This is tessie again and welcome to my channel and for todays video. I am going to review this product of mq cosmetics that i have purchased on um sharpie Music, this one, this lip therapy magic lip balm. Actually, i saw this product called tiktok and i wanted to try if the claims are actually thrown a long, lasting pusha, so cherry bomb actually belongs on a long, lasting lip therapy product of mq cosmetics. They also have a nan long, lasting products. This lip balm comes with a spatula when you order it on shoppi um free spatula, so i am now going to open Music all right so, as you can see here so lets watch. So this is a ph reacting bam, bao, yuan and claims so uh your body will create your own uh color outcome. This will be based on the body page. We have based on our body acidity Music. You can see here the as you can see, and now i am going to try this on my lips, my head up, though push so bear with Music. I me keeping you close shouldnt be hard if you were honest in pusha Music, no matter what i say, keeping you close. Should it be hard? If you were honest when you said you missed me, Music leaves and now since uh blendable. So we are going to try this on my chin. Music come on Music, um, Music, very blendable Music, and i am going to put um a little on my Music feet.

Grab it guys a little goes along with the lego Music. Okay, as you can see, very blendable, Music Music, so im claims little is long lasting dowsha. So i am going to test guys for a few hours elegantly long, lasting lips and also on my cheek and on my leads. So the time now is 8 21 pm. So ill be back from uh time to time to uh. Show you if uh by your Music, Music, Music Music. This is the last time ill. Ask you to listen. Ive played all my cards. Would you feel that thing? If you saw me right now, Music, should it feel wrong? This is the last time ill. Ask you to listen. Ive played all my cards. Would you feel that thing? If you saw me right now, keep me feel like we had something real Music and make it Music. Would you feel that thing if you saw me right now – Music, hello, guys so its already 8 52., so im on my second food and water, so after eating the rice Music, this is the last time ill. Ask Music is um last time ill. Ask you to listen. Ive played all my cards. Would you feel that thing? If you saw me right now, spaghetti Music? I was gon na push it guys. Music, im super Applause. Now i am going to try this one crispy talon, Music, water Applause. I am done eating guys so well see you again later: okay, Music, Music, oh foreign, Music, me Music, hi, guys its already um its already 10 30.

As you can see here, Music and im back and um like were preparing a block of going to bed. As you can see, uh Music, Music, magic, uh, lip balm, nah, very long, lasting shot, uh honey – i think its already eight oclock, so eight nine ten, so its almost uh two and a half hours and Music mystery chips. Then in the morning water in the young royals and then the last afrina anco is the water melonium one and then after that, uh i wash my face. I brush my teeth. I clean my face and i dont really know – and i dont know chicks and having leads up to lips, so a very long, lasting push up and as ive mentioned a while ago, i am going to put the description. The link of the shoppie, where i bought the uh lip mount ive tried kasi to order on mq Music, bunk shop and very legit dementia. So if you wanted to check the shop on shoppi, just uh check on description box and uh for the claims, the long, lasting, yes, its very long, lasting or very blendable and conditional in super duper. So you can see the shiny put in the lips. Music, lasting lipstick, Music lips, so this is the very good alternative. This uh mq lip therapy magic lip balm, its very ideal for uh those na uh magamiting lipstick whole day because of work, or we want to put color in the lips Music.

So its very ideal and i will surely purchase the other shades because im going to put a little. Thank you so much guys for uh supporting me and thank you so much for watching my videos ill see you on my next vlog bye. Thank you.