I hope everyone is doing well today, im so excited because im going to show you what i got for my birthday here are all the goodies and its all makeup related and yeah. So if youre new to my channel, i would love for you to subscribe. It would mean so much to me now lets get right into the video. So, first of all, i want to start by thanking absolutely each and every one of you who supports my channel and who also has sent me all those beautiful birthday wishes. It has just melted my heart, so i want to say a big thank you to each and every one of you and also i want to show you what i got on my birthday. So lets start with check out that beautiful lamp now thats the ansel lamp im gon na link it down below, so you guys can see it and it comes with a bluetooth, a bulb and look at this. Let me show you guys, so it comes with this app and check out the lamp so im going to switch the color to whatever color i want. So maybe we should keep it on purple. You can go purple blue white, pink, yellow green, whatever you want so lets, keep it on purple, yeah, thats gon na be the lamp for today. I just love that i really wanted that ive seen julia adams, im gon na link her channel down below and she has just purchased that lamp as well, and i really loved it because you can change it to so many colors.

So i really asked for one on my birthday and thank you to my mom and dad for buying that for me, thank you to my husband and mom and dad for getting me all these beautiful goodies now lets get into the video. If you guys are wondering what im wearing on my face, um im, not gon na, bore you in the beginning, because maybe youre here just to see what i got for my birthday, so im gon na. Let you know at the end of the video what i have on my face so stay tuned until then, if youre interested on my eyes and lips, so yeah lets get started so im gon na start first. This is the only skincare that i have, and i got this from my mom and dad and im so happy. This is the charlottes magic serum crystal elixir serum. This is the packaging. It is so beautiful. Look at that – and this is, i already took it out because ive been using it this week and let me tell you im already seeing an improvement on my face. My face feels very tight, very useful, very glowing very healthy, looking and ive just used this for one week, so ill continue using and see how it how it continues to affect my skin, but so far im loving it. I know this is super pricey thats. Why? I got this on my birthday and i think that im going to continue purchasing this because my skin, i just love the feeling youre supposed to use one to two drops morning and evening, but ive been using it only in the evening, because its just so expensive And i dont want to like run out of it and check out the bottom of the bottle isnt that pretty – and this is a glass bottle.

It comes with a pipette now its um, the smell inside its more of a skincare type of smell, so its not perfumey or anything. So just so you guys know – and this is 30 milliliters and i love it so so much. I just love how my skin feels after using this guide now next in here, i got the sephora 56 pro brush and this is a brush that has a medium coverage. When you apply the product its best for building coverage, you use it in a downward sweeping motion across your face. So this i wanted it for my foundation, but of course you can use with any cream blush or cream bronzer and look at this. This is the sephora 56 pro foundation brush, so pretty its so its kind of like same length as my moda brush. As you can see very very pretty and i love the density and i love this type of head when you apply found when you apply your foundation, it is just perfect to put in your foundation. I just love it. I always wanted to have this so next. I purchased this is something i purchased the next three products. This is by elise beauty, lys, and i got the matte bronzer in the shade. Motivate light now lets open it up. Oh its. A rosy type of packaging reminds me of the natasha denona glam, face and eye palette, and this is a matte bronzer, and this is what it looks like inside.

You guys im so excited to try this on. It has a beautiful, perfect mirror right here, as you can see, oh and its magnetic when it closes so thats perfect. I love this bronzer and i really wanted this bronzer as well. What else do i have from this beauty? Oh, i have their foundation serum foundation, and this is one of my top favorites foundation. I just love their foundation, so just wanted to try the bronzer and see next i bought. This is my first product from jouer, and this is the soft focus hydrate setting powder. Oh, i heard such great things on this. This is supposed to be a setting powder that also hydrates your face. So i love that inner powder. This is a silky pressed powder that hydrates for comfortable, wear and diffuses the look of imperfections for flawless demi, matte finish and the packaging. This has hyaluronic acid vitamin e, but this is what the packaging looks like isnt it stunning and when we open it up. This is what it looks like inside uh. It has the logo indented into the powder. I want to put some on my face because i just want to try it. I already already have the cosas one, but i want to try it its going to be hard to tell right now, but you know what i love a hydrating powder, so this doesnt have a smell or anything. It has a mirror right here and again.

This is in the shade, fair, so yeah. This is by jouer, and here is another high end. This is the dior backstage glow face palette. Oh, i really wanted this palette for so long, and here is this beauty look check it out. So it comes with. I believe this is the strobe highlighter. This is strobe gold, which is a champagne highlighter, the blush pink and it says, blush bronze. You can use it as a bronzer, so ive seen people kind of combine them all and put it on the face for that nice, glowy blushy sunkissed, look its so beautiful. Like look at those shades, i cant wait to play with this guy, its so pretty. I always wanted this so much so this is kind of my first dior luxury makeup. I have a mini eyeshadow palette, which is really tiny. Now lets move on to another bronzer, and this is from my husband and he got me – the sunkissed, anastasia, beverly hills, cream bronzer. Oh, i wanted this one so bad. I love cream. Bronzers, look at the packaging! This is huge. I thought it was much smaller when ive seen people open it, but this is in the shade, yeah sunkist and lets open it up and there she is. Oh, it looks like a Music cappuccino. Oh theres, a let me take the top off. It comes with a top and there is the cream bronzer. Let me get into it and show you im sure you guys seen this.

Oh look at that. Isnt that gorgeous such a beautiful caramel sunkist look gorgeous wow. I cant wait. Cant wait to play with this. One it just looks like it looks like something like a piece of cake that you want to eat it, but dont eat it. This is makeup. Next, i got oh yeah. This is from my husband as well, and this is the newt gasm face palette by charlotte tilbury. I love charlotte tilbury. She has such beautiful products. My favorites are charlotte tilbury, pat mcgrath and um natasha denona. I love those brands. So here it is everybody seen it look at the beautiful face inside there now this comes. Let me take the top off now. This comes with the super glow. The multi glow super sculpt, intense contour and soft sculpt contour. So i think im going to use this as a highlighter, probably this as a blush and this to combine them as a bronzer thats. What im thinking, how im gon na use it? But this is gorgeous, lets see. Oh, i dont wan na wreck. It look at that. Let me kind of swatch them for you guys, so you can have an idea and when you touch this it doesnt look like the logo disappears. You can barely see that ive touched it, and here are all those beautiful shades lets see here. One its gon na be hard to see on the hand, but actually they swatched very good.

Look at that so thats the whole palette isnt it pretty. I really wanted this palette so bad as well, but again it was too expensive. So im happy. I got it! This is a perfect, perfect blush and if not, you can use it as a blush topper to give you that nice glowy cheek. So pretty look at this, i love it, and this is just perfect. You can use this on your eyelids this on the eye just create a full look. Just with this. On your face now, my last and the most expensive thing in my birthday haul is: i got a tom ford palette now this is so expensive and im. So happy that my mom and dad got this for me, thank you mom and dad and thank you curtis to for everything in here its just. I couldnt have had this without you guys and look at this now. This is what the packaging looks like. It says. Tom ford on the bottom here, where its the gold part of the palette and it says, eye color, quad and mine – i got in the shade 04 suspicion. Now i thought that this is like the padme graph and you pull this up and then you open it and i try and i try and make the pack the palette is broken, but all you have to do is just pull this up its magnetic. You just pull it up, and here is the beautiful beautiful palette.

So it comes with this brush set right here, which is the tiny brushes which im gon na keep, because it says tom ford on it. Im gon na show you guys, so you guys see that it says tom ford right there at the top, and this is the brush that it comes inside its perfect. I love them im going to use them. If i ever forget, my brushes im definitely going to keep them in the palette and use them now. Here is this beautiful quad palette, which is just gorgeous now all shades have a little bit of shimmer in there, but i wanted this palette because i know i have a similar, shimmery quad palette by charlotte tilbury, which definitely recommend and they blend beautiful. Now let me swatch this for you, so you guys can see the swatches and now lets go into this first shade here. Im gon na go through all of them, and i hate touching this. This is so pretty, but im gon na swatch this for you guys, so you can see how this palette looks like now. I barely touch the shades because i dont want to wreck the palette, but this are the shades that i chose, and i think this is a perfect. I chose these nude shades because i think that its going to look really nice on the eyes on a daily basis or if you do want to create a nice glam, look. So look at those.

I cannot wait to play with this palette and create a look. So beautiful and again this is made in italy. I just love, it love it. My first tom ford product and i also got a beautiful pouch from my husband with a nice sephora gift card so that i can spend it on whatever i want. So im gon na wait and see what comes out new, that im really interested to buy and review for you guys so yeah, and i also had this mini makeup eraser now. This was part of my of one of the orders that i got so i got this guy because its so cute and its pink – and i can use this to remove my eye makeup its good for traveling, because its not a big one, so its just perfect Size, so i love makeup eraser towels, so that is what i got in my haul. I would love to hear your thoughts. What you guys enjoyed about this haul whats, your favorite product, or what would you like to purchase anyways lets move on? If you reach this part of the video, i would like to let you know what im wearing on my face in case youre, wondering in case youre wondering how i did this. I look and i want to tell you because if someone asks me in the future, i want to remember so i can tell you guys. Lets start with the lips on my lips: im wearing the those of colors in the shade mocha right here, its a beautiful, beautiful shade, and on top i paired it with this lipstick by red apples in the shade mayberry its another gorgeous lipstick.

The other one is more matte, and this is more dewy on top, so i paired those two together and on my eyes, im wearing three palettes. So i started with the natasha denona glam face palette and ive used almost all the shades in here and on top ive used from the pat mcgrath, and this is the sublime skin highlighting trio. I use this highlighting trio for my eyes. I use this shade right here and i put it in the middle right there on top and underneath the lash line and in the inner corner im using the huda, beauty, retro palette and ive used. This shades ive used the purple for the underneath. My eye and ive used this pink in the inner corner. So i really loved this combo of this palette. I wanted to use the glam palette, but i also wanted to add a little bit of pop of color and extra pink shimmer in there just for a fun look and match my nice lamp as well so yeah. This is my makeup haul. This is what im wearing on my face. I hope you guys really really enjoyed this video. I would love to hear from you guys in the comments down below what you thought of this haul. Again, i want to thank each and every one of you for all the beautiful birthday wishes and making my day so special. Also thank you to my mom and dad and curtis my husband for the beautiful makeup products for my birthday.

I couldnt have done this video without them and i am so excited so happy. I have all this beautiful products cant wait to try them all so stay tuned for a upcoming video on trying all this beautiful makeup. So if you enjoyed this video, i would love for you to subscribe and give this video a thumbs up.