Is it being funded by ambers pr team? I think thats, a fair question to ask. I dont think well ever totally be able to connect the dots but theres been a marked change in the way that certain media is represented and now nbc little little um uh taylor lorenz light cat. Ten tenenberg barg berg bergaroo is uh working on a hit piece. Ten barge thats working on a hit piece that will undoubtedly make it several things that will seeks to accomplish several things. In my opinion, under the guise of journalism, one eliminate competition, independent youtubers, much many more than me, bigger than me were on this way. More are earning a large amount of eyeballs and revenue by covering the trial when you work at a legacy media like nbc, like cat 10 barge, does and your videos get a fraction of what beardos in their basement get youre mad about that. And so you write the hit piece. The hit piece has several unspoken goals, in my opinion, one again to bring it to youtubes attention that the wrong people are are gaining notoriety, covering something whats likely, probably more, you already cant type, this womans name in a youtube. Video title: without it being demonetized thats, not enough for nbc, they want your videos, probably shadow banned. Now again, this is just my opinion, but its the opinion of somebody whos gone through. I dont know a dozen of these, its always the exact same recipe too.

Its the exact same insanity, its always the same ket 10 bars just tweeted out in the last two weeks. This youtube channel went from making math and engineering tutorials to making cringe johnny amber compilations. The view counts. Change is staggering, so they were getting. You know. 2. 000 views 9. 000 views now theyre getting millions of views mostly because these are in shorts. I think theyre theyre in shorts 30 seconds one minute, one minute, one minute these are probably going into shorts. This one got 800 000 views, 6.5 million views great im. So happy for them, i dont know who they are, but im extraordinarily happy for their success. Well, youll see just how nefarious this is. In my opinion, then. Okay. This is like an interesting anecdote right. Okay, a little anecdote then right below it. If you guys have seen stuff like this, send it my way if youre a creator who can speak to this, my dms are open. Why do you think that cat ken barge wants her viewers to do the research for her essentially shes, asking amber stans to do the research some of the comments? So, are you saying that if you create math videos, youre stuck with them for the rest of your life, you can never choose another theme. Nothing more can interest you, sorry, but no got ta go where the clicks are thats thats reasonable. Why wouldnt? Why wouldnt they make their money isnt that exactly what you do cat for nbc by the way cat is a tech and culture reporter at nbc news.

Of course, other articles written by cat are like this whelp influencers are encouraging young viewers to get cosmetic procedures or your involvements in the dave port. Note portnoy hit piece its a familiar scenario in the barsu universe, in which fans of the company lob criticisms on perceived critics. Often at portnoys signal they have included, mean words other mean words and targeting peoples, families proof not included. My female colleague shouldnt have to deal with harassment from thousands of dave. Portnoy stands because they do their jobs. A fellow insider reporter kat tenensberg wrote on twitter. Some of the replies could it be that has more to do with bad reporting and that theres a paywall flash cell involved and less about your gender. Now this was after the dave. Portnoy hit piece came out, and then they put it behind a paywall, so they could make a bunch of money off of it again. No problem with that make all the money you want to make, but i think its pretty clear, whats coming friends in the next couple of days. You will see a hit piece done by cat 10 barge and if it doesnt happen its probably because weve saw it before she could write it here. She tweets the same thing happened with meghan markle youtube channels, focus on topics until unrelated to meghan. Markle received a few 100 views, but when they shifted to megan their views exploded expect to see more youtubers dedicated to.

Ah so, are you telling me that a journalist who has worked at multiple journalism outlets right? She cant understand the very basic concept of the cycle of interest. What people are interested in that that is, that is so difficult for her to understand that people are like interested in different things and and that changes through time. My lord, no wonder the news industry is dying, youre a journalist and you cant figure out why videos on solidworks making a cone isnt as popular as a video about uh the biggest ongoing trial in the country. Right now, you cant figure that out. I think it would be reasonable for people to question the motives of this piece. I think it would be reasonable for people to ask questions about hey, wait, a minute. Are you friends with anybody from this pr firm, this new pr firm? That, ah, has do you perhaps know anybody from there who maybe inspired you with a nice bottle of papi to write this piece. This is not journalism. This is journalism. This is a journalism tm working on behalf of ah or her pr firm in my opinion, and to to go after independent youtubers that are just getting too darn successful same thing with her. In my opinion, moronic friend eve barlow, saying women who dont, who dont believe her have low self esteem, ahs close friend, eve barlow, blasted women, who supported the actresss ex husband for being driven by envy in their own low self esteem, its easy for women with low Self esteem to hate ah or justify their prejudice towards the archetypal archetypal archetypal sorry feminine strength, beauty by denying their envy of it.

Barlow tweeted thats, like uh youre, just ignorant, youre, hater youre, just ignorant youre, just ignorant like are you, are you kidding? Are you? Are you kidding with this eve? Barlow are: does eve barlow also follow cat 10 10 barrage? I have a feeling they probably do because thats what cat does shes an attack dog for the media? Meanwhile, yet another tick, tock trend is absolutely taking over the my dog stepped on a bee. Testimony gets starting to get mocked. Lets. Take a look at this. My dad has to pee. I forgot my house key its funny. I, like i dont. I dont know why they uh they like whats. With the face thing my dog stepped on a bee like that was a weird facial reaction. People are right to make fun of that. It was like shes like oh wait. I forgot im acting, you know shout out to the dog, hopefully the dogs, okay. You know that that this is what independent media is up against its up against paid hit pieces who are looking to like discredit in independent youtubers thats. What nbc is about to do? Thats, what cat 10 barge does for a living um her and shes a taylor lorenz light. If you look at the work, shes done its primarily hit pieces particular about men um, you know and and uh just be prepared. Heres, her retweeting uh, an article from rolling stone that is tutting down its nose at people for making fun of ambers testimony im sure shes going to be totally unbiased in her reporting by the way, if you havent yet im just reminding people if youve got your Coffee from coffee brand coffee, yet you know my coffee company, please take a moment to head on over to the product you bought and then um scroll down.

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