I was actually asked by someone to talk about my bath bombs and whats in them and so im just going to go through this really really quick and um. Try to remember because, of course, im not prepared, and i dont have it right in front of me um so obviously citric acid and baking soda are what make the reaction i put kaolin clay, i put whats, it called cream of tartar. I have an oil that i use. I use apricot kernel oil, i dont use sweet almond because a lot of people have peanut allergies and i dont want to ever harm anyone that way. So i use witch hazel and then, as far as colorant uh, its just the basic f, f d and c dies and lakes, so most people will know if they have an allergy or reaction to those things, so those are in there now. The other piece is slsa sodium laurel. Look it up. Look up sla, foaming, google, it it does just that its. What makes when i put color in in the bath bombs makes them foam out and it foams with the color of the bath bombs and its really really neat, but some people do not want that. They want nothing to do with it. So i do like to let people know yes thats in there. As far as fragrance okay, i will use fragrance oils. Those are synthetic people who have different, maybe autoimmune response, autoimmune disorders, whatever um might have a problem with that people with severe uh, psoriasis or eczema.

They may react to the sl essay so or to the slsa, but also to the fragrance oils. Now i also have some that are primarily fragranced with essential oils in each bath bomb says that, as i start to put out the christmas bath bombs, i will tell you this. The three christmas bath bombs will have synthetic scent fragrance oil, the other three that im doing are ones that ive put out before that people love the most im gon na. Do the rosemary mint im gon na do the lavender and the ginger lemongrass. So all of that said, if any of this is a problem uh, i would not think that the kale, kale and clay would be a problem. Uh cream of tartar, most people dont have a problem with the citric acid and baking soda has to be in them. Thats like what makes the fizz um, i can make a plain bath bomb with no color scented with an essential oil. If thats preferred. However, though i make all of mine by hand, i dont have a bath bomb press and i dont like to make huge batches. I do it four bath bombs at a time is a batch for me and ill. Do this and ill keep mixing and keep doing what i do uh they just work out better. That way, i hope to get quicker and all of that, because most people do want the colorant and most people do want uh the fragrance or what or the slsa uh for me to make a plain batch of bath bombs.

Theyll still fizz theyll still do that. Theyll still shoot out the essential oils, theyre still wonderful, but for me to make no color bath bombs with just the essential oils im gon na have to sell them per batch. I cant just sell one ive got to sell all four of them uh. They are seven dollars and fifty cents a bath bomb. I guess i could probably go lower than that. If someone wants them colorant free. I include my email down below in the description and so as we go through all this ill keep reminding people like email me. Thats the best way to get in touch with me. I dont have a business phone and i dont want to give out my private cell phone number quite yet. So i would just ask um that you email me and well figure it out. I am more than willing to do that, want people to be able to experience bath bombs, theyre so fun and they feel great. They smell great theyre, relaxing all that good stuff, so thats what ive got for you and um youll start seeing this stuff. As it comes out, i do i do videos, even if its the same bath bombs as before. I just make all new videos when i try to start selling them. So thank you you guys, if you could give this video a thumbs up.