I will give you all the details, both the pros and the cons, and let me just reveal right away that it definitely has both and there are some important details you need to consider before joining, and i will show you all this in this video here. So you can decide for yourself if this is the right option for you or not. So when you first come to daily goodie box website, you can see here they have these. Get your free goodie box, its more than just free samples, would send you a box of free samples and full size products, and all you need to do is let us know what you think: shipping is free, no credit card required ever it sounds really great and It sounds when you look at the name of it daily, goodie box. That is something you can get daily, isnt it great to get every day a box with free products. However, thats not exactly how it works. Im not saying you cant get these free products because you definitely can, but not always, but well go over that. Let me just log in and then i will show you exactly what it offers. So you will know what to expect. So. I have now logged in here and once youre inside. What you need to do is to click on this todays goodie box here to apply. That does not mean that you can claim it. You can see here.

They have todays goodie box here, and you can see an example here of it and theres some really great products here. I would love to get these here for free daily if we could right. That would be amazing, and you would think so when you look at the name more, maybe but its not quite how it works, as you mentioned, but anyways you can see here its true. We give you a new opportunity to qualify for a goodie box every 24 hours, so once a day you get the chance to qualify, but that does not mean that you will get one. There is no guarantee of that, and you can see here you can review what products you can view more about them. This is from the advertisers because they have advertisers that donate these products here and then you can view more about them and go into the advertisers website to support them. But you can also just choose here to lets: go and start if you want to try to qualify. So let me just show you how that works. You see, then you go through this kind of questionnaire here, but you can see here. Yes, i love to try new products and then what kind of dry skin? Whatever you know, do you have ho? I just click there and then you get here that you can sign up for this chance to test this here and i can say yes here and if i say yes, then i will be taken to one of the advertisers side here and you can see that Im taking somewhere else there and advertising, and when i come back here then i just close it theres no need to.

Let you show these ads here. Then we continue with another one here. So i just choose whatever here you know and then here again i can click. Yes, i will be taken to another advertisement where they try to get you set to sign up for something, and this is how daily goodie box makes money. You are put through a lot of these ads here, where they get paid to send you there to get you to sign off theres, no, nothing wrong with that. Of course, they also need to make money. If not, they cannot afford to just give out free products, but its just a little bit annoying in my opinion, and not completely transparent, necessarily if youre not aware of how things like this work, but this is how it works. You need to go through all these here. You can also just say no here and then you will just keep to have to go through these questions here. Im just saying no now, because i dont want to see many, and then i get some free samples here again adds add ads here again ads ill just keep going here, because i want to show you how many different there are here just trying to say. No here, oh thank you. Finally, here i reached through that that was a lot of ads. You have to go through and again thats how they make money, nothing wrong with that. Its just so youre aware that that is how it works.

Its sometimes sounds too good like these questions. They make it sound very intriguing. Oh is this, and this is an amazing opportunity, but in reality its just an ad for a product they get paid to promote here and then here now i have a chance. I will get notified by email. If i am selected also, you can see the facebook page. So if you want to increase your daily chances, then you can go there and comment and they give away some goodie boxes there as well every single day, but lets just talk a little bit more about this. How big are the chances of you of getting these daily goodie boxes and thats basically impossible to say, because that depends how many people that apply – and there are quite a lot of people that do apply. Of course, you can also follow them on facebook, and if you are lucky, you can also get one there, but what you need to be aware of is theres theres, no guarantee that you will ever get one of these daily goodie boxes. Also, you need to be aware that you can only sign up if you live in the us, because of course they cannot ship this worldwide to other countries and currently theyre only working with advertisers in the us. But overall it is a way for them to give out these free samples, but you get not just small samples. You get actually full size products if you are lucky enough to get a daily goodie box and the chances are not huge.

To be honest, you have to be quite lucky if you do, as i did here just say, no to all the ads there. It does not take long to claim the daily chance, but there are a lot of ads, of course, that is kind of how it is. That is the reason that they can do this, whether its then worth it or not. Thats up to you to decide so, as you can see, daily goodie box is potentially a way to get some free products, but you will not get them daily. They have daily free goodie boxes, but you will not get daily because you have to be very lucky to get this goodie box here. If youre lucky, it can be some great products to get for free for sure, but you do need to do it with the right expectations. You do need to be willing to go through all these ads here, every single day to be able to get a chance to qualify, and you need to accept that. Maybe you will never get one of these goodie boxes, maybe if youre lucky youll get one in a few months or maybe, if youre lucky already today or tomorrow, who knows you know its just pure luck, so theres no guarantee how it will go, but it does Not take a lot of effort, so if you do live in the u.s and want the chance to do this and can accept the things i explained here, then there is no shipping fee or anything like that.

You do not have to give a credit card to get this daily, goodie box here. So then it might be worth considering thats completely up to you, but now at least you know exactly what to expect, but if its not for you, i will also leave links below here. So you can find information about other free ways to earn online. No matter the country you live in and where youre guaranteed to earn. Whenever you do something, then you can check that out also, but i hope this video helped you and helped you figure out in daily goodie box is the right option for you or not, and if it did help, you then make sure to hit the like button And also dont forget to subscribe to my youtube channel and hit the notification bell.