This is from covergirl its the clean pressed powder for normal skin that i have here in the shade 120 creamy natural. So this is a product that i picked up from family dollar as part of my huge family dollar makeup haul and it cost six dollars at family dollar. I also dont think they had an extensive shade range, so i was surprised when i was looking this up online and realized. It comes in a bunch of different shades, pretty much the same shades that the foundations come in. So i was thinking this was more of a setting powder, but im excited to see if it can be more of like a powder foundation. I like that theres the mirror in the packaging here its cruelty free. It says that it does not clog pores. It lets your skin breathe a shine free formula that helps make pores less visible, which is something im very intrigued by because i definitely deal with large pores along my cheeks and my nose. However, i did see that you could get this for much cheaper at walmart like four dollars, which is such a great price, its always a bummer to me, because i love to get great deals. But when i realized i way overpaid for a makeup product. But maybe you dont have to overpay if youre learning from my mistakes. Oh, i also love that it has this little puff with it so ill. Give this a try.

I might try it out with like a sponge or a brush as well. So first i will start out with the little applicator here just going to pick up a little bit like that and lets see what kind of coverage i can get if i just brush it on with this applicator okay, i mean, i would say, barely any coverage. I think it really is just going to be more of a setting powder because thats looking pretty transparent on my skin, but where i just applied it – and i keep applying a lot right here – is where i do have large pores and i im just kind of Feeling, like its settling into the pores and looking a little dry, a little cakey a little heavy on the skin, its definitely mattifying. You can see this side of my face with it versus without it. It really does take away any shine, and i mean i did just apply a lot right here to see if i could build it up for coverage, but it looks powdery. It looks a little dry and i dont find it to be super poor, minimizing or poor. What did it say like makes it less visible for your pores, because its kind of settling into my pores and therefore making them actually more visible. So we dont want that. I also only applied concealer. I did not apply my foundation because i wasnt sure, if id be able to use this as a powder foundation, but my concealer is creasing a little bit.

So lets see how this would be as a setting powder for my concealer, especially since it really seems to be transparent and so im kind of surprised that there are so many shades that this comes in. I mean thats great. I always want to see the more shades the better, but in the covergirl clean liquid foundation, im a shade 105, which matches me really perfectly, but this is a shade 120 and i think it still works great. So if they dont have your exact foundation shade in this powder, i think youre fine to get another shade similar to your skin tone, because ooh look at that even with this on my under eye its not darkening the under eye, but it is setting it so That im not having creasing and it doesnt look very heavy or powdery. It takes away any shine, its slightly drying, which is not good, because my skin right now is pretty dry in general, but it works nice to set that concealer to prevent creasing. So i think this applicator works perfectly fine, but for the fun of it i am going to pick up my dampened beauty, sponge and, on the other side of my face, lets see. Maybe if there is any more coverage that i can get so i feel like im picking up a lot on the sponge right now, but im just going to go over the redness of my cheeks here but yeah. I wouldnt really say that this is a powder foundation.

I would say its just like a transparent setting powder. I do seem to have the most shine on my forehead, so lets see how this mattifies the forehead. It really does a nice job of mattifying, but i just feel like it looks a little powdery i mean i have to look super close to notice that, but if you have dry skin like i do its going to emphasize the dryness and its really not improving The pores as much as i was hoping, but so also on this under eye, where i have the concealer thats creasing im gon na try applying it with the dampened sponge. I mean i like that. I like a pressed powder for setting my under eye, so quick and easy, and yes still no creasing, so this is great at preventing concealer, creasing mattifying, the skin, so just like a classic setting powder and for like four dollars. I think that is great and i love that it comes in so many different shades. So you can get something that you know is going to look good on your skin tone, thats not going to give flashback or look to altering to your foundation color or your skin color, and i love that the applicator that comes with it works perfectly fine. So i truly would recommend this as a great drugstore setting powder. I would not recommend it as a powder foundation, which is something i was going into. This may be thinking it could be, but now that i know its just like a pressed setting powder thats going to be the best use for it, then i think this is great.

I love that theres, absolutely no creasing anymore, just checking again and its such a convenient little package. So youve got your mirror the applicator right in here so once it is, you know like summertime thats, when my skin does tend to get more greasy and shiny. This is a great product to bring on the go so that i can quickly blot at my skin when it gets too shiny and greasy. So that sounds like the type of product you need in your makeup collection. I think you should try this out, but if you have already tried it out, which im sure most people have, because this is a product that has been around for a long time, its a classic. But i would love to hear your thoughts on it. In the comments down below so thank you so much for watching my video today be sure to like comment and subscribe to my channel.