ultimate setting powder in the shade translucent. This is patrick starrs makeup brand, which i havent tried out too much from, but i definitely am excited to try out more look at the beautiful packaging. This is a huge setting powder. I love using a setting powder. I cant really use it right now with how dry and textured my skin is so once my skin heals im so excited to try this out so the one size ultimate blurring setting powder in the shade translucent retails for 30 dollars. Oh look: getting a sneak peek into the products left in here, its looking pretty heavy in makeup, which is what im excited to see. Oh like this one here. This is from the brand nude sticks, which i havent had success, really with the nude products that ive tried before, but im definitely open to trying out a foundation. This is tinted cover foundation, which i love to try out foundations and complexion types of makeup products. So, im very excited to see this as an option in the ipsy glam bag x, because i rarely i feel like get complexion type products and ipsy, and this looks like a good shade match. I got this in the shade. Nude one and the nude sticks tinted cover foundation retails for 36 dollars.

Thatll, probably go well with that. Setting powder that i just pulled out next up ive got oh from tarte. Tart is one of my favorite brands, and this is the creaseless concealer. So i have actually already tried this out and i have a full dedicated review video that i can link in the description down below, because i actually won a kelly strack one of my favorite youtubers. I won her giveaway on the entire shade range and collection of the tarte creaseless concealer, so i had used this for many years. I love it so im excited to get this and wow its like im, getting a full face of makeup now, with everything ive been pulling out, so the tarte creaseless concealer, which i have here in the shade 10n fair retails for 27. I just love tart concealer ive tried out, i feel like almost all of them and i love them its like my go to next up. Oh, this is from yensa. Actually speaking of concealers, jensa makes my other favorite concealer, so im excited to try out. This is the super 8 vibrant, silk lipstick. I got this here in the shade free spirit turns out. This is actually not one of the products from my ipsy glambag x, its one of the products that i redeemed points, for, which is probably why it looks like. I have so many products in here, but you. How do i even open this? Oh pretty a light pink seems very beautiful, wearable, fun packaging, but so you can earn points on ipsy by reviewing your products, which i always do, because i want the products to be more curated to my taste, even though it doesnt seem like thats always the case And then, if someone signs up through your referral link – which i always have in my description down below, but anyone who has an ipsy subscription gets a referral link so thats how i can redeem points to get free products.

So this is one of those products that i got with my points next up im pulling out. This is a beautiful packaging. Cant really read what the brand is, and this is actually another points product because its not on my ipsy glambag x list. So i think this is jolie 2.0 lustre lip another lip product and it looks so pretty yeah, jolie, cosmetics, cruelty, free and vegan. I love to try out lip products next up ooh. This is brand tres, luce beauty, luce, lucete, lucite, glow highlighter duo. So i have been trying out a lot of tris lucey products lately from ipsy and boxycharm, and i have been so impressed by this brand. So im excited to try out more beautiful, highlight duo. I almost feel like this could be a blush topper. This could be more like an eyeshadow, because the shades look a little off for a highlighter of my skin tone. But i love to try out little sparkly powders like this, because i love sparkle. So the trace lucy beauty, glow highlighter duo in the shades cosmic and upgrade retails for 18 dollars. Oh, this looks pretty tys beauty ex ipsy peppermint infused lip plumper. I was just saying how i love trying out lip products, but i also love to try out lip plumpers because im always trying to make my lips look bigger and i love a gloss. So this sounds awesome and it looks so pretty the packaging and the kind of holographic sheen, and this is clearly an ipsy exclusive, which is very exciting.

The tys beauty lip treat retails for 30 dollars and then ive got one other product in here grow gorgeous intelligent, hair care, defense, detoxifying, scalp scrub. So this looks like a sample size. So maybe this is a points product. Let me double check, but this actually sounds great, because every time i wash my hair, i use a scalp scrub and ive been using the same one right now forever. It takes me so long to go through a scalp scrub, so a little sample size like this. I mean its actually not that little. For example, this is actually perfect for probably what i need to last me at least a few months yeah. So this is a product with my points, im very excited to try this out and those are all of the products that came in this box. There are so many products in front of me right now, so ill do a quick recap and then ill. Let you know the total retail value because i feel like i was really getting up there in the value. So i got the saint jane body: serum, the first aid beauty toner, the dew of the gods clay mask. I got the tys lip plumper. The tris luce highlight duo the nude stix foundation, the tarte creaseless concealer, and the one size setting powder. All of those are my actual glambag x, products which all together adds up to a total retail value of 265 dollars, which is really fabulous value and i have all of the products to do a full face foundation, concealer setting powder the highlight and a lip product.

Just no eye products, surprisingly in this box, but thats, okay and then with my points, i got the yensa lipstick, the jolie lip luster and the grow gorgeous scalp scrub. So if youve tried any of these products, i would love to hear in the comments down below your thoughts on them and thank you so much for watching this. Video today be sure to like comment and subscribe to my channel.