Thank you for joining me for this video, as you can see from todays title were going to be reviewing the elf camo powder foundation and its. If you want to see what my thoughts are wear test, i will show you on different days. I wore this for around a week, so i can give you my kind of full thoughts. Then please keep on watching. So i grabbed this in the uk in superdrug. For some reason, its not available on elfs website yet, but it is available on superdrug now. First things: first, the shades, even though there are 30 shades available. I cant be the only one that struggled or is struggling so much with that shade range, not that. I think its bad its just i didnt know what shade i was. I was over the narrowing if i was neutral or warm, even though i am more of a neutral tone, and i didnt know what bracket um or what number i would fit in with um. I found that i was a different shade to the cc cream foundation and which i love. I will start to put some foundation references in the description for you guys just to make your life easier, especially if youre near my shade now for main reference im, a mac nz 25 to nc27. I normally wear an nc27, but i can pull off an nc25. So the shade i grabbed in this is light280n. Now, if you are not coming from my instagram account, you probably havent seen me try this already.

I do have a tic toc and an instagram video on this foundation, and may i just say i am utterly in love with it. I am not a powder foundation girl, its not my jam. I love the fenty one that was really really lovely. The loreal one was okay, but i just dont like how it feels on my normal combination skin, but for some reason i dont know what it is about this for the price point of 11 pounds. This is beautiful. This is the packaging of the product right here. You do get eight grams of product for 11 pounds. I dont know really um what it what the ratio would be for powder foundations, the average – because i know in liquid its around 30 milliliters. So you get one fluid ounce youre getting 0.28 ounces of this. But i guess its one of those powders that will last you quite long. The claims are on superdrug its a primer, infused, pressed powder foundation that delivers buildable coverage and an airbrush finish. So the coverage is medium to full and a semi matte finish its long wearing its talc free and non commodogenic and is available in 30 shades. This here is the product. It just looks like this, and obviously you have the shade on the back its nothing magical. It does have a shelf life for six months, though so i would be quick when using that i dont know why, because its a powder, i think it would have lasted a little bit longer than six months, but this is the shade that i did pick up Now it does look quite pale when you first actually look at it, but once you apply it onto the skin, whoa, so tips and tricks first of all, before applying it.

I wanted to do something different to my usual just to see if it would work now with this powder foundation. Please apply your concealer before you apply your foundation so spot concealing. As you see, ive got a few spots and blemishes, and your under eye concealer does work well with cream contour, cream, bronzer and cream blush and highlighter, but for concealer purposes i would say conceal first. So that is what we are going to do now. The concealer im going to be using is the last uh the collection at last and perfecting concealer its a really really good concealer. A lot of people are im in an area about it over time, but i think they have redesigned this. The packaging wise just gon na apply a little bit. This is a little bit too bright for me, but the powder will sort of tone down everything, so ive, just blended. My concealer in i did actually also go on top of the lancome um ultra wear all over concealer such a good concealer. Just on top of that youre now going to go with the powder foundation and the brush im going to take is the unicorn cosmetics uc 06 brush. This is such a good brush its very, very much a dupe of the peaches and cream um pc 08 brush. If i show you theyre slightly bigger, but still the same kind of slanted really fits well, so im just going to take a little bit of this powder.

You just want to go and you dont need to go in too much and it does pick up a decent amount of product. Now the best advice id give you for this powder foundation is to just press it into the skin. So, im just going to start pressing this in to the skin as so, and you can just instantly see how it just its so effortless and flawless on the skin, like i like to press on my nose and i just go in and dab and um it Doesnt in you, cant really apply too much of this. I dont know what it is, but it doesnt seem to apply too much or look cakey, so im going to apply one side on for you just to show you what this looks like, but its. So i dont know what it is it gives me this really airbrushed feel now im not going to take it anywhere near my under eyes, because it is my foundation, shade um and my skin tone shade its worked out quite well. It will sort of take away that brightening effect a bit closer. Just look at how smooth i have xle underneath my eyes right now, so my eyes are literally crying, but its so smooth its so smooth its so flawless on the skin. It doesnt sit like one of those heavy powders. Look at the difference you can just see here. Yes, my skin looks nice, its just its radiant old self, its got spf on as always, and then here it just looks a little bit more airbrushed and its covered, which needed to cover so like those blemishes that were really red and raw closely concealed with concealer.

But that was like a white concealer. This is just its just effortless, its so lovely the other side again to show you um now dont be all up in its grill were taking the pad, which i dont really like um. I dont really like them in applicators. Anyway and then just swipe like dont, do that sort of pat into the skin, as if he was powdering. Your face usually and youll just begin to see the coverage that you need or want like dont go in and start swiping its just not gon na its. Not gon na look nice unless thats what works for you, i cant always dictate. Oh, my god, yes or no. What you can do, because its your skin do what works for you, but even just looking at my skin now you can definitely tell ive got foundation on, but my skin looks so smooth like its just so lovely on, but it still keeps that radiance there, but It looks slightly matte, i dont know how to explain it its just its there but its not there, but my skin just looks like skin, but also just a little looks a little bit like airbrushed and a little bit matte, so beautiful around the poor area. So beautiful around the poor area it just what can i say what can i say i will show you hopefully another clip of me trying to apply this foundation on a different day. Um ive used this on really good skin days on really dry skin days.

I have dry patches on my forehead because of my exmark. They dont cling, they dont accentuate the texture, doesnt look accentuated its just got this really blurring effect and of course, i didnt even use primer, so you dont really have to use primer. If you want to – and you want to prep your skin for oils and stuff, but even this im, just it just looks really flawless and airbrushed, am i the only one that thinks this right now, because im really loving how its looking on my skin so im Going to do im going to do the rest of my face off of camera and then im gon na come back to you ill. Give you my thoughts ill, give you how it wears long wearing wise if it lasts all day, if it crate breaks up and stuff like that ill, give you all the details and yeah. So ive done the rest of my makeup. This is the base that we have gone for on camera, like looking at my skin right now, im looking a little bit airbrushed and im, loving it im loving it, this powder foundation its made its way into 2022 and im here for it i love it. It just looks so good man, i dont, know what it is about certain products like im, not as too much like a base foundation. Person anymore, like i love my little charlotte tilbury flawless filter, blush a bit of contour and powder and concealer.

I dont even really wear foundation anymore, but this is something its lightweight its comfortable, its giving me that medium to full coverage, its giving me what i want and its literally delivering what it says on the packaging um. I think for 11 pounds. This is giving like luxury kind of feel well. That was quick, its giving me a luxury kind of feel. Its definitely give me something that i would expect from. Maybe like nars or mac. Elf are one of those drugstore brands that is like the quality just sits in a different level. It sits up there with a lot of the higher red makeups, but has an affordable price point. So i absolutely adore elf theyve smashed it once again its one of those brands. I truly truly love this video isnt sponsored by the way i did go out and purchase myself all opinions on my own, even as the if it was paid all opinions on my own anyway, but this is just i love. I remember i wore this the other day and my mom isnt. My mum is a massive powder foundation. She used to use the loreal powder ones, ill, try and insert a picture. She used that because she doesnt like wearing the whole liquid foundation. Shes got a lot more mature skin than me. She doesnt, like it. Shes got fine lines and wrinkles. She said to me. I want to try this one hand, because she just saw it on my face and she said to me: what have you got on your skin because, like she knows, i always love doing makeup but shes like what have you got on your skin, and i said This and shes, like its a powder foundation, i said yep shes, like let me try it so im gon na hopefully grab that for her.

I kind of think my hair could suit a short kind of little bob. We have got nothing but good things to say about this: the longevity as well, i went out um. I went out shopping for like i think it was roughly practically all day and then came home done. Some work, a cook. All of that good stuff done. My usual daily stuff didnt find it got oily. It did ill show you an up close of what it did look like after i think it was around eight hours. I did have my usual oils, but nothing separated. I didnt get any separation. I didnt get any texture. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section. Let me know if this is your kind of jam, its not my usual, but it definitely is now, and i dont think its made me change my view on powders. I still have my view on powder foundations for me for my skin, i love them other people, but for me its just not that girl its not that just not that product, but for this this is an exception. This is a huge massive exception. I will scream and rave about this all day. This is beautiful, so yeah love it well, wear it all the time you will see in a loads of my videos, its just one of those products at work but, like i said, please apply your concealer um before you apply powder, so thats just my little.

You know but yeah, thank you so much for watching this video and let me know your thoughts. Are you going to purchase it yourself? I will leave links for superdrug if you are in the uk and ill try and leave a link if youre in the us, because i do believe its already been released in the us so yeah.