I want you welcome back to my channel im a biller for billet cosmetics. This channel is all about product review and tips on skincare. If youre new to this channel. Please consider subscribing and dont forget to click on the notification bell so that youll be the first to be notified on any time i post a new video and to my old lovely subscribers, youre welcome back. Thank you guys for staying tuned to this channel. You guys are super amazing. You keep this channel going. You guys rock now feel free to follow my other social media platform as a billet cosmetic on instagram, and also on tick tock. I have skin care product ranging from skin supplement, whitening injection, my organic raw materials and my own personal skincare line. If you want to show me, some love by patronizing me ill be placing my wax up on whatsapp and instagram link down the description section now back to the business. For this now im talking about range of vesseling products, i have range of a slimpole that i want to be talking about here: five range of vaseline product. I want to talk about their ingredients, what it does to skin and how best to use it. Now. First of all, were starting with vaseline intense care aloe smooth. Now this is vaseline intense care, aloe smooth. Before i talk more about this product, i will read what the manufacturer wrote about the product. He said we believe everyone every year desire of healthy skin.

That is why we created the vaseline healing project to help restore the skin of people living in disaster and crises. Yeah vaseline is a necessity. Our aloe smooth lotion helps powered by extraordinary vaseline jelly instantly, smoothens and hydrates the skin. Now the main ingredient of this product is aloe vera. Now, if you want to know more about the ingredient that is used in making this vaseline range of product check out my description, section im going to be writing all the ingredients that is made up with so check out the description section. If you want to know more about the ingredient that they use for the range of the vaseline im talking about now, this is vaseline smooth. Now this is aloe smooth. Now what this does is that its good for those that have normal to dry skin, if you want a cream that is going to hydrate your skin, you have normal skin. Your skin does not have issue your skin is just normal and you want a hydrating lotion. Then you can go for this. The amazing thing about this solution is that its affordable, you can see it in the nigerian market. This particular vaseline product is made from south africa its made from south africa, this cream hydrates. So much no joke. Now. Let me pull it from my hand, so you see the hydrating effect of this now. This is it. This is it. This is the lotion now im gon na apply it for you to see how it hydrates deeply into the skin.

Are you saying it? It left? No white cast it has hydrated into the skin and super soft on the skin. So if you want a product thats going to hydrate your skin and that is quite affordable and its 400 milligrams, very big, at least its okay for the price i dont want to be talking about prices. Ive always said it. The prices depending on where you live and the time of which we are watching this video. So if you want a cream that is going to hydrate your skin, you have normal skin to dry skin. You can go for this vaseline aloe, smooth now the next one. I want to be talking about here is a vaseline dry, skin repair, vaseline dry skin repair that is made with old, extract oat extract a goat, actually is a wonderful skincare in the drain. Now, if you have dry to very dry skin, and you want a cream that is going to help hydrate your skin, now you go for this vaseline high dry, skin repair. It helps to repair dry skin. It helps to self clean your skin and make your skin hydrate very well. So if you want an affordable vaseline product that will help hydrate your skin, you have dry skin. Now you can go for this. This is for dry, skin dry, skin repair. It helps to repair dry skin and is made up with hot extract now. The next one i want to be talking about here is the vaseline healthy, evil tone.

I believe you can see it on camera vessel in hell the evil tone. Now. What is this made up? This is made up with b3, which is nice now mike and spf. Now this contains spf 10, which is not quite high, so advice, and i suggest that you still double protect with an spf with a sunblock that the spf is high from 60 70. Something for if you can see spf 90 using hydrating huge and protecting your skin, which is double protection, but the amazing thing about this is that it contains 99, which helps in the production of collagen. Now, when you talk about healthy skin tone, healthy skin tone for those that have bleached up their skin and their skin is beginning to have what we popularly call in nigeria, cocoa, fanta color, and you want something that will help blend up your skin and help. Give you an evil tone. I recommend you go for this product. The vaseline even tone healthy, evil tone, its going gon na give you an healthy evil tone. If you know youve bleached up your skin and your skin is not looking well toned, then you can go for this. Its further is affordable, the same price theyre, all the same prices, theyre all the same prices, no one is actually more expensive than any. So for those that bleach up their skin – and you want something that will help in production of new color dream, because it contains my cinnamon and spf 10.

Now you go for vaseline, healthy evil tone now the next one i want to be talking about. For my brown skin girls, those girls that are looking for skin, that is going to help tone up and make their brown skin glow and shine. Now this is vaseline. Cocoa, glow pull our lashes. This is vaseline cocoa glue. Now the two powerful ingredient that this is made up with is cocoa butter and shea butter, amazing skin care ingredient. Amazing, you all know that cocoa butter is so good for the skin. Powerful antioxidant helps to hydrate the skin moisturize the skin and heal your skin of wound, powerful skin care ingredient for those that are actually dark in complexion. I want something that will just make their back to shine and make their glow to shine without damaging their skin. I recommend you go for this: cocoa glow, vaseline cocoa, glue, super amazing product that is made with cocoa butter and shea butter. Now the last one i want to be talking about here now. This is for those that have extreme extremely dry, skin some peoples skin. Now so dry, when youre so dry, its looking like an as in so its all wrinkled, so dry. Now this vaseline, this particular vesting product i want to be talking about what it does is that it helps to treat extremely dry skin extremely dry skin. Now. This is it vaseline, intense care, advanced repair for those that have extremely dry skin now.

The amazing the amazing benefit about this particular vaseline advanced repair, is that as early as five days, you begin to see the effect of this product on your skin. So if you have an extremely dry skin – or you know, someone that has an extremely dry skin – that the skin is so folded, so wrinkled so dry. Now i recommend you buy this for the person as a gift or you can buy this. I use. If you know youre experiencing sod vaseline advanced repair, this is best in advance: repair, thats, going to repair extremely dry skin. So if you know you have dried skin and you want something thats going to help repair your skin very fast as early as five days, you begin to see the effects of it. I suggest you go for vesseling, intense care, advanced repair, hello, beautiful people of all. This vastly range of products that i talked about now, how best to use it for those people that bleach off their skin. I suggest that you use this cream during the day as a moisturizing cream, if you want to, if you want to use this as a moisturizing cream, fine and good its, not always good, that you apply whitening whitening, whitening cream too much whitening cream also tend to Dry out the skin and tend to give the skin some reactions. So if you apply whitening cream in the day, you can apply any of this vestly range of product.

If you apply whitening cream at night, you can apply any of this vesting range of product that you fit into the category during the day to help your skin gain its balance, its all about whitening cream in the morning, whitening cream in the evening give your cream Some hydration give your skin some moisturizing, so your skin is going to stay healthy for you, hello, beautiful people. Have you used any of this range of wrestling product? I talked about yet feel free comment on my comment section: do you know anyone that have actually used it? What im saying is it the truth? Did it benefit your skin like the way? I said it feel free comment on my comment section. If you find this video helpful, please like subscribe and share.