Oh im so excited to put this on my lips right now. My lips are so dry and uncomfortable. It feels uncomfortable even just talking thats how dry my lips are. So good thing i have the patrick taw softening lip mask that i got in my november 2021 ipsy glambag x. This is in the shade shes juicy it retails for 22, which i guess is. I mean its a little bit more expensive than the lip masks that are most popular on the market id say, but i do still think 22 dollars is expensive for any makeup product really, but patrick taught is a high end brand and im so excited to be Able to try out another patrick taw beauty product, so its cruelty free and it has nourishing ingredients in it like vegan, lanolin wow. This has five stars on the ipsy app and so many reviews that is very exciting. I love the packaging here very beautiful packaging. On the product itself – and i wonder if this has a scent – oh wow – it actually smells minty, okay, im very curious. What the texture is gon na be like its yeah, its like a balm texture, maybe a little bit more jelly creamy than a balm texture, but its not a super soft mask texture either, and i think this is just going to be a totally clear shade and Lets see how it is. Oh yeah such a nice minty smell like a very sweet creme de menthe.

Is that thats definitely not how its pronounced but thats what it smells like to me? Oh, i love it its the type of formula that i just keep dipping my finger back in to pick up more and more, but im really liking it. I think it does have a slightly cooling feeling on the lips too, its very slight, but maybe thats from the mint. But oh yes, its immediately completely moisturizing on my lips that were so dry and it looks really pretty because it has a slight shine to it. Not as shiny as a gloss but a little bit shinier than a lip balm and totally clear color, but i think it really has helped to smooth out the lips and deeply hydrate get rid of any dryness which i love its a great texture kind of thick. So it feels like its going to be long, lasting and truly long, lasting, moisture in my lips as well. So i really like this im so glad it was effective enough and it really worked to get rid of any dryness in my lips and now my lips feel so comfortable, moisturized and thats, really what i was hoping for with this product. I use lip masks like this every morning and night as part of my skincare routine, so im really excited to incorporate this into my routine, since it really did do exactly what i want my lip masks to do so. Let me know if youve tried this out.

If you think its worth the hype, if you love it as much as it seems like, i do, and everyone else does, but thank you so much for watching my video today be sure to like comment and subscribe to my channel.