If you find this helpful, please like it and share it. I really appreciate it. Thank you, hey everyone! Okay, so today is going to be a fun old video. So if somebody said to me wayne im gon na give you two options: you can be wrinkle free for the rest of your life or you can get rid of these id get rid of these. Now. I think im gon na say this right. I believe theyre called mala bags, myla bags or mylar bags and festoons, so this would be a good example of a festoon theyre, just irritating vileness on the skin, and they can make you look a bit tired and particularly with this background, it can be way more Apparent as well now, if i had lighting above here and at other angles, i could give the illusion in this video that i didnt have them. But i dont do that because its just not on so what im going to do is show you how to conceal them as best as possible. Now you need to bear in mind that youre not going to eradicate them completely. What youre trying to do is draw attention away from them, youre trying to fill out the shadows. So let me show you if i dip my head down what and you can really see this one here, its quite apparent now. What we need to do is the shadow here thats the area we need to highlight if we highlight this shadow, its going to flatten it out considerably.

But if we highlight this area here were going to make it stand out even more so you have to stay within the guidelines of the actual issue, so you want to start with a concealer, and your goal here is to hit the bag. The actual shadow of the bag that makes sense, and it just flattens out the darkness under it, which is what youre trying to achieve now here. I need to apply the concealer right to the shadow to try and bring out the darkness. The goal is to reduce the darkness. If you go too far out, youre then going to create another problem, so youre just hitting the actual shadow as best you can and youre not going to completely eradicate them, but you will flatten the curve so to speak so that it looks more smooth than it Did before and with this side, so i can just very lightly conceal here just to flatten out this section slightly, but with this side. So this side is much more apparent on me so for here ive got to start to bring the concealer on the shadowed. Part and then you just kind of blend with your finger a little bit just see how that just kind of flattens out, technically speaking, its a very easy process. However, it can be time consuming laborious and, of course, disheartening to be dealing with this every single day. Trust me, i know i dont bother with it and, as in i dont bother concealing it on a daily basis.

I am very aware of it. It bothers me greatly. Now i have no interest in getting any fillers here to smooth this area. I think that that can cause way more problems than it fixes. You would need somebody so skilled to be able to get the placement exactly right in each and every area and not overfill a festoon and therefore create another problem. So, for me, im not going to deal with that. However, i will be honest with you. I am not against getting it dealt with if there is a way of dealing with it. Where i dont have to go to sleep, to get something done, i would be interested in it. They bother me that much. They really do so im just going to once again just go under this area and youre just trying to flatten the curve so that it appears it appears smoother or more, even color, if that makes sense and im just going to hit just this section again. Just a little bit and im just going to hit the darkness here and then just pat it into place as best you can now. The concealer does have to be lighter than your skin tone, because its youre trying to bring out a shadow. So it does have to be lighter but dont go. You know, dont go white or anything like that and im just going to just do a touch more here and then just pat it in with your finger now youre never going to get it perfect.

You really arent but youre, trying to just smooth it as best you can, and it does look better than when i started, and these are just corrective measures they are irritating. This is an irritating problem. It really is pat it press. It set it with a little bit of powder so that it doesnt move the rest of the day and go on with your day. If anybody knows any treatments for this area that are not fillers and not botox, botox will not work here. Let me know i would be interested in just dealing with these permanently. I truly would, but if you cant and you dont want to, there are ways of dealing with it like i just showed you hope you found it helpful. Please, like subscribe and, of course share this video. If you found it helpful, it would help me immensely um. It really would thank you for your time.