. There are 3 sorts of lip stain., Glow Velvet and Fixing lip stain. Glow. Lip stain is rather moist.. Velvet lip stain shows the even color development, even though it is rubbed so that its pigmentation is done as its color. Development., The ones whose pigmentation is done as if sealing a stamp are fixing lip stains., the already popular items and the one chosen as TOP product by Director Pi.. Those three will be the ones compared today.. The next thing we need to look at in lip products is pigment. Titanium Dioxide, a white pigment is contained., Iron oxide and tar color are also added.. Tar color is considered as a hazardous ingredient and color development is made., Told you. The ingredient itself is not a not recommended ingredient for color cosmetics. For the children who are under 13 years old, its not recommended. Due to child safety in Europe and in the US. The usage of the ingredient is being regulated. Makeup products. Cosmetics are not for children., So its not being regulated.. Thus, we need to be careful by ourselves.. Those who are under 13 should not use the products.. Well, you need to know what kind of ingredients are used for. Color cosmetics., If you have cheilitis quite often or if skin troubles around your mouth occur a lot, you need to be careful for using it.. The first trend is glow lip stain. Moist lip stain lips with lots of moisture and glossiness. Water and oil, High content of them with pigment.

High gloss oil formulation and without silicon gel. The level of pigmentation is low and cleansing is mid. High level., The first product is hince. Purified water. With silicon Synthetic oil, film, former Titanium Dioxide, Artificial pigment., This doesnt have any silicon. Instead, it has film former kind of water surface, so pigmentation and consistency is rather low.. However, it will make your skin feel more comfortable. Octyldodecanol Diphenyl Dimethicone Lips with moisture. These synthetic oils make the pretty glass like lips., Especially you need to pay attention to Octyldodecanol.. This helps to improve moisturizing power and feeling of use.. Also, it prevents the separation of formulation which enhances makeup consistency. Film former is Hydrogenated Polyisobutene.. It enhanced maintenance. For tar, color, Yellow No.5 and Red No. 227Blue No.1 were used., Yellow, No.4 and No.5 are not recommended for use of children under 13. Also, they are not recommended to those who have stomatitis often.. According to the MFDS, Its being reported, Yellow No.5 can cause hives, allergy and chromosomal damage.. Efsa is limiting its content. PEG and allergy provoking ingredient such as Propylene Glycol are contained. It shouldnt be used often. Its a lip stain making your lips retain lots of moisture, also makes them have clear and light feeling which even gives the really pretty looking of polishing.. Once you apply it, it immediately. Brightens your face. WO surfactant is contained.. Sorbitan Isostearate was used for making lips moist., However, pigmentation can be done to some extent. Also, cleansing can be easily done due to its formulation.

Half water. Half oil glass lip stain, tight, fitting moist lip stain for color development. Cleansing can be easily done and even you apply it many times the color looks good.. Those are the strengths. Adhesion. Pigmentation consistency level are around mid level.. Its color remains as the same color of the first color development.. Now I will answer to your question.. When I told you to ask me questions, you guys asked this question to me most often. Vegan brands. Lip stains are recently quite popular., So you asked whether the ingredients of Vegan brand goods are also good.. Today I brought two lip stains of Vegan brands.. First, I will start the review of LAKA products. Purified water, synthetic oil, film, former Titanium Dioxide, tar, color, the ingredient, configuration of hince and LAKA are somewhat similar.: Half water, half oil., With its film former it doesnt make the skin uncomfortable but helps color lasting.. It contains a PEG based ingredient. Same ingredients were used., The difference is LAKA used, sticking ingredient., So compared to hince, products has longer pigmentation effect and consistency.. Also, the sort of used oil is a bit different.. Hince has high content silicon oil, so silicon works well and LAKA has more of synthetic oil., Yellow No.5. Not recommended to children. Told you. If you have cheilitis often you need to be careful for using it.. A vegan certification should be ontained from a certification body of a Vegan certificate.. It seems LAKA didnt get any vegan certificate.

There, hasnt been any certification body, so it cant be said as a vegan cosmetic., So vegan cosmetics cant be regarded as having all good ingredients. PEG ingredient and Alumina, etc. these kinds of ingredients are used so compared to other Lip stains, it cant be said as having better ingredients.. Its color development is awesome. Glass, like feeling. No.21, Warm Tone said Its like the epitome of coral pink.. The pink tone becomes thicker if its applied more and more.. However, orange red is its color on the lips.. It couldnt be removed completely with cleansing., Considering its a glow product. Consistency and pigmentation was good.. Moist glass, like water, lip stain., Its high gloss, color development is awesome, but there seems to be for or against toward this. Pigmentation and consistency are above mid high level., Considering its a moist lip stain. It wasnt smeared on that much also. It could be easily cleaned. Id like to compare it with a product with vegan certification., Dew Tint of Amuse. Synthetic oil, Titanium Dioxide and artificial pigment.. Half water, half oil and a surfactant for mix was used as the same Film. Former was used for maintaining the cosmetics consistency, not making the skin uncomfortable.. The same PEG ingredient was used.. Also, various tar colors were used. Compared to the previous two colors Already told you, Yellow, No.4 and No.5 are not recommended to children, and if you have cheilitis occurring frequently, you need to be careful for using it.

All are vegan cosmetics with good ingredients, As Ive told You when introducing LAKA products Except its not with any animal ingredients and it didnt, go through any animal experiment, Its not without any ingredient with the concern of marine pollution., Also its not without any harmful ingredients. So it cant be said as having good ingredients. Its a moist tint with a light glowiness.. It doesnt contain much sticking ingredient, so its pigmentation effect is not that high. Cleansing can be very easily done.. Moist glass, like water, lip stain., Its naatural, color development and formulation, makes your face. Look like not having any makeup. Pigmentation consistency getting on or smearing are mid low, level., No yoghurt phenomenon, good, moisture, consistency. Glass, like moist lip stain. What is the choice of Director Pi Ingredient? Laka won, Color Development, hince won, Amuse was okay., pigmentation fixing and consistency of LAKA products are all good.. All three products were good in terms of cleansing.. Hince was the best. Director. Pis choice is LAKA.. The second one is Velvet lip stain., Its called semi matte., Also its silicon lump. Silicon oil, silicon gel pigment, Its feeling of being spreaded well and its pigmentation are all made by them. Recently water as added. Ive selected three items. They are truly hot items.. First, MUZIGAE MANSION., As Ive told you this one has silion synthetic oil, silicon, gel powder, Titanium Dioxide, artifical pigment, DimethiconeVinyl, Dimethicone Crosspolymer, the silicon get which shows gray color. This one is silicon.

Gel. Velvet like feeling. mousse, like formula.. These are all made due to them.. Cyclosiloxane is the 2nd ingredient. Theres a bit of concern for oral toxicity if its content is high, it shouldnt be used. Often. For tar, color, Yellow No.5 was used. Not recommended to children. Watch out for cheilitis. Red No.202 may cause lipitis, etc. Its a material that may cause a skin allergic reaction.. Its been reported like that.. Those who have cheilitis should be careful for using it.. It comes up a bit softly and, as time goes by dead, skin cells become more visible.. Its color development has the feeling of mixing 1.5 drop of pink with MLBB color, so its not a cool tone. Bright pink., Though it was treated with powder. Adhesion and consistency are quite bad.. Pigmentation was around mid level, but cleansing was very easily done.. Well, if you carefully look at the container of this product, its details are not as good as expected.. When I tried to turn it, I almost cut my finger: a bit., Its a little bit sharp. Except product exterior and color development. Everything about this product was bad.. The finish on its case was a bit disappointing.. Next, this one is not a new product. Espoir which has similar ingredients with those of MUZIGAE MANSION. Silicon synthetic oil With silicon gel, Titanium Dioxide, artificial pigment were added., But Cyclopentasiloxanes content is so high Too much. Moreover, PEG is contained, so it shouldnt be used.

Often. Wax is also added, so pigmentation can be easily done, but its not dry.. Only one tar color was used.. Red No.202 should be carefully used for those who have cheilitis, lipitis and skin. Allergy. Quite often. Must be very careful for using it.. The first feeling of application is creamy and its finish is light.. Its formulations spreadability is quite excellent.. Red colors, one drop of pink one drop of yellow color Pink is strong in terms of its pigmentation.. It wasnt that good. Velvet, like real, smooth, semi matte lip stain. Dont, need to mention about its color. Warm tone, pick item. Compared to matte lip type item. Consistency and adhesion are abit disappointing., Not much like Espoir product, its a velvet like formula lip stain having the similar ingredient configuration with that of MUZIGAE MANSION. PERIPERA.. First, with silicon and synthetic oil, silicon gel and purified water were contained quite much.. Next Titanium and artificial pigment. Colors are quite various. Overally, their identities are all the same.. However, the sort of artificial pigment is different.. The artificial pigments Ive explained here are all contained., So you can just take a look at this. Once applied. It feels velvety. Its piled up thickly.. It will be blended well when you adjust the amount well. Its good for using as a base color. For a meticolous full makeup. The color looks pretty.. Its pigmentation power is good, so its with good adhesion and consistency. Its with good pigmentation power and consistency and its easily cleansed.

Its with semi matte formulation that can be applied like velvet., Good consistency and pigmentation power, as well as finely cleansed.. However, it makes dead skin cells quite visible, so you need to apply a bit of lip balm.. A bit of yoghurt phenomenon can occur so please be careful. Among the velvet type lip stains with ingredients occasionally used Director Pi chose PERIPERA for its ingredients.. Espoir won for its color development.: PERIPERA won for its pigmentation and fixing. In terms of consistency, including making dead, skin cells, visible yoghurt phenomenon and dryness. Espoir won. In terms of cleansing, MUZIGAE MANSION, won., Director Pis choice is PERIPERA.. The 3rd trend fixing lip stain.. There are two kinds of matte formula.. First one is the typical original matte. Half water. Half oil. Ethanol is added. Pigment.. Its weakness is that it makes wrinkles and dead skin cells. Quite visible., Pigmentation, ishigh and cleansing is low level. These are the typical water type lip stains. Nextly. There are transformed ones.. In fact, they are quite trendy.: Half water, half oil., Instead of ethanol, Silicon gel was used and its pigment. wrinkles and dead skin cells compared to the ones previously mentioned., The level of pigmentation and cleansing is mid to mid high.. Those strengths were all gathered, so these are recently attracting consumers.. I will go through the review of the representative items of fixing lip stains.. The 1st one is LIP MAGNET of GIORGIO ARMANI.. It is an oil that volatilizes quickly after water.

, Octyldodecanol, Dimethicone and Isododecane. Silicon gel are not contained., It doesnt feel like thick.. Instead, water type thickening agent was used for forming film, which makes the pigments having consistency.. This is the ingredient. Having that function. Lots of powder was used to maximize matteness., Tar, color and Carmine were used.. Carmine is not a tar color., However, it is an ingredient that may cause allergy.. Certain protein element is extracted together during the process of extraction, so an allergic reaction might occur. If you have the skin reacting to this, you need to be careful.. It shows thick color development, but its not sticky. Its applied quite like water.. After it gets dried, it becomes quite dry and pigmented immediately. Once its pigmentedvIntroduction development turn and the conclusion is PINK. YSL TATOUAGE COUTURE.. This one is same as what This Dimethicone Octyldodecanol Isododecane. These are all the same.. These are all the same. Water type. Thickening agent is also the same.. Next PEG was used.. These are all the same. Powder ingredient. The same. Pigment is also quite similar.. Next Carmine was used, samely. Nextly, the feeling of use is quite similar.. It shows an orange color.. Pigmentation is done with Pink, so even after cleansing. It remains on your lips. Much. Id like to conduct the overall evaluation of the two products. Clear, color development and strong pigmentation power, the matte lip, stain., Pink, pink, pink all the way and pigmentation. Has high fixing effect consistency. Adhesion power cannot be cleansed well.

Using lip balm is a must cause. Its dry., Also one of you, asked whether expensive products also have better ingredients., Not that different compared to the low cost domestic products.. The real strength is that the ingredients have been diversified. and some are just for using sometimes.. There are some bad ones various.. Well, I think domesticSouth Korean products are not bad in terms of feeling of use. Will check whether inexpensive goods are as good as expensive goods. I will try to use ROMND product for comparison., Half water, half oil, Denature alcohol, thickening agent, Titanium Dioxide and artificial pigment.. The ones with the high content of denatured, alcohol and ethanol are the ones for being used. Sometimes. Acrylates Copolymer, a water type ingredient forms a film which makes it quite moist, even though its a fixing lip stain., Octyldodecanol and Dimethicone. Has a high refractive index.. The oil for enhancing its consistency was used.. Red No. 202 Red No. 102 and Yellow No. 5 were used for tar colors.. The one at the bottom is YSL.. The one at the top is ROMND.. The color looks similar.. The difference is the one with silicon lump shows even color. Development. But ROMND the one at the top once its applied. It makes the gloss on the lips and spreads it all over. Thats. The difference in terms of formulation. Proper gloss was quite satisfactory.. Its subtle red color is so pretty. As time goes by the lips get dry, so the lips are pulled a lot.

In terms of cleansing. When I used it on my arm, it could be removed well, but the lips dont have any oil. So its adhered to. The lips more. Its not a product that can be erased easily, so I recommend you to use a lip and eye remover. Fixing lip stain of semi matte type, pretending to be moist., Gave high scores for color development and glowiness.. Consistency and cleansing were … somewhat disappointing.. Meticulous cleansing is necessary for this product. Among the ones with the ingredients that shouldnt be used. Often, I will tell you, which were Director Pis. Choice. ROMND was the top in terms of color development, gloss and cleansing. For pigmentation fixing and consistency, ARMANI and YSL.. The weaknesses are dead, skin cells become quite visible and the lips get dried too much.. These weaknesses were well made up, so Director Pis choice is ROMND., WAKEMAKE was the one I chose for the year end video. a quite similar one was released. Lately.. This lip stain, CLIO. Purified water, silicon oil, moisture silicon, gel Titanium Dioxide and artificial pigment. Fixing lip stains are in fashion. Water type. Oil type, similar content was used. Its watery, but not that easily removed with water.. The feeling of use is not bad.. Yellow No.5 was used for tar color. In terms of ingredients. This detail is quite recommended, so I recommend this item for its ingredients.. Its prettiest once applied for just once. Spreadablity, was the best among the ones Ive used.

So far. Thought it has the feeling of moisture., But my lips got dried. so on.. It has a smooth finish. So not any smearing. Cleansing was not easily done.. It is a recommended item among lip stains., Its a fixing lip stain, but pigmentation and consistency are rather weak. Its spreadability is the best, but its a bit crumbly. Its good for applying lightly, but not recommended for applying twice or three times.. It can be a bit clumpy and yogurt phenomenon can be made so be cautious.. I told you about the year end video. This one was selected as the TOP of TOP. WAKEMAKE.. Its identity is quite similar to that of CLIO. Dimethicone. Is the 1st ingredient purified water? Moisture silicon gel Titanium Dioxide and artificial pigment.. The difference is this: one contains more water., But this one contains more silicon oil. Various hyaluronic acidic ingredients were used, so its less dry. Doesnt make dead. Skin cells., Yellow No.5 was used for tar color its a recommended item. In terms of ingredients., The mix of dried rose, color and one drop of purple.. It has really a good finish, not making any dead skin cells. It doesnt smear on a cup.. Even when I rubbed it with my hands. Nothing gets on them. Fixing pigmentation occurs, so meticulous cleansing is necessary.. However, it can be cleansed well compared to an original fixing lip stain.. It is a recommended item among lip stains in terms of ingredients.. Its feeling of finish is awesome.

. Doesnt feel like applying anything. Its light, and its consistency is quite good.. It never got on anywhere. In terms of smearing. It was also good. What would be the choice of Director Pi among the recommended items in terms of ingredients. Ingredients are quite similar. In terms of cleansing, CLIO won., But for color development, pigmentation consistency and feeling of moisture., considering all the feelings of use, WAKEMAKE won.. Well, today the hot items from Instagram reviewed items of YouTubers items advertised well, etc. were dealt with.. I tried to answer to your questions about expensive items. Vegan items etc. Answeres were made, I think, and tried to deal with the products deeply. Next time. I will deal with more various products and select TOP of TOP product.. Please leave comments. If you have any questions. Will come back with the topic you wan na know.