I have been loving. These just chill get ready with me. Videos and you guys have been loving them too. So were about to do another one today and today we are gon na use a ton of mac cosmetics, yall. I have some o.g favorites in this box, and i want to thank the team over at mac cosmetics for sponsoring this video. I am so happy to be working with mac. You guys so freaking happy so im going to create something. I dont know what i want to do, but were going to do everything using mac cosmetics today, so lets get into it im going to quickly put on a little bit of spf, and then we are gon na dig into the box and put on some of This makeup comment down below, if you guys have a favorite. I asked this on twitter the other week. But what is your favorite mac cosmetics foundation because i want to know – and the one that im using today is the studio fix fluid with spf 15.. I dont know if it was this one like this specific one, but my very first liquid foundation, thats not like that wasnt from the drugstore was mac cosmetics. I remember to this day i went to the mac counter to get matched and get my makeup done and yall. I have the concealer, like my very first concealer from mac in this box, its just taking me so far back but yeah.

I am going to be using nc50 and i think this is much. I havent used this in a good minute, so im thinking this is going to be my shade. But let me do my brows yall know i do my brows first, so i went ahead and picked up the eyebrows styler and this is in the shade spike. I have the very first one i just cant find it but um yall remember. I know yall. Remember. Spiked, but this one is uh their newer one, so were gon na go ahead and put this on the brows so im glad that it came with a spoolie. Let me go ahead and fix the brows really quick, oh wow, okay! So the original brow pencil, like the one that they had years ago, you cant twist it down, but this one you can twist it down which i like, because the other one, if you twisted it up too much, you were not like you couldnt twist it down, But im glad that this one youre able to twist it down now all of the products that im using today from mac cosmetics. You are able to purchase them online on maccosmetics.com and if you shop online theres, actually a few benefits of shopping on mac cosmetics. So a few of those include free returns. You get free samples with all orders if you buy online youre able to pick up and store theres, also a program that they have its called the mac lover, loyalty program and with that, once you start shopping, youre able to start getting points right away and girl.

Let me just say: if you shop on mac, cosmetics, youre, going to definitely want to be a part of the mac lover, loyalty program because girl there are so many benefits. You get exclusive deals, early access, free gifts and so much more. Oh my gosh yall, and if you want to try on some of their products, they actually have a virtual try on feature on their website, so say: if you want to try on one of their foundations, you can actually try it on without you know having to Go in the store, which is really really cool and they actually have that feature with most of their products. Yall know i like to put on a concealer to carve out the brows, so i have a concealer in here that i have not used in for ever. Well, i have two concealers in this box. One of them is the studio fix concealer spf 35. This is the one that im going to use to kind of clean up under my brows, and i got the shade in c45 i tried to remember what shades i used to use back in the day. So hopefully you know i got the right shades, but this is what this looks like im just going to take a small little slanted brush and pick up some of that product and carve out under my brows just like this. So i grabbed this primer. Its the studio fix matte mattifying 12 hour shine control primer.

This was actually a recommendation. I want to try this out today and see if i like it um. I usually just get really oily right here on my t zone, so thats, where im pretty much just gon na focus the primer, so it comes in a squeeze tube. Just like this squirt. Some out put it right here on my t zone smile lines, my chin. Okay, all right, so let me know if you guys have tried this out before yeah again, its called the mac studio fix mattifying 12 hour shine control primer so now lets take the foundation and put it on yall. This is just like nostalgic to me like i have not used this in so freaking longer lets see so this foundation has 24 hour. Wear is a buildable full matte coverage foundation with oil shine control that right there is gon na be perfect for my oily combination. Skin im just gon na empty a little bit out of my hand, all right, so i got some out and lets apply her on the face. Oh yeah, i think this is a good match. Oh yes, this is like perfect, perfect. Oh look at that finish. Yall yall know i like me a foundation that looks natural thats. Definitely what this is giving right now, like really really natural finish. Look at that yall, okay, im gon na get a little bit closer to the lens, so yall can really see the finish of this foundation very pretty and natural, you guys so so beautiful and natural – and i love it all right.

So next i have my first concealer from mac cosmetics, yall. When i say i am so excited to crack this open. This is the pro longwear concealer and i got the shade nc 45, just like with the um. The studio fix, concealer yall. I didnt know what i was doing back in the day when i had this, but i just knew i had me a mac cosmetic concealer. Like you couldnt tell me nothing girl, you couldnt tell me nothing so now that i have it and now that i like actually know how to do makeup im just so excited to crack this open and start using it um. So it does come with a little pump. This is how she looks super cute little glass bottle, im gon na pop out a couple of squirts on my hand and im gon na take a little brush and just apply it where i usually apply my concealer. So, under my eyes down my bridge of my nose, my forehead and my chin, just from applying this concealer, i forgot how creamy this stuff was. Oh, my gosh yo yo. This is crazy. This is so crazy. I forgot how good this was uh. This just took me all the way back its almost like. This is a first impression, even though ive used this concealer before ive used this foundation before its just been years, but just seeing it now like. Actually, you know using it now is mind blowing, because i forgot how freaking good their complexion products were.

Okay, this is actually gon na be new. To me, this is the mac cosmetics setting powder. This is their um. Invisible set powder, never use any of their setting powder well ill. Take that back, ive tried their middle eye skin finish, which im going to be using today, but this we are about to give a try and see how we like it so heres the container up. All right, so i shook it up, got some at the top and im going to take my sponge and set my concealer with it. Mmm hmm, this looks nice like airbrushed. Look at that yall feel like it looks almost like a filter is on my face and it doesnt look too white. Like i mean it does say, its invisible, but it still kind of gives me a little bit more of a brightened under eye, but its not too much like it is the perfect, perfect, perfect amount of brightness under the eyes wow, and the powder itself is really Really really finely milled its like super fluffy and soft, its, not gritty, very, very nice, so we are about to use another one of my o g mac cosmetic products. This is the mineralized skin finish and i use the shade dark deepest. This is what im gon na put all over my face, just to really set that um the liquid foundation, so right in those areas that i didnt put any of that loose setting powder okay, so i did my bronzer off camera.

I dont own a bronzer from my cosmetics, but now lets do some eyeshadows. This is the mac, cosmetics, art library. This one is the flamboyant, so its a really pretty um neutral, warm eyeshadow palette. Yall, know thats, like my like up my alley. So this is how it looks perfect for this season. The fall season. Look how pretty the warm shades are. Im gon na be doing a bold lip, so i dont want to do too much on my eyes, so lets go in with this shade right here. In the corner – and we are going to put this color on the outer corner of the lid – oh, these are pigmented. My cosmetics has good eyeshadows. I just havent used them in a while either but yeah. This is really pigmented im just packing it. On the outer corner of my lid, just like that, i want to go into the darker shade right up under it right here and kind of do the same thing, but i want to kind of make it a little bit darker yeah. I like that so kind of layering those colors to make it appear a little bit darker like that now, im gon na go with this shade right here right here, im gon na put my finger in it, so yall can see it. I think this will be cute on the lid, so lets see how it looks. Oh yeah so im just applying it right here in the inner corner and taking it on the lid to kind of blend into that other shade that we used but im not taking it all over to the other side im just putting it halfway and im tapping It in too im not you, know, blending it im just tapping it.

Ooh that looks good. All right lets. Do the lashes and ill be back so were done with the eyes now im just gon na buff away this loose powder. On my face: okay, yall. We have lip products from mac, cosmetics, yall. My cosmetics is the number one lipstick brand in the world. If you are familiar with ruby woo, this is one of their most popular shades. This is a classic red. This is perfect for the holidays. Let me show it to you really quick: if you havent seen it ruby, woo girl, get you a ruby woo. If you dont have this in your collection, you need it. The finish of this is a matte, so this is their retro matte um, lipstick its. So pretty on the lips im actually going to be using a lipstick out of their holiday set. So this one is one of the sets from their hypnotizing holiday collection, which is available right now on mac cosmetics.com. This is the ultimate trick: mini lipstick vault. So it has 12 mini lipsticks in it. I think i want to use one of these at the very end. I think im going to do this one in the middle, or maybe this one at the very end i dont know, lets see we have Music, diva and rebel. So one of these i want to do lets do rebel. Lets see. Okay, all right. We are done. This is the final look and i like it.

I like how its still a soft glam, but with a bold lip. I think the bold lip just ties so well with the entire look. It just looks so good, so let me know if you guys have tried any of these mac cosmetic products. I will have them linked down below for you guys, if youre interested in trying them out if you have tried them. What are your thoughts on the products? Do you like it? Do you not like it? I also want to know what are your favorite mac cosmetic products so lets talk about that down below in the comments as well, so that is it. I hope you guys enjoyed todays video. Thank you again to the team over at mac cosmetics for working with me in todays video.