There is a lovely little section in the book that i thought i would share. A good complexion is fine, textured, smooth, delicately coloured and clear, constant care and proper makeup can contribute much to the appearance of the skin, but you must never forget that a naturally fine complexion comes from within Music. The first step to achieve a healthy complexion is to wash your face with a good soap and cold water daily. This is most important for people with oily or blemished skin. Before applying makeup, it is very important to moisturize use a light, fluffy cream if your skin is dry a lotion if your skin is oily and regular face cream. If your skin is normal Music now it is time to apply a cream foundation for the base. For our makeup, it is most important that you examine your face and features and know what face shape you have, so you can better understand how to apply your makeup and rouge to best enhance your features, Music. Looking at my face, i think i have more of a square to oval face shape. So therefore, i need to apply the rouge on my cheekbones and no lower make sure to blend the rouge upward to the temple and dont go too heavy with that rouge. Remember you dont want to look like a clown when eye makeup is expertly applied. It should be hardly more than an exclamation point to the total grooming when choosing your eye pencil and mascara be careful to keep them in harmony with your coloring.

If you have blonde or brown hair use, brown, mascara and pencil, if your hair is black use black cosmetic aids in applying the eyeshadow, i chose a warm brown to harmonize with my brown eyes. I applied a light amount onto my eyelid and gently blended upward to where the eyelid ends before you apply mascara pencil, a dark line on your eyelids at the point where eyelid and eyelash meet and make sure to smudge the line with your fingertip until it blends Into the completed picture, a tweezer to pluck and shape the brows is necessary too, keep the line of the brow, pure by plucking, all stray hairs Music. Now that the eyebrows are cleaned, the next step is to accent them with a pencil making sure to blend the pencil marks. Well, Music powder should be carefully chosen to suit your coloring and should be one shade lighter than your natural skin. Color powder should be applied. Generously, but not directly onto the nose as you dont want to emphasize that so focusing on the cheeks, forehead and chin. You can then remove surplus powder with a powder brush or powder puff to apply cake mascara either dampen the brush or wet the cake and rub the brush and pick up the color brush the coloring evenly onto the eyelashes. Being careful not to let the mascara bead. Focusing on the outer edge of the lashes to help emphasize the eyes, the makeup is almost finished, but before we move on to applying the lipstick we cant forget the deodorant and putting on deodorant should be an essential part of every ladys routine thats.

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Thanks native for sponsoring, todays, video, Music and now time to finish off our makeup with a pretty smiley mouth, apply a little lipstick onto the top and bottom lip and press lips together gently to help spread the color evenly, apply lip rouge freely and remove excess by Pressing and blotting with cleansing tissue repeat this until the tissue no longer takes an impression if your lips are too thin, dont be afraid to fill out your lips and carry lipstick well into the corners and round out the upper lip and bottom lip to look as Natural as possible, with a lip brush when carrying lipstick into the corners of the mouth, make sure to turn the corners up slightly in order to preserve a gentle looking smile, Music pin curling, the hair achieves a gentle and beautiful curl that can last for days. If done correctly, hair should be washed every week or two, depending on the condition of your scalp. You should also thoroughly brush your hair every day, because good brushing leads to healthy hair, brushing stimulates circulation and cleanses the hair of accumulated oil and allows the scalp to breathe if your hair is oily dry, shampoos are often found to be best for this condition. Once the hair has been thoroughly brushed, referring back to our face shape will help us choose the most becoming hairstyle to enhance our features. As i have an oblong face, which means more of a square shape than a round shaped face.

I am going to pull part of my hair up onto the sides of my face, rather than having a lot of fullness around my jawline. Creating this horizontal line at the top helps to balance out the face, shape Music and now that our makeup and hair is complete. It is time to move on to our manicure. Your hands should be pampered and lovely. Just like how you treat your face every day with washing and moisturizing, you should push your cuticles back and file your nails into an oval, but, most importantly, you should use a hand cream. This will give you soft, silky and lovely looking hands now. You can also paint your fingernails with a polish that matches your lipstick. You can either cover the entire nail or leave the moon exposed. I wont be painting my nails, though, as i am a nursing student. So it is best for me to keep my nails short and free of polish, whether you bathe at night or in the morning, beauty begins with a bath. It can be quite nourishing to the skin if you cream your face before getting into the tub and let it soak in with steam from the bath. Then, when youve finished your bath, remove the cream for good grooming eyelashes should be brushed regularly with an eyebrow brush and then a little vaseline or olive oil should be applied to the first finger, and the lashes should be stroked upward to give them that luscious curve.

Music now, the most important thing to help you stay beautiful is to get plenty of sleep and maintain regular hours start thinking about getting into bed an hour earlier than you usually do. If you have difficulty getting to sleep, have a nice warm relaxing bath to wind down, read an unexciting book that doesnt require much concentration and have a light snack such as a glass of milk or orange juice before getting into bed. This may help too. Thank you.