The only thing ive been using on my skin has been again to pick up some lip colors before i need to start giving me some extra discount because ive made so many trip over there a month ago. I did like my first impression so over the months i have been going out with my makeup. The only thing ive been using on my skin has been the sephora makeup, but then i pick up two new korean beauty, lip colors and were gon na. Try it out, i love fearless so much and i want something that is darker than fearless, so i can create ombre, look dark and light so thats why i went back and got these two colors right now: im actually wearing everything that i got from sephora, except My eye color shadow palette, which is a different color. I think this is a tad cosmetic color that i put on by the way. If you want to see me create this, look, if you like it, i can do this again. Just leave a comment. If i get so many comments asking me to create this eyeshadow look, i would do it again, because i have a three four colors on the top and on the bottom and on the inside. If you want me to recreate this, i would recreate recreate recreate. This look again, i love it so much its beautiful. I guess so. Many compliments is soft, smooth and cool and complement my skin, my outfit of today, and also im using the eye liner, yeah eyeliner, my brow, pencil and the palette color are the non red beauty that im using they are not from rare beauty and again, of course, I went to real beauty and i spent my own lego tender well, its worth it.

This is a month after my first impression. This should be a review before i try out the makeup. Lets talk about my skin right. Ive had this makeup on all day. It is late right now, really pretty late. It stays pooped its really nice im gon na ignore my eye. Palettes and brows and im gon na go into the foundations and the concealer, the blush and and i have actually been wearing both blushes. Just like i did in my impression video where i have one color here, another color here. I have been doing that if i dont do that, i probably would only use one and not use the other, so ive been wearing both color one on one chicken one on the other. But i really cant tell you, which is on my left and which is on my right chiquita. You can still see its still. There is light, but its still there and on this side as well, you can see it is there where it is light on. My cheek and my foundation stays really nice. I beat this up twice, so you can see that the foundation is there. I mean its very light where, when you put the foundation on, you can still see your skin underneath and thats really happening and its happening too much the way i dont like it, sometimes because i want a full, not full coverage, but i dont i i want To cover up this little black spot on here that i have, and this tiny little black spots that ive just developed it covers early in the day.

But after a while, when i check in the mirror lets say like five six hours later. I realized that it is now showing i dont know if you can see it right there and its right there and you can start seeing it its not too bad right there. I want to cover it up, thats why i built up the foundation to cover up butts. I dont know its there right yeah, apart from that, its good, its beautiful its lightweight. The concealer is good as well. It stays on its lightweight, it doesnt fit up the line underneath the eye is not supposed to do that, so i didnt expect it to really do that. It didnt do that, but its good ive been wearing it. I, like it, its beautiful and the liner its very easy, its really easy, its really really really easy, and i really like this so much im gon na do my lips and whats up more. I got trillion and ascend a whipped, chili cream, whipped lip cream deliver comfortable one stroke color with a vivid velvety, finish wow, so im going to be getting a v big velvety finish with this im going to be using the trillion and im going to be using An accent lets check it out. This will be this is this. This color is pretty dark its way, darker than my other one that i got, i believe its fearless so its darker than fearless. I really love fearless so much because ive been able to be a fearless by itself right now.

I dont have anything on my lip um, so i want to try this uh. This is trilling, then i would also try on ascend its glide right through. I really like heights just glide like a gladiator. This is good. This is it. I love this. This is, if you want to go out having like a natural, nice beautiful night look, this is beautiful. I am going to apply ascend ill, create an ombre look with this, so it just glide. What i like is how it glides like a gladiator. I really like it so much. This is gorgeous last time. I would wear trillion by itself and wear ascend also by itself, i probably wont use them as an ombre. I rather use a different color as an ombre. Thriller has become my lip liner. Why i stain as my lip color. So this is how that look, and this is how this look see, how dark that is. So the fact that i have this that color on the bottom and then i have the lighter color on top its just powerful. Now i really look like a red ish. Color or this supposed to be a sort of a pink, i think pink color. I really do love this. This is gorgeous. So what i really like about this is this rare beauty is easy to open its fruity free vegan, its its made for people to open it easily, especially people with arthritis with any sort of disease that make things difficult for them to handle, grab grip or twist And open so this comes really easy for people to open and use easily.

Even i am okay and i still like the fact that its easy to twist off it on the top, its also lightweight, i really like it. That is lightweight i can wear it. I can build it up if i need to go deeper, stronger heavier. I might not go for my foundation, the rear beauty foundation. I might just speak another foundation, but so far ive been going to places where its okay for me to wait. The way im wearing it. So its fine ive been using it for a month now and ive enjoyed using it um for over a month actually and im enjoying using it so ill continue to use it. I love it. I paid for it with my only good tender, so i am going to enjoy using all of it so im tired of using it interesting and also, and also, and also i look sensational dont. I, with this makeup on and last but not the least it is spends possible. It is not crush money, so this did it for me. I, like it so much it spins possible thats why i went back and i bought more otherwise. I would probably not bother so. Thank you so much everybody for joining me on this, for watching and for supporting this channel and if youre new to my channel. Welcome. Welcome welcome and be sure to support me by subscribing to my channel hit the like button click, the notification bell, so you get notified whenever i upload a new video share, my content to the world and be a part of this family by joining the conversation in The comment section below and be sure to visit my social media platform.

I know that you can see me, and i know that you know that i can feel you watching me. Thank you for being on my channel and be nothing but sensational. I am the sensational stina.