I i dont know this might not be it for everyone, but i think its just going to be a fun little video for you guys to watch if you like mac and want to see what i got so basically, i, as you guys, know or may not Know, um im a big like mac limited edition collector, so i love to collect the packaging and all the old collections, its just the thing that ive, i dont, know always collected. So a lot of these things i just accumulated over the last few weeks month and ive just been on a little bit of a crazy binge. So i hope you guys enjoy it sit back and relax grab a snack, and if you guys want to see what i got then please keep on watching. The majority of these are used im, not really going to be using it um and its more for just collection purposes, and i did buy it from sellers. So you know i bought these things on ebay, um on depop. This person that i bought from i bought a few things from her on depop. She used to be a ex mac trainer, so she had a bunch of stuff that she was getting rid of and selling, and i just bought stuff from her. I was like, oh my god, i need it all. So i got this. This is the mac hello, kitty plushie. This was from the mac, hello, kitty collection, its scuffed theres.

You know some marks its not in its in good condition, its not in like the best pristine condition, but, oh my goodness. How cute is this? This is again says: mac, hello, kitty, right there, if you guys, can see its leather its so so so good um and i just bought this because i just had to have it and she was selling it for like 15 pounds, and i thought that was so Cheap so yeah. This is the mac hello, kitty, plushie from the hello kitty collection. I dont know if they made a lot of these, but i needed to get it. I needed to get it um. Let me know if you guys have this also from her. She was selling this and this is from the tartan tail collection from mac. Oh, my goodness, this is a charity like mac plushy. It was going to charity even says here. It says kids helping kids, so this is a little bear and it says again: um kids, helping kids mac and then its just got like a little leather bow a little leather nose. Super super super cute um. It even moves, like i just dont, even know like how many they made of these. I dont even know. Let me know if you guys know, but it is so adorable so cute as a collector. I just had to have not only like the limited edition makeup, but these like plushies and like little rare things that mac did alongside the collections apart from the makeup, so this is again one of them as well again from the tartan tale collection.

I believe, 2010.. I had to have this really great condition as well. I will get into the makeup, but i also had to have this that she was selling also from the tartan tail collection. Okay. Now i feel like its a little bit silly that i bought this because i dont know what im gon na do with it, but its basically a how do you say, bruce brooch brush that you just put on um and its got like a little. I think its a fox. It has mac right here as well embossed, and then it just has this like tartan um little bow again. Dont know why i bought it. What im gon na do with it, but i just thought i literally never saw this and i think she said only the like employees, like the trainers and the the higher up people in mac like got things like this, so i had to get it. I know its a little bit silly and you guys are probably thinking im, crazy and so silly, but you know when youre a collector of something you just love to have like the random and rare stuff. So lets get into a little bit of some makeup. I found this ive been looking for it forever its from wonder, woman um again, i think 2011, and this is the wonder, woman powder blush. It is in amazon princess and this is the cutest packaging. I have press ons, so im like trying to be careful.

They dont pop off, but this is the cutest packaging. I do have a few other things from the wonder woman collection, but i did not have a compact which i wanted. So this is the wonder, woman compact, i mean. How can i not have this? This is such an iconic collection and collaboration, and this is like brand new brand new, the seller, packed it really well. I dont think its used, doesnt look used at all and i just had to have it again: dont think id be using it, but you never know and again, amazon princess, really great condition. I found this from a different seller. I think i got it on vintage and yeah just had to have it still in the box, which i tried to buy things with it still in the box. If i can, but a lot of the times, people have thrown the box away. Moving on oh boy, this next one is the first thing that i own from this collection. I have been eyeing and trying to find something from this collection for years, and i found it on depop. Someone was selling heather the heavyweight collection. This is the mac. Have a rec collection, eyeshadow palette: i did actually want to get a lipstick or compact, but i cannot find it anywhere in the uk, so this is the only thing that i found that i snagged up and she was selling it for like 13 pounds.

You know some people just dont know you know just dont know and they just sell it like quite cheap and im, like thanks ill get it. This is the mac heavyweight eyeshadow palette. I cant with the packaging um and all of this i made sure, was authentic. By the way i would never buy something that isnt authentic it is used. She did use it, but um i dont really mind again. Im mainly buying, for you know, collection purposes, packaging. This is in the trio. Oh, this is just called the heveretria one and it comes with free eyeshadows in really good condition. With the box, i have heather. I actually have something from the heavyweight collection which is like the prettiest mac packaging – probably the best limited edition packaging. A few other things that i got from a seller on depop. This person was selling a bunch of stuff um and there was one that caught my eye, which is what made me want to buy from them. And it was this right here, its honestly like the most basic eyeshadow packaging and color. But this is probably the oldest mac product i now have in my collection. This was from 2005, i believe or 2006, which is probably again the oldest thing i have in my collection, and this is in aqua vert. This is from the mac lure collection, literally when you, google, it like theres, not much information on it, but its a real collection again came out like 2005 2006.

. I didnt even know about it until i googled it. I was like what is this packaging and then i saw it was from that year and i was like okay now. I have to have it because its super rare so again super just like minty green eyeshadow super basic, but got it because of how old it is. I completely forgot. I also got a wonder: woman, lipstick, um and still in the box from the same person. This was a little more on the pricier side, i paid 24 pounds for it and its in the shade mark d, marquis d and its um, its a wonder, woman lipstick. I finally have a wonder woman lipstick from mac, so this is just again iconic. I had to have it and its pretty much brand new untouched, but this is going to sound gross, but it does, i think, its like off, like heavily expired, because you can see white fuzzy bits on it, so i would never use this. I might just dip it into like alcohol just to clean it um but honestly, im buying it for the packaging brand new. So happy, no scratches no marks im, just its just its a great find. If you are a collector of something and then you just find that great find in good condition, like excellent condition, best condition, you have to go and get it right next from the same seller, i picked up these two items right here.

One was from the mac surf baby collection, which actually have something from but um a few things, but i didnt have a lipstick. One is in naturally eccentric in the luster finish again its been used um its definitely like i mean this would have been like the perfect nude lipstick for me like. I would have worn this, but its like pretty badly used and its got like some dust and whatever again buying it for the packaging. I know i know this is from the glitter and ice winter collection holiday collection from mac. I think 2015. I want to say – and this is just a pure white compact i just had to have it again – for the compact im more of a sucker with like the lipsticks and the compacts for packaging, and i just want to have you know all the compacts, and this Is a highlighter in the shade snow globe it has been used. This is what it looks like white packaging love it these next two i bought from ebay um. I paid a pretty penny for this one and it was worth all of it um. No, it wasnt that expensive. It was like 35 pounds that i paid for it and it is a barbie lipstick from mac barbie. I have something from the barbie collection, so this is the mac barbie collection like iconic, absolutely iconic um with the box as well. I think its brand new untouched, its in sweet and single its a luster, even says barbie right there.

If you own anything from the barbie collection i am so jealous, but now i have at least one thing from the barbie collection, so i can say that i own something from it. I think this was 2009 or eight, and this is what it looks like yeah brand new untouched almost looks like its maybe just being swatched but um. This is a pretty like metallic frosty, pink beautiful, shade um again looks expired. Its got like little white fuzzies on it, but im just so happy that i have a barbie lipstick. So i got that and then also from the same person on ebay. They were selling the mac venomous villain, villains, collection, um. They were selling this lipstick, a cream sheen in innocence, beware um, and it is basically from the venomous villains collection. This is again like not in good condition, actual lipstick, but its a beautiful nude color. Its got cruella de vil on it, so yeah had to have it, and that is that the next two is the same thing. I cannot believe i have a faffy doll, a faffy doll um and the funny thing is i from the same person that was selling the mac, hello kitty. I got this from them and i think i got it for like 18 pounds. I want to say, and then on ebay i saw it on ebay, it was on forbidding and i won it for four pounds. So i was like for four pounds like i just had to get another one.

I dont know what im gon na do with two. I didnt need two, but for four pounds its the same one, which is a shame. I wish it was like a different doll, but either way this is a mac, fluffy doll and its just its all in the wrapping, its in a great condition and yeah from the faffy collection. So let me know if you guys actually own anything from the faffi collection. I actually dont own any makeup from the faffi collection, but now i have two dolls. It does have these three. So, of course, i have this one right here, but they also do sell these two if you can find it online on ebay or somewhere up a mac, canada tote bag. I mean this, i feel like is a little silly. I dont know why i got it. I thought it was gon na be a lot smaller, but its actually a huge huge bag. I think im gon na be using it for like grocery shopping to just like put some groceries in there. I actually thought it was a lot smaller, but its fine, its lever. It says: mac, cosmetics, 1984, canada, and this was exclusive only in canada for canada day, i think in 2015 or 2017. I think 2017 um and it has like the maple leaf as well says mac there on the upside says that super spacious, huge again, you could only get it in canada and it was just like a little extra edition that they did again.

Dont know if, like a lot, was made um – and i found this in the uk on vintage – someone was selling it and they said that their friend from canada, i think, gave it to them or something like that or they were in canada and they bought it. And they just like sold it here because they didnt want it anymore and i was like well, i will get it. I will snag that up again, i dont know what im gon na do with it. I know it seems so silly, but i really love canada. Um and i really want to go thats, like my my out of my top three countries that i want to visit. Canada is the second. The first is japan um, but ive always wanted to visit canada. I think its beautiful and i will visit one day. I just wanted to get that as well. I just think that it looked super cool and that is it for my mac haul, my mac limited edition haul. I do have a few other things that i bought recently, but they have not arrived yet um. So if you guys like this video, let me know and ill do like a part, two or ill do just more in the future. If you guys want to see more limited edition stuff that i pick up, because i do always uh browse all the time and if i see something ill buy it, let me know what you have from any mac limited edition collections, whats your favorite collection.

If you guys own any of these as well – and i hope you guys – are all staying safe, so im gon na – let you guys go now and until next time ill speak to you guys.