I often test viral products on this channel and if you watch my brothers joint channel, the welsh twins, then youll be familiar with all the viral products, usually from tick tock that we test that are usually quite disappointing. Some of them are good, but the majority are quite sheer im, not gon na lie, but now i think we have a good indication of the kind of product that does go viral, whether its good or not, and today i want to share just for fun and Just in my opinion, some products that i think might go viral soon, whether theyre, actually good or not, because that isnt, what makes a viral product right, theres a few things that makes a product viral that well discuss. Actually, i think this first product is a really good example. This is the bee duck world famous eye wash care. We are starting to see a lot of viral trends and challenges and all that kind of stuff move over from the chinese version of tiktok. Its often referred to dallian, i might be pronouncing that wrong over to tiktok. If theres a really popular trend, chinese creators probably did it first, especially when it comes to makeup and cosmetics. But there are a few products that i think weve seen a lot more of, and i think this is going to be one of them. This is very, very popular over on dow yeon and i think theres a few reasons.

This is going to be popular number. One viral number one its completely unnecessary. It is not necessary at all, but not only on tick tock, but also on youtube. People love an unnecessary routine and the more stuff you can put in your skincare routine, the better, especially as kind of like makeup skincare asmr channels, seem to be growing. Profiles seem to be growing. You know those routines where its like and theyve got all these annoying stupid noises in, but also you can hear the tick tock now people being like not using an eye wash in your routine. You know you need to try this watch. This product completely transform my eyes, you know, even though it doesnt do any of that kind of stuff. The second reason i think its going viral is because it looks great, it looks really really good. Its got a rubber duck thing. It looks fancy and products that go viral always seem to be about how they look, how the action of using them looks rather than whether the product is actually good or not, but this is actually a good product for dry eyes, its really good um. We had like a really windy day the other day and got a lot of in my eyes, so i rinsed them when i got home with this, and it worked really really well its an eye rinse its an eye wash it does the job, but does it Matter, no, its the click bait ability of this product, its something the audience has never seen before, and reaction to the product is usually less about how the product performs and more about the kind of misinformation surrounding the product and what it actually does think about.

The amount of that people can chat about when it comes to talking about an eye rinse or an eye wash. I believe you do get daily eye, washes that, like um kind of mimic whats going like what your eyes actually produce im, not sure if this is one of them or not, but every so often i actually genuinely enjoy using this when my eyes do feel really Dry im super tired ive, been looking at screens for too long, all the usual, but its the clickbait ability of this product that, i think, will make it go viral. There are quite a few beauty categories that are picking up in popularity this year, body care fragrances and hair care. I think, being like the main three and im going to share the shampoo with you, because i think its going to have its time in the spot. Like real soon – and this is the moda moda pro change black shampoo, these are samples that i got from olive young, its a black shampoo that helps dye your hair, this isnt anything new. I think garnier did this for men, or somebody did this for men for men, but this is already hugely popular in south korea and we know that the western world likes to take products that are very popular in korea, make a big song and dance about them. Pretend theres some crazy, weird asian thing: to make click bait viral articles about these products.

Western media loves to try and be the first person to talk about a viral asian product to try and be responsible for making that product go viral. But we see that with a lot of tick tockers as well as that they want to be the first person to talk about this crazy new product or talk about viral products that arent even viral yet to try and gain popularity through that. But what i think is going to make this go viral here is the the following: one, its actually a good product. It works two. There are visible and quite drastic differences from what we see online. The befores and afters looks very good, and everyone loves a good before and after for a viral product, seeing something change before our eyes, wherever its like the peter thomas rough, under eye cream, pretty instant or like a montage that spread over a period of time. People love seeing a good before and after it looks great, this isnt the packaging. This is the packaging, but it looks really good too the before and after as well has again a real click bait ability in the sense that people like getting gray hair is people dont like it. I really like it. I cant wait to go fully gray, but its you know its one of those beauty standards that shows your aging, so people want to get rid of it. So seeing something as normal as a shampoo and every day is a shampoo that could potentially help get rid of your grays, i think, is, is gon na make a good viral product.

Blackhead products always go viral blackhead removal products. Should i say whether its a moose that claims to get rid of blackheads and people think you can physically see the difference, whether its a mousse that claims to make a difference and extract them or noseport strips or like giant pimple patch nose? Pore strips people love a blackhead product for as long as ive been online blackhead products always go viral, but theres, one that i feel has kind of slipped through the net. That is the circle. Goodbye blackhead, pads, poor control, blackhead off sheet. Shall i say these are like soaked, pre soaked cotton pads that you put on your nose, leave them on for a period of time. You get this cold sensation on their website. They say the special formula helps to soften the skin and pull any waste products to the surface and out through the pores, without irritating the skin or enlarging the pores like what supposedly nose pore strips do, but also these arent limited to your nose. So you could put them on your forehead. You put them on your chin. If you get blackheads there, ive used these before and theyre good. I actually like them. You put them on your nose after 10. 15 minutes you take off – and you see like all this, like sebum and crap, on top of your nose, just kind of wipe your nose down and theres a load of crap on it. Does it look as good as using a nose pore strip? No, but your skin also looks tighter and less irritated.

After these i looked at the ingredients list and as im, not a cosmetic formulator. I couldnt work out what was doing this on their website. They say that um this product contains natural plant extracts that assist in the removal blackheads whiteheads, sebum and dirt, especially in the presence of blocked pores. I dont know i dont get. I dont know how that works. I dont know how that works, but a few reasons i think this is gon na go viral. It has the potential to go. Viral is because people know how to look after their skin. Nowadays, skin care was hugely popular last year, so many people are clued up to the dos and donts and whilst those poor strips, i think, still kind of remain in this kind of like um quite controversial like. Are they fine? Are they not kind of area? A gentler alternative to the nose pore strip, i think, is you know, has good potential. As i said, everyone loves a good gimmick and the thank you farmer, rice, pure gel and cream cream gel, is a good example of this. Now on paper, this looks lovely right. The purpose of this moisturizer is to have a rich nourishing moisturizer in the middle surrounded on the outside by this gel kind of lightweight moisturizer, thats hydrating, and you get this like little spatula with it and you can kind of pick or choose what you kind of Want so its kind of like this great morning evening, kind of cream weve seen this before the joan kim neogen collaboration and access y have a moisturizer that kind of do like this yin yang kind of effect.

They have. These moisturizers have two separate compartments for a day and a night cream or a lighter cream and a thicker cream, but weve never really seen it all in one. Let me know if you have. I dont think ive seen this before. They say that this product is designed to strengthen and hydrate the skin. The thank you farmer, rice, pure gel and cream, has been a rich green tea extract as summer snowflake bulb extract. I dont know what that is. I dont know what that is, but apparently that calms and soothes stressed out skin. They have rice extract in here that helps even out skin tone. They also have fig extract help lock in moisture its really youve got youve got so much going on in here they say its truly customizable. You can wear it. Your way switch up the gel to cream ratio depending on what your skin is letting you know it needs. I think its great, i think its great having these two formulas and to look at it looks really really nice. I ordered it straight away and it doesnt look quite as nice in real life like that see through clear gel is actually like this yellowy yellowy beige is. It looks like a reverse egg, theres no scent to it really either. I havent used it yet so that when you see me demoing it here, itll be the first time im using it. But again, this has that click bait ability it has the like what the is that kind of ability when you look it in a thumbnail or like a tick, tock thumbnail.

But when you first see it youre like what is going on here like what is that? But also the concept, the idea is newish. I feel like this is something new again its that thing that the audience has never seen it before. Some people might want to be the first to talk about it to take credit for it, hoping it will go viral and they can claim it, as you know, im the one that made it famous but im hoping as well its actually a good product. I really like thank you farmer, i, like the ingredients in here, so i do hope that this is um actually a good product as well, something that could go very, very viral anyway. I hope you like that sorry. This was sure ive not had internet for like a week and i feel really drained somehow. So i just kind of wanted to sit down and think about what ive been thinking about these products. But let me know if youve used these products before, if you think they could go viral if youve seen anything similar that has actually gone viral.