No, this heavy bigger stuff and you can use them for your product, shoots. Okay, and i chose to go for this with a round hole in it. They are made out of mdf, so theyre very sturdy heavy pieces really now holding it up with a fishing line and because there is a hole we need to have some kind of background. First, i thought: maybe we should go for a screen, placing a screen monitor behind with the sky or something, but then i would need to have a quite big monitor. I have a big monitor, but you know its kind of a pain in the butt to rig it up. So i was thinking. Maybe i should do this in post, so i went online and was searching for random things really and then i ended up with this background. Maybe this can work. There is light coming from behind you know. So then i need to light this like there is sun. Coming from behind, so it will fit with the light so thats what im doing and we can start the back flash flash b head on modern light and this guy he think his name is b and it is actually but you should be c, mr c. Okay, so you can go back to sleep now, its only mr b way back there hitting this uh the subject and the prop and the flowers and everything this is from the camera angle, and i placed it around there.

We will see a tiny bit boom, so we will get a bit of this sun flare and also that the flowers here will be hit with the backlight and also the whole product from behind okay, so thats the first flash. We will turn on this guy and that will be the the bounce around in the room. I just hitting it up in the ceiling here, so we will get as soft light as possible. Lets take a shot, so this is kind of boring i would say, but we need this, so it will look natural. I would say a general daylight light. If you will, i added one more flash from the top. You see this one up there and i have a diffusion frame here: im trying to get a bit of light on the top. Yes, you see, we get a bit of highlight there and we will get a bit more shape from this. So this is extremely simple lighting, backlight and a general bounce in the room. One small extra thing: if you take a look at this on the label here, miss dior that is actually gold, glossy gold, so i ended up doing a bounce back lets. Do this see if we can get some in to get this nice golden see there a bit bright? Maybe i can back up a bit so im im using uh, you can, i guess you can use any kind of you can use the silver, but why not use a golden when i have one so im, just using the backlight and bouncing it onto the label? So we will get this golden.

You see, it looks three dimensional now so that can be nice to add in in post production. Now it will be the the retouching process and that will be kind of very challenging to make it look realistic. I have a feeling of uh, but lets try lets give it a go because im not doing a focus stacking on this one because i want to. I want it to fade out. I mean i want it to be blurrier and blurrier. If you like to check out the mad props, i have a link in the description. So thanks for watching and thank you coffee supporters, very generous. If you like to be coffee supporters supporting this channel, so there will be some new stuff coming out.