We are looking over some reddit threads that include the worst makeup products of all time ever released according to some of these reddit users and were going to react to them and see. Do we feel the same way? Are they that terrible its trash? I just took a gander at a couple and theres some pretty bad ones in here, and i also have an opinion on this too. So at the end, im going to tell you what i think was the worst makeup product launch of all time. It was very much like emperors clothes type of situation. Do you have a makeup product that has just like burned a hole in your heart? You just feel just like personally victimized by this makeup product leave it in the comments down below go ahead and air. Your grievances here lets talk about it. Maybe ill do like an updated video, where i react to some of your least favorite makeup products like not even least favorite, just like it, it hurt you youre mad at it. Still to this day, you have just some things to say. Okay, if you are new to my face and my channel, my name is ashley alex and i do kind of commentary style videos here in within the beauty space, but not drama, im, doing a lot of like beauty, product commentary and brands, not really much reviews these Days except like maybe some roaster toast and some first impressions go ahead and subscribe to my youtube channel.

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I dont think its like the worst ever. They said they know its peoples holy grail, mascara, but every time theyve used it its giving them raccoon eyes. Somebody also commented: i hated this mascara with the kind of anger thats. Only relieved by dramatically throwing it in the trash thats a product that really burned a hole in their heart, probably because its so hyped up and when you try a makeup product, thats, so hyped up and it just like. Not only didnt work for you, but like actually was the worst youre. Just like everything i know is a lie: everybodys a liar. What is happening, but the truth is what works for some might not work for others and its only trial and error that we really find that out, but thats that sucks. This person said it was impossible for me to imply, apply it without smearing everywhere and turning my entire eyelid black halfway through the process, thats pretty bad. Somebody else said they threw theirs away too. They hated it so much. It was clumpy as hell kind of got too wet formula was fine, but they hated the wand. Oh i hate it says its big and sharp. I think thats why ive only used it once or twice to be honest because it was just eh. Like i dont remember, being blown away, but it is hard its hard to top my favorite mascara once you find a mascara that is your like actual holy grail youre like gon na go to you will fight for it.

It everything else just kind of and for me you know, if you watch me, you know cover girl, exhibitionist mascara, oh my gosh. I love it so much moving on to the next one. Oh another mascara thought long and hard about this one and they would like to say too faced better than sex mascara. Okay, okay, let me finish their comment, but it looked amazing at first like best mascara, ever no flakes so bad it, but then it ended up being so flaky that it gave me horrible raccoon eyes, which ive never experienced with another mascara. I know its really a common complaint with that product heres the thing heres the thing with too faced better than sex mascara. It used to be my favorite before the covergirl exhibitionist came onto the market and around that same time i guess i dont know i dont know if too faced changes, the formula or what, but i feel like its inconsistent ill, get a bottle of that i mean I havent purchased any recently but, like i have an old stash of backups because it used to be my favorite and as i use them, some of them are really good. Some of them are just e, and i dont know what it is. I think its inconsistent and i can see with that product and maybe thats the same with that essence, one that you just dont know. Maybe it depends how fresh the tube is.

You know it could be that, like sometimes if its too fresh, then you get like too much wetness and its just too much, but sometimes its itll dry out. I dont know what it is. I just feel like you either love that mascara or you hate it. I used to love it, but when recent couple, the last couple tubes that i tried, i was kind of like eh, you know its its good, its the closest high end one but its not my covergirl exhibitionist. So moral of the story is try that one dream matt moose, i almost feel like i dont – make it through a reddit thread. Without somebody bringing up the maybelline dream, matte moves and thats, because we were all very burned very scarred. I want to know who used that foundation and looked back at it and was like man. I wish that i could still get my hands on it actually do they still make that one i dont know but anyways, i think, of high school, because thats when i used it, everybody had oxidized on or we just werent good at picking shades, because there was No testers back then, and i love the consistency of the dream. Matte mousse, oh my gosh i want like. I just want to feel that i dont know what it is. I love that consistency, but oh my gosh, i would look like i had a freaking mask on my face and i even knew it at the time and i would just try everything and it still wouldnt work, and it was just so bad theres people commenting saying Ive never tried it.

Why is it so bad and then people are enlightening this commenter and say it was all the rage when i was in junior high, mid 2000s. Its clumpy goes on. Patchy always looks too orange or too pink its a matte mousse, but it was no dream at all. Color range was unflattering yeah. It was just it oxidized, no matter what there was no neutrality in that shade range at all. Were you personally victimized with the dreambap moves, because i think the majority of us were okay lets go on to the next? I like this next comment. I love when these comments are so descriptive, its just like reading a little juicy novel okay, so this person hated the it cosmetics illuminating cc cream, with a fiery passion of a thousand sons and im so mad that i bought it. I have since thrown it out, as far as i can tell its just a regular formula with some chunky silver glitter dumped in it made me, look like a sparkly twilight vampire, which time and place okay. This is the skin of the killer. Usually i can get some use out of the foundations i dont like by mixing them in, which is a great little hack, but this just made everything look glittery and it smells like it smells like a urinal cake. Oh my god, you didnt, that is nasty man. You dont want your face smelling like a urinal cake, no, no, no, no! No! Okay! So my opinion is, i havent tried.

The it cosmetics cc. Illuminating sounds awful though. According to that description, i have, though, tried the original and the other tube the no foundation, or something like that, and i hated both of them. I tried for the longest time to to like it. I tried it so many different ways, because i know that that has a cult following people love those cc creams. Oh man, i i just did not it separated so bad on me, no matter how i used it. It was not good, and so since i had such a bad experience with it, i didnt want to try any of the other ones, and i definitely dont want to try the illuminating one, because that is just the worst foundation mixed with silver glitter. I dont like that, but let me know if you like it. Somebody commented ugh. This was so sparkly like big chunks. I love dewy finish and i thought it would be like a strobe cream, so it obviously was not thats the worst. I dont, like the kind of complexion products to just look like theyre glitter, like i love a good glow im wearing the tarte glowy glow powder shape tape, glow powder today, and i just love the glow that it gives. I dont feel like. I have a bunch of shimmer on my face so glad you posted this because im a regular cc cream lover – and i was gon na try that next i will skip out see you know, sharing is caring.

Sharing your reviews saves lives, okay, thats dramatic, oh, this is interesting. I havent really heard much about this. So in recent makeup purchases, this person felt burned by the sweater sweater, wet sweatshirt, weather palette by dominique cosmetics. It looked ashy, colorless, chalky dust and it didnt blend. Oh thats, not good im, so glad i got it through ipsy and hadnt paid a full price for it. I tossed it wasnt worth fighting for it. Oh, i hate that there are some palettes that ive had like um its sad, the beauty, bakery palette that i had gotten in a box. I it was. I cant believe that theyre charging like somewhere around 40 bucks that palette it was so nothing oh. So that kind of sounds like that. One. Let me know if you do have the dominics cosmetic shadows. Ive heard really good things about that. One with the teal and the purple in it. I feel good things about that, but i dont know the next one makeup revolution, pro celestial palette, the matte shadows are just fine, but the baked shimmers are hard as a rock super crumbly gives off absolutely zero pigmentation. This palette is so bad that i turned me completely off of baked products for a long time. Oh my gosh, i have the same experience not with them, but with baked products in general, because back in the day, i have a weird light on my head. Hang on a sec: where is that coming from? Where are you coming from? Oh, i cant change that i have whats.

It called shutters and im getting a weird line on my head because my windows are right here. Whatever just ignore, who cares were just hanging out were just friends its all good, so anyways. What was i talking about? Oh yes, baked products, so back in my day when i was first getting into the makeup scene, im sorry that lights gon na drive me crazy. When i was first getting into the makeup scene, yeah baked products were around a lot. I dont know why it was around so much. Maybe if i scoot forward, i dont know why it was around so much, but they were everywhere and i hated them. They felt like chalky, dusty messes, they still come and go here and there i still feel very put off by them. I hate the feeling of them so, like i cant touch them because they feel like chalk, and i i know some people dont, like cotton. You know the fit. My sister is one of them shouldnt like the feeling of cotton. I dont like the feeling of chalk. You know how hard it is to have a toddler a six year old with i know what six year old tyler is that she was a toddler now shes sick. You know how hard that is, because i dont like chalk. So when grandma comes over heres, some chalk go have fun with grandma, because it makes my skin crawl. Oh, my gosh, i dont like it and baked shadows, bake highlighters.

They feel like that. There have been one or two in my years that i did like what was it from. Actually, it was from a revolution brand, one of the revolution brands and it was a little baked highlighter. I wont touch it though ill just use a brush, but man do. I want to run for the hills when i see a baked product – oh no, im, sorry to laugh, thats, terrible okay! I was just reading looking for some more to talk about this person was burned. Okay, the ultimate burn of all makeup products of all times is when something like physically happens to you due to using said product. This person bought a mascara from claires when they were a kid and their lashes fell out. Just that is so bad wasnt there like a whole thing with claires like a couple years ago, where they found actual poisonous substances within their makeup. Yeah. Okay, liability, hello, lawsuit that is terrible, claires. Shame on you, especially its so sad, like thats, a thats a whole another problem that is sad, im laughing out of nervousness, okay, im! So sorry that that happened to you. Your lashes fell out due to a mega product that thats some chemical burns right there. It shouldnt be its so sad that claires was found to be doing that because i understand its like cheap. No, i dont understand i take that back. It is cheap makeup. Its marketed to kids, though, who are the most vulnerable, that stuff should be really regulated.

Okay, really good quality, not really good quality. I dont quality that doesnt make your lashes fall out: okay class that doesnt have like whatever it was, arsenic or something in it, thats so bad, okay, thats, so bad, then somebodys commented. Okay, i think you win this thread. Definitely: okay, the makeup product that i am the most mad about. I didnt even purchase okay. I just think that it was the most bamboozled i ever felt as a consumer because, like how can a brand do something like this? Okay, it was such a gimmick. Maybe maybe this is you know why speculation, you know knows my opinion. Maybe this is why theyre going out of business, okay, becca, zero pigment foundation? How first of all? How dare you, second of all, what that is a total emperors clothes situation? Where the emperor is you know, he says: hes got new clothes, but hes not gon na be wearing no clothes and hes just and everybodys like. Oh, my goodness, you love your clothes and then somebody calls them out and i feel like a lot of us were calling back out like that is a primer but its not a primer, because people try to use it like a primer and it sucks. So what is it did you want to come out why zero pigment its a clear gel? That is not a foundation if it helps smooth your pores or anything, it is a skincare product.

I felt totally tricked and bamboozled it still to this day makes me mad that a brand could try to pull off something like that and like not cool thats enough time, we have for todays reddit reads: reddit reactions whatever i call this. If you want to subscribe and see more, please do that make sure your notification bells are turned on that we get notified when i do post follow me over on my social, such as instagram tick, tock, twitter, snapchat, all those fun places to get some extended content, Like beauty, memes and makeup reels of jokes and stuff that i just am having a fun time quite frankly, and and you want to watch it or dont whatever, but i, if you want to have a laugh, you can come come check it out. I think im all right. I think im kind of funny whatever it is im having fun.